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You can unlock this new triple grenade launcher very quickly if you play the right game modes...but is it a weapon you will really use?xRobertTheBrucexTwitch.. The M320 3GL is a gadget introduced in the Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion. It is unlocked upon completion of the Multi Tool assignment.. Despite the additional ammunition, all three rounds are needed to kill an enemy from full health (excepting use of the FLAK specialization). Direct hits inflict less damage, the reduction in blast effects being worse than the gain in impact damage So you want to use your minigrenades in a grenadelauncher?Well then you have stumbled to the right place!First of you need to be atleast Rank 10 and have acc.. 129k members in the battlefield_4 community. The Official Battlefield 4 Subreddi

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Battlefield 4 Summary : In Battlefield 4, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles, the ability to direct squad mates, and much more Se Inscreva, CLIQUE AQUI: goo.gl/cXLDBVBaTtlefield 4 Como Liberar a M320 3GLLink desse video:https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=9cmd6OKwQqI★★★★★_____.. The M320 is a grenade launcher featured in Battlefield Hardline.The gadget is issued to the Law Enforcement Mechanic to deal with hostile light vehicles. The Criminal equivalent is the M79.. Functioning in a similar manner to its Battlefield 4 counterpart, the M320 and M79 have effectively replaced shouldered-fired rockets as a primary source of anti-vehicle and personnel weapontry M320 3GL. 10 kills with M320 LVG. 10 kills with M320 Dart. Make sure it's not the M26 Dart. The M320 Dart is hard to use since the hit detection on all shotguns is iffy but you should be able to get it pretty quick on a map like Metro. For some reason, the undermounted version of the M320 Dart is much more innacurate than the standalone. AA Min

The M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a grenade launcher produced by Milkor USA; it is a variant of the original MGL from the South African weapons manufacturer Milkor. It has been adopted by many armed forces worldwide, including the United States Marine Corps. It was designed as a revolver-type grenade launcher that can fire up to 6 40mm Grenades that can greatly increase the firepower. Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Assignments Guide If you are not a registered member of the site yet and found this guide helpful, please consider joining the forums ! Multiplayer assignments in the Naval Strike DLC are optional objectives for players to complete in order to unlock various awards, including the DLC weapons The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) is an unmanned ground vehicle developed by Qinetiq. Designed for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) to increase security at forward locations. MAARS is armed with an M240B machine gun and four M203 grenade launcher tubes on a 360 degree rotating turret. It carries 450 rounds of ammunition and four grenade rounds. The. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Battlefield 4 in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet. AWS, SR338, and the SRW40 with the M320 3GL.

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M320 3GL (Assault) - Fires 3 smaller 40mm grenades for attacking several targets with less damage than the HE grenade. AA Mine (Engineer) - Anti-Air Mine which targets air vehicles flying within its radius. Knives Dive: Crafted to withstand the harshness of the deep sea. An indispensible tool in any diver's kit Average Skill: 208.9256: Average KDR: 0.9599: Average KPM: 0.5627: Average SPM: 639.965: Average CSPM: 342.5367: Average ACC: 10.3539%: Average HSKR: 17.9615 The AUG A3 is an Austrian made Assault Rifle. The real life counterpart is the Steyr AUG A3. It fires the 5.56x45mm NAT Battlelog doesn't quite count the M320 launchers correctly, and I still need to unlock the M320 3GL. Prepare to be severely disappointed again. Even if you had no expectations, the 3GL won't meet.

BF4 MultiTool Assignment Unlock M320 3GL - YouTub

Battlefield 4 (BF4) M416 loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) M416 here. You no longer need to register to submit or vote on loadouts, but there are still many benefits to registering. Toggle navigation. [Underslung Rail] M320 3GL [Underslung Rail] M320 Dart [Underslung Rail] M320 FB. Battlefield 4 (BF4) AK-12 loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) AK-12 here. You no longer need to register to submit or vote on loadouts, but there are still many benefits to registering. Toggle navigation. [Underslung Rail] M320 3GL [Underslung Rail] M320 Dart [Underslung Rail] M320 FB. With the help of Matt the Musketeer, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Jack Frags shows you all the weapons and gadgets Battlefield 4's upcoming Naval Strike expansion will have to offer.. The ocean-themed DLC that was recently confirmed to be arriving late March will introduce five new weapons and two new class-specific gadgets, as well as four new maps, new vehicles, and new assignments

Battlefield 4 (BF4) AEK-971 loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) AEK-971 here. M320 3GL [Underslung Rail] M320 Dart [Underslung Rail] M320 FB [Underslung Rail] M320 HE [Underslung Rail.

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Or how to get 100% completion in Battlefield 4. (M320 3GL): 10 Kills with M320 DART, 10 Kills with M320 LVG. Death From Below though, is the fact that you can do all three assignments at the same time, because the unlock passwords are all known. Phantom Prospect (Dog Tag): 200 kills with Assault Rifles, 200 with Main Battle Tanks,. Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Unlocks and Rank Up Tips. You can advance in rank by acquiring experience points (XP) while playing the online multiplayer. M320 FB To unlock this you must achieve an. Battlefield 4 features four classes in multiplayer, this includes the Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon kit. Each class has it's own starting kit, and to open new weapons and gadgets, you must earn points by using the kit in Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Below you'll find the score that you need to unlock each item in each Kit for.

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Good at close range and long ranges, and excelling at medium range packing good firepower with a variety of weaponized accessories like the M320 and M26 attachments. Let me jump right to the Famas, which I recently unlocked. The Famas in Battlefield 4 is more of a Personal Defense weapon lover's Assault Rifle. It has a VERY high rate of fire With the exception of the PC version that we recently is being delayed with no ETA as of yet, Battlefield 4's third multiplayer expansion centered around intense naval combat is arriving today for Battlefield 4 Premium members.. Users on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 can expect the new content, a 4.3 GB download, to roll out throughout the day The developer of the Battlefield Admin Control Panel (BFACP). For BFACP support please post in the BFACP topic linked above. Do not contact me via PM on the forums for help with procon I bet you player yell does work. In Proconrulz plugin settings, change the yell duration setting from the default '2' to '2000'. BF3 and BF4 specify yell duration in seconds. In BFBC2, the yell duration is specified in milliseconds.At the moment, it is probably displaying for 2 milliseconds and that is why you don't see it Battlefield 4 (BF4) AEK-971 loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) AEK-971 here. M320 3GL [Underslung Rail] M320 Dart [Underslung Rail] M320 FB [Underslung Rail] M320 HE [Underslung Rail.

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Assault gadget: M320 GL. Improved velocity and blast damage. Added one magazine. M320 3GL is now able to land significant blast damage with all three shots combined. Initial speed increased to 32m/s from 25m/s. Number of magazines increased to 3 from 2. Blast damage increased to 45 from 35. Assault gadget: M320 DAR BF4 Stats - バトルフィールド4の統計情報、武器/スコア等のランキング - PC Player leaderboard. Battlefield 4 Stats

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Battlefield 4 (BF4) SCAR-H loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) SCAR-H here. You no longer need to register to submit or vote on loadouts, but there are still many benefits to registering. Toggle navigation. [Underslung Rail] M320 3GL [Underslung Rail] M320 Dart [Underslung Rail] M320 FB. What new gadgets will there be in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike? First off, we have the new M320 3GL gadget that will give the players the possibility to fire three grenades without reloading. With smaller explosives, the M320 3GL will be great for tight corridors, but it will also require accurate shots to get the kill [BF4] Naval Strike's 3GL in real life. Battlefield 4. Close. 12. Posted by 6 years ago. Archived I imagine it should have similar damage to the M320 considering its a 40mm grenade. 5. share. Report Save. level 2. Battlefield 4. Near death and hit the triple one bullet. . Unlock CZ-805: 1,500 points. Unlock the UTS-15: 4,000 points. Unlock the SVD-12: 6,000 points. Unlock the MP412 REX (Multiplayer): Complete Baku. Walkthrough. As the game begins, you find yourself trapped inside a vehicle under water. You play as Sergeant Daniel Recker, a member of Tombstone squad along with Staff Sergeant Dunn, Irish and Pac.

Each assault rifle can also be equipped with an underslung M320 40mm grenade launcher, great for blasting infantry, light-skinned vehicles, and even structures—keep playing as the assault class to unlock new types of ammo for your M320. The M26 MASS shotgun is another weapon unique to the assault class, capable of firing a variety of. To unlock it, you need to go into the Leaderboards section on Battlelog and click the on the bottom left of the page. Once all the text populates, type in these passwords: bumpinthenight (without the quotes) for Phantom Prospect epic dream worlds (without the quotes) for Phantom Traine

Average Skill: 208.8222: Average KDR: 0.9598: Average KPM: 0.5625: Average SPM: 640.0943: Average CSPM: 342.5875: Average ACC: 10.3529%: Average HSKR: 17.9618 M320 kyle7373 (12 kills with m320_he) Not awarded: M320 3GL SoppuWoppu (1 kills with m320_3gl) Not awarded: M320 3GL V2: Not awarded: Not awarded: M320 DART: Not awarded: Not awarded: M320 FB: Not awarded: Not awarded: M320 LVG Celereth (6 kills with m320_lvg) Not awarded: M320 SHG TDNN00B (18 kills with m320_shg) Not awarded: M320 SMK: Not.

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  1. 202 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, CTE, BF1IncursionsAlpha, Battlefield V Member November 9, 2018 10:08PM edited November 2018 There's a secret AT Grenade Pistol that can be found in a Nordlys (Wolf and Dog) snowman, once you destroy the head
  2. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time
  3. Apr 10, 2014 · How to Unlock the Battlefield 4 Phantom Trainee Assignment Unlock and complete this assignment to get the Phantom camouflage. You earn the M320 grenade launcher early on in the progression for the Assault class, and the M320 says in . TheEmperorHD 77,730 views. All Assignments will unlock
  4. Battlefield 4™: The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle contains all Shortcut Kits for Battlefield 4™. Offensive Spec, M320 SMK, M26 Flechette, Combat Medic Spec, M320 DART, M26 Slug, Medic Bag, M26 Frag, M320 FLASH, Grenadier Spec, M320 LVG, and the following Assault Rifles: SCAR-H, M416, SAR-21, AEK-971, FAMAS, AUG A3, M16A4, and CZ-805.
  5. EA is continuing its free Battlefield 4 DLC spree with Naval Strike, now available for the low price of zero dollars on Origin (for a limited time). and the M320 3GL (a powerful grenade.
  6. Battlefield 4 had a lot of grenade and M320 spam but they fixed it while Battlefield 1 did NOTHING about it after 1 year. The vehicle vs infantry balance is also completly broken. There is no way to stop a good tank crew unless 3 or 4 people work together (wich is very rare)

M320 LVG; M320 Flash Bang; M320 Buck; M320 Slug; M320 HE; M320 Smoke; M320 Incen; M26 Buck, Slug, Fletchette, Frag; Defib Paddles (Charged 100 percent heal, Quick 20 percent heal) Engineer: Chinese, Russian and US Engineer Character models. Engineer has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons Additionally, the Naval Strike DLC also includes five new weapons (AR-160, SR-2, AWS, SR338, SW40), several new gadgets (M320 3GL, AA Mine), a new vehicle (ACV), and a new game mode called Carrier. Battlefield 4 (BF4) QBZ-95-1 loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Battlefield 4 (BF4) QBZ-95-1 here. You no longer need to register to submit or vote on loadouts, but there are still many benefits to registering An assortment of brand new Battlefield 4 Naval Strike info has been leaked ahead of the multiplayer expansion's 'late March' launch.. A new video shows off the DLC's Carrier Assault gameplay tutorial, a new mode being introduced as a reimagined Titan mode from Battlefield 2142 Bf4 tips tricks news and more. Search this site. News. picture gallery. all base weapons. All DLC weapons and camos. Awesome stunts. Base and DLC gadgets. handguns and frag grenades. Some long range sniper kills. The m26 crew the: Mass, Frag and slug. The m320 gang: SMK, FB, 3GL, Dart and GL. Engineer kit.

Naval Strike is the third DLC for Battlefield 4, it is focused on naval-based warfare. It features the following multiplayer content: Four new maps: Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, Operation Mortar; New game mode: Carrier Assault; 11 new assignments; New weapons: AR-160, SR-2, AWS, SR338.. m320 (underslung) grenade launcher Probably the most devastating gadgets in the Assault class' arsenal, the underslung grenade launcher boats a wide variety of uses. You can use it against both infantry and armored vehicles, blow holes in walls and support any tactical maneuvers In BF4 multiplayer only one version is available but you're free to unlock and equip a range of optics, attachments and paints to customise it however you want. You'll need to unlock the gun itself too which is easier said than done - you'll need to earn 34,000 pts using pistols. (Your fourth sidearm unlock is the Shorty 12G shotgun ObjectTemplate.addTemplate BF4_M16A4 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate bf4_m320 ObjectTemplate.addTemplate nshgr_flashbang ObjectTemplate.addTemplate nsrif_crossbow for the unlock in Coop Lan I changed kit and I sea the small weapon icon on top of the main one, but it's locked

The M320 variant was marketed by H&K as the AG-C/EGLM, or simply as the EGLM, and along with using the standard M320/M320A1 mounts it can be fitted to other weapons (such as the HK416 and HK417) using different mounting kits. An additional variant of the M320 is the XM320 developed for the Heckler & Koch XM8. This variant has a redesigned frame. The MP1st reader blog is an open discussion lead by MP1st readers about the multiplayer titles and topics we cover. To learn how to have your voice heard, check out the Blog section on the MP1st Forums in the Multiplayer's Lounge. To complete the Phantom Initiate assignment, you must be a Premium member for Battlefield 4

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The Support class in Battlefield 4 specializes in providing suppression fire, handing out ammunition and most of all, they have access to equipping C4 explosives which are of great use M320 3GL is now able to land significant blast damage with all three shots combined. Initial speed increased to 32m/s from 25m/s Number of magazines increased to 3 from 2 PC: Fixed an issue related to Origin and the BF4 client version PC: Fixed a common crash in live environment (3rd most common). alexcola23 / Battlefield 4 Stats Overview Last updated Apr 07, 2021. Update stats. BF Hardline Stat DLGamer allows you to download Battlefield 4: The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle, legally and securely.Official distributor and partner of major publishers, we are committed to bring you the best prices on Steam , Origin, Uplay and Gamecards keys always focusing on providing quality customer service, 7 days a week Updating For Battlefield 4. There are three big differences between BF4 and the role in BF2 and BF2142. 1) Off map commander. (unlock AS VAL): Spend 10 minutes (600 seconds) in helicopters. Do 10 Squad Repairs. (M320 3GL): 10 Kills with M320 DART, 10 Kills with M320 LVG. Death From Below.

How to unlock Naval Strike weapons and gadgets (not

procon.protected.weapons.add Assault U_AN94_M320_3GL_v1 Secondary ProjectileExplosive. procon.protected.weapons.add Assault U_AN94_M320_FLASH_v1 Secondary ProjectileExplosive. procon.protected.weapons.add Assault U_AN94_M320_HE_v1 Secondary ProjectileExplosive. procon.protected.weapons.add Assault U_AN94_M320_LVG_v1 Secondary. I wanted I let you know that I am starting to build out the foundation for the hosting services that I talked about here. The pricing model I was originally going for wasn't going to be suitable for how I want to build it

Battlefield 4 multiplayer is tough. Here are 10 tips to help you master Recon, Engineer, Assault, and Support, plus map and weapon advice Battlefield4 weapons statistic. Allows you to choose best weapon according to real game statistic. I prefer KPM to accuracy.. Actually load_stat.js visits online game servers, gets list of players from this servers and store weapons stat to mongodb for each player

BATTLEFIELD 4 HOW TO UNLOCK BATTLEFIELD 4 BEST SETUP BATTLEFIELD 4 GTX TITAN Battlefield 4 rocket launchers, RPG-7, SMAW, Javelin, AT4, SRAW, Stinger, IGLA, M32 MGL, M320, XM25, MBT LAW,battlefield 4 video settings,battlefield 4 gtx gameplay,battlefield 4 how to unlock dmrs,battlefield 4 gameplay footage,battlefield 4 gameplay leaked. Unlock G36C: 5,000 points. Unlock AUG A3: 7,000 points. Unlock CZ-3A1: 11,000 points. Unlock Shank: Complete Kunlun Mountains. Walkthrough. We begin with a cut scene. Irish and Recker have been taken hostage and are being tortured by the Chinese. Irish is defiant, and tells his captors that he's going to kill Hannah for her betrayal Battlefield 4 Recon tips. The Recon in Battlefield 4 is a tailored for long range combat with sniper rifles. When you assume the role as a sniper, it's important not to just pick off enemies in the distance, but also to spot enemy soldiers and vehicles.You can help your team in many other ways, for example, by setting up a mobile spawn point, or by switching to an SMG and be more offensive M320 Victor2I (210 kills with m320_he) Not awarded: M320 3GL MontagneIsAlive (38 kills with m320_3gl) Not awarded: M320 3GL V2: Not awarded: Not awarded: M320 DART: Not awarded: Not awarded: M320 FB [DAMN] Stealth_OPS32 (14 kills with m320_flash) Not awarded: M320 LVG ruba_che (436 kills with m320_lvg) Not awarded: M320 SHG Snallyy (93 kills.

Battlefield 2 invades the high-tech frontlines of modern warfare. The game brings the intensity and excitement of Battlefield 1942 into the modern era with enhanced team play and the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man m320 擲弾発射器は、アメリカ軍が採用している40mm 擲弾発射器である。 コンペティションにより2006年にh&k社との間に契約が交わされ、現在実戦配備が始まっている。 アメリカ海兵隊でもm203 擲弾発射機の後継として採用する計画がある。. h&kでの型式はh&k glmである The M320 (HE) grenade-launcher is unlocked by default but you'll need to earn 8,000 pts with the Assault kit in order to unlock the defibs. You will need to hold the button in order to charge the defibrillator before using it on an enemy you got the M320 3GL from Naval Strike? Reply. ProgammerNetwork Jun 9, 2016. All the models are from BF4 multiplayer. Reply. ShaunsArtHouse Jan 19, 2016. So much awesomeness . Reply. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. DeviantArt - Homepage. About. Contact. Core Membership

Battlefield Hardline Hack. We just added a new feature to our Battlefield Hardline hack that's pretty amazing and fun to use. Check out the image below showing a picture of me outside the map, the new feature is called Superman Jump and you can jump very high and get to new locations all over the maps Now my total bf4 game files is 11.7gb. 980tibaby on 23/07/2016 - 22:47 how many of these have become free now? i think i got 3 of them so far, so i need to know if i can complete the whole dlc set for fre Battlefield 4 is an installment in the Battlefield series developed by Swedish game developer DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Players pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter would be granted early beta access to the game. The game was released on October 29, 2013. Some of the post-launch content was developed by DICE LA, previously Danger Close Games, who developed Warfighter How to unlock the King in the North achievement in Battlefield 4: Complete all Final Stand Assignments. This achievement is worth 50 Gamerscore Most weapons in Battlefield 4 have selectable fire modes, allowing you to choose from single-shot, burst, and automatic modes. For semi-automatic or single-shot weapons such as pistols, shotguns , and sniper rifles , each time you press the fire button/key, you fire a single round

Welcome to Battlefield 4, a spectacular multiplayer experience and a short but action-packed single player campaign. Unlike other Battlefield games, the trophies in Battlefield 4 are heavily campaign-based. The campaign trophies are considered very easy by first-person shooter (FPS) standards M320 HE: $0 M79: $0 Repair Tool: $5,400 Satellite Phone: $27,000 Sabotage: $30,000 Armored Insert: $33,000. Reputation perks. The following perks are available: Enforcer. Level 1. Fast Throw: Keeps your grenade accessible. Reduced Fall: Allows you to survive falling longer distances. Level 2. Fast Ready: Bring your weapons to bear faster after. Battlefield 4 will see a return of the class based multiplayer. Players can choose from four character builds, called Kits. There is the Assault Kit, the Engineer Kit, the Support Kit and. Here is a video that shows both the M320 and the M320 3GL, and to me it looks like they share exactly the same model. --commando552 18:26, 27 August 2014 (EDT) Alright, thanks man. --Ultimate94ninja 18:49, 27 August 2014 (EDT) It's a Metal Storm 3GL in all but the reused M320 model

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle Contains all Shortcut Kits. Recon Shortcut Kit - Contains Recon Class upgrades & specializations, and Sniper Rifles; The Recon Shortcut Kit contains the following unlocks: Offensive Spec, RFB, Motion Sensor, Radio Beacon, Scout Spec, T-UGS Sensor, SOFLAM, Sniper Spec, MAV, Claymore and the following Sniper Rifles: M40A5, SCOUT ELITE, SV-98, JNG-90, 338-RECON, M98B. Battlefield 4's Assault class is this game's frontline warrior. They're capable of massive damage at close-to-mid range, and they can turn the tide of battle with their ability to heal and. ZapTact / Battlefield 4 Stats Overview Last updated Apr 19, 2021. Update stats. BF Hardline Stat Gaining air superiority on the battlefield is the surest path to victory. Unlock all 38 air vehicle upgrades instantly and win the war from above. Rip through enemy vehicles. The ground war rages on! Take out aircraft, upgrade your tank's armor and more. Get every available upgrade for every ground vehicle with this Shortcut Bundle

Battlefield 4 did eventually get to an excellent state though and ended working even better than Battlefield 3. Better rush maps. Now this isn't really saying much because rush in Battlefield 3 was a massive downgrade from Bad Company 2's god-tiered rush maps but at least it was much more functional and fun than what we got in Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 Master Dog Tag Guide. M320 (presumably kills with any will count towards the dog tag) Also, my obsessive compulsive-ness is bugging me because I need 510 kills to unlock everything instead of 500 . I'd be fine with the 510 if it were consistent for all weapon classes. But it isn't I'd like a better medal system (like BF4 assignments) but it's early days. As for weapons, there were too many in BF4 and too many attachments. A confusing mess and people ended up mostly using the same weapons in the end anyway. Unlocking more and more weapons and accessories was pointless. The BF1 limited set with variants is excellent Battlefield 4's single-player campaign starts here. Never get stuck with our complete walkthrough.Battlefield 4 single-player walkthrough - Baku (mission 1)Mission 01: BakuDog Tags Nice Play.

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