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Free Shipping On eBa Stalling is when the torque converter locks up during a load. For instance, if you have a car that has a 2,500 RPM stall converter, and then you hold both gas and brake at the same time, like you were going to power brake, then general RPM that the tires will break loose at is going to be 2,500 RPM Basically stall means when the torque converter locks-up under a load. With that, if you take a car with a 2,500 RPM stall converter and you hold your foot on the brake hard, and hit the gas at the same time, (as if you were going to power brake), the general RPM in which the tires will break loose is at about 2,500 RPM

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  1. How High Stall Helps Performance The stall converter enables a vehicle to use its torque curve for launching off the line stronger and better compared to a vehicle with a lower stall. Let's explain this a bit better
  2. Why is Torque Converter Stall Speed Important? High performance torque converters, like to ones sold at RevMax Performance Torque Converters, can do a lot for your vehicle when the proper stall speed is selected. For racing, the proper stall speed will increase your launch and get you off the line quicker
  3. Converter stall speed must be high enough to put the engine into the torque range where it can most efficiently launch the car. If converter stall speed is too low, the car will be lazy leaving the..
  4. TCS TORQUE CONVERTERS are designed to provide the rpm launch best suited to the torque band of your engine without excess slippage throughout the power range. reducing slippage after the launch, more torque can be used to power the vehicle. This design delivers increased miles per hour without rpm increase, reducing heat and excessive engine wear
  5. Switching to a higher stall-speed torque converter can provide the benefit of increased launch RPM and better low-speed acceleration. Once your vehicle is up and moving, though, a different converter will have little effect
  6. A common mistake is choosing a torque converter based solely on stall speed or diameter. to allow for a higher launch rpm. with only 9.612 percent converter slip. Our high gear mph went.
  7. The extremely high stall torque ratio of 3.0 multiplies engine torque 3.0 times at the transmission input shaft at launch. This converter is recommended for individuals who want to roast the tires while still remaining streetable

Example; with a true 3500rpm torque converter stall speed & a 3.91:1 gear will be very effective, but the same exact converter with a 4.56:1 gear won't stall up as far because of the torque multiplication of the rear gears, moves the car easier {unless you are using a Trans-Brake}, also if you have a heavy car, the stall speed will be effected. By raising the stall speed, or slippage, a performance [torque] converter raises engine rpm at launch, which increases power at launch. For example, if an engine makes 100 lb-ft of torque at 1,500 rpm and 175 lb-ft at 2,500, which would you rather have TCI® converters feature an increase in stall speed over stock options, thereby increasing torque multiplication and allowing the engine to get into its powerband sooner. The result is improved vehicle launch and overall performance. Items 1 - 12 of 1 If a 2700-3000 is selected, you should be able to footbrake stall the converter to about 2700 rpm depending on the vehicle's setup. Compared to a stock converter, this should provide anywhere from 500 to 1500 more rpm to launch the vehicle from a dead stop, giving you a noticable improvement in the vehicle's acceleration capability

Many owners of C5's with automatic transmission have no-doubt thought about upgrading their factory torque converter, either when upgrading the rear axle ratio.... of just to help the launch with stock gears. But, I had previously installed a high stall converter ina 1971 Roadrunner (many.. Performance Automatic has recognized the importance of building an ultra high performance 10 torque converter that is compatible with some street use. Our 10 Pro Launch converter is designed to be used in conjunction with high compression, nitrous oxide, bigger duration camshafts, stout gear ratios, turbochargers and blower applications Because a torque converter multiplies torque-which Fenske explains beautifully here-you don't need as many revs to launch an automatic car as you do a manual car On the flipside, if you have a fwd car that spins its tires off the line as it is, then a higher stall torque converter would be useless. And also, for example, a 3,500 stall speed torque converter does not mean that the car won't move until the rpm reaches 3,500 rpm. It will just provide more slippage until it reaches 3,500 rpm In this video I tested the four wheel drive launch on my Silverado. The current torque converter I have on the truck is a Circle D 3,400 rpm stall torque con..

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The torque converter is a hydraulic coupling which takes the engine's mechanical force and converts it into hydraulic pressure. Its impeller turns at engine speed; the more torque the engine makes, the higher in the RPM range the converter will stall, or lock up Torque multiplication at launch and high end efficiency are equally important. Stall speed can be attained in many ways that cripple the converter in other ways. Stall speed can be obtained at the expense of looseness at low speeds and loss of performance at higher speeds after launch Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towin If you have any questions feel free to comment down below, I'll try my best to answer them. TCI Torque Converter (2,800 stall): https://amzn.to/2Tl8eU3Also d..

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Remember, the ratio is still a factor of the engine torque in the relevant range of the torque converter stall speed, i.e.: a converter with a multiplication ratio of 2.5:1 that stalls 3000 rpm will produce 500 ft.-lbs. of torque at the instance of full throttle acceleration if its coupled to an engine producing 200 ft.-lbs. of torque at 3000 rpm The converter will gradually start to couple with the transmission side of the converter, and the car will start moving. The idea behind installing a high performance torque converter is to get your stall speed up higher, so that you are into your engine's powerband much quicker off the line. says Miller

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  1. The high stall converter allows the engine to launch the car at a higher rpm where more torque is available. The Holeshot is generally a very good choice for the typical street machine that is looking for better launch capability and more strength. Street rods with modified engines will also benefit from a Holeshot converter
  2. High Stall Torque converter. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. 0. 00BlackKota · Registered. Joined Feb 9, 2005 · 69 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 4, 2005 PCM and torque converter but still runs pretty good, I can definitely tell the difference between how the two trucks launch
  3. Section 8: Torque Converter Upgrades How to Improve Launch. Switching to a higher stall-speed torque converter can provide the benefit of increased launch RPM and better low-speed acceleration. Once your vehicle is up and moving, though, a different converter will have little effect

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  1. d. The S uper Launch Master ™ is designed to take a beating while providing unparalleled strength with the inclusion of our very own bulletproof Billet Armor ™ anti-balloon plates to protect your transmission.
  2. Because a torque converter multiplies torque-which Fenske explains beautifully here-you don't need as many revs to launch an automatic car as you do a manual car
  3. To expand on that a little and answer the the gear vs the stall question: The only real advantage of a high stall converter is at the launch, where the flash stall allows you to put the engine higher into it's torque/power band and thus provide more grunt at the line. once underway most if not all advantage is gone, lost to inefficiency.

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Beattie told us, The only true way to determine a converter's stall speed is at the racetrack with the car in low gear, when you launch. But, another safe way to get a reading that will be within 100 to 200 rpm, is to have a manually-shifted automatic transmission, or a way to hold it in high gear (1:1 ratio) I have a big block duster with a 727 running a stock torque converter (I can only brake torque it to about 1200-1400 rpm). I am looking at aftermarket converters and would like some input on stall speed. Here are my car/engine specs:-.030 over 400 big block-9:1 compression-Edelbrock performer rpm intake w/ 750 Holley vacuum secondary car I have done some stall converter tuning, mostly in Silverados. I do not have experience tuning a stall converter in A6 Camaro. But I'd imagine a few principals would transfer over. You may have to lower the WOT shift MPH speeds to compensate for the slip of a stall converter at high RPM. Once I had a case of 800 RPM slip at 6200rpm

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The advantage of a high stall speed converter is that it may be more like 4000RPM. So if you can get the engine revved up to 4000RPM before it takes off under full load, you'll be right in the peak torque and it will launch like an animal provided you have good tires and traction. All automatic cars have torque converters Nitrous Launch Master Torque Converters Launch Your Nitrous Car Like Never Before! Every Nitrous Launch Master ™ puts the 'Launch' in Launch Master ™ by providing a very aggressive initial shock to the tires off the line with excellent torque multiplication characteristics to supply those smile inducing, eyeball flattening, hard hitting. A higher-stall converter will improve acceleration by allowing the car to launch at an rpm where the engine is making the most power. Some converters are designed for high-revving lightweight cars. Some are designed for heavy cars that make a lot of bottom-end torque. Why is the torque converter stall speed in stock vehicles so low. Only your launch RPM. if you go by this chart it will show you the best torque converter for the peak torque your motor will see 200 duration @.050 1000-4500rpm 2500peak torque A high stall with high gears (numerically low) will do nothing but hurt the transmission. The converter will never be fully locked up and be creating a lot of.

2-you can set the stall chip at any rpm up to the limit of the converter for your launch 3-easier to adjust you reaction time with a rotory rpm switch. Cons It costs a little more for the converter and the valve body. But if you want to win races these pieces will make you more consistant For example if your 350 CID engine produces 230 lb.ft. of torque at 2400 rpm, a B&M HoleShot 2000 Converter will produce 2000 rpm stall speed. If you install a 268-degree cam into this engine you will raise the torque curve and at 2400 rpm your engine will produce less torque. Thus the 2000 stall converter will only stall at 1800 or less Torque converters from ATI are custom built high performance, racing converters for drag race and street use for GM, Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler applications. Our racing torque converter customers have broken records and won numerous events and championships in NHRA, IHRA & NMCA drag racing! ATI builds torque converters using all new components, unlike other torque converter suppliers that. A high-stall converter like a 4,000-rpm unit is not only lazy from a part-throttle-efficiency standpoint, but it also generates much more heat. it's not critical that a street engine launch at. High stall torque converters are very desirable in drag race vehicles because they allow the engine to develop maximum torque (say 5000 rpm), before the vehicle leaves the starting line. This type of converter is designed to slip more, or have a higher stall speed then the typical 1300-1900 rpm factory converter

AOD Torque Converter 1900-2300 Stall Heavy Duty. $519.00 Monster Sale Price: $399.00. Sale Our online catalog is chock full o' high performance gear that will have you grinnin' like a kid at Disney World. From complete engines, to torque converters to Monster in a Box, we've got all your HP needs covered. Shift Better, Last Longer. Get proven performance and reliability from B&M, TCI, Turbo Action, Hughes Performance, ATI Performance Products, Performance Automatic, and other leading brands. Choose from a variety of stall speeds to help you put maximum low-end power to the pavement. Don't stall—launch your performance to the next level with top-quality torque converters

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Generally speaking, torque converters with stall speeds up to approximately 3000 RPM do not adversely affect normal driving. The vehicle will begin to roll normally and acceleration will be favorably influenced when higher stall speed converters are used. A very high stall speed converter (above 3000 RPM) would not be satisfactory for street use IIRC to test the stall of a torque converter, you simple step on the gas, and see at what RPM the car takes off. So if you have a 3000rpm stall, it should hit around 3000 give or take 100 or so when you hit the gas at wide open throttle, assuming you don't break the tires lose to much

The higher stall speed of this converter will launch the car in a higher rpm range where more torque is readily available, resulting in quicker acceleration. Lipstick Performance Stall converters feature furnace brazed impeller fins and turbine, new precision alloy impeller hub and new heavy duty needle bearings A higher than stock stall speed as delivered by this B&M converter will provide several advantages and benefits in vehicles with modified engines. Many modifications, particularly big cams, tend to reduce low end power and torque. This high stall converter allows the engine to launch the car at a higher rpm where more torque is available TORCO 4L60E 4L65E 300mm 1998-up 2200-2500 high stall Torque Converter - LS engine 4.8L 5.3L 6.0L TORCO GM Chevy GMC 1800-2100 Stall 12 Torque Converter 1985-1997- 4L60 4L60E 700R4 700-1 year warrant #5X. Power Raptor Lock-up Torque Converter 700R4 2004R Fits 700R4, 200-4R and non-LS1 4L60E transmissions. This is a 10 inch converter with a 12 inch lock-up carbon fiber clutch rated up to 700 horse power. Can be ordered in stall speeds of 2000 to 4000 RPM FMX High Stall 2200-2500 stall Torque Converter - 240 300 302 351 w 1.375 pilot. $215.00. Top Rated Plus. Free shipping. A904 STOCK STALL torque converter - 26 SPLINE (LOCKUP) with Ring Gear. $195.00. Top Rated Plus. Free shipping. ZF6HP19 ZF6HP26 Torque Converter - BMW 325i 530i 528i - AUDI 2.0 Jaguar Ford

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This 6L90E High Stall Torque Converter has been designed to allow the engine to get into its torque curve quicker and multiplies the torque as the vehicle begins to accelerate, this allows for greater throttle response, quicker off the mark launch than the stock converter. These converters keep your engine operating closer to its peak operating. When the converter hits the stall speed, the impeller starts to spin the turbine wheel, causing the converter to grab and launch the vehicle. A modified torque converter with a higher than stock stall speed can shave anywhere from three to seven tenths of a second off a base line elapsed time at the drags torque converter - the lock-up clutch, the damper and the hydraulic circuit high stall torque ratio and a high stall speed create less idle losses and provide better acceleration when compared with stiff torque converters. The . launch. With this in mind, the conceptual layout of the torque converter has to focus. Increased Stall Speed. The point at which the engine's RPMs are high enough for the torque converter to transfer the engine's power to the transmission is called stall speed. A damaged torque converter will be unable to provide a seamless transfer of the engine's rotational force into hydraulic pressure This Performance torque converter stalls at 2200 to 2500 RPM and gives a faster launch than a stock torque converter. Also comes in 1700 and 2000 stall speeds. Rated up to 350 horse power. Furnace brazing laminates the complete turbine shell

The only reasons for a higher stall converter are a high idle, like 750-1000 or for power braking or locking the front brakes to get the engine into the torque curve for launch. I have a 3000 rpm converter in front of my TH350 so that if I ever decide to take it to the track I can do a decent launch I had a hughes red converter on my car with T61, it was about 3300-3500 stall, and was very unsatisifying for some reason. My T66 is fully spooled by ~3800 rpm or so with my highly tuned setup, and I could launch with 2 bar on the 4000 stall converter, obviously that wouldn't be conducive to traction, but it seems to be a good setup for the street.. For example, if a converter has a torque ratio of 1.85, then for every 100 lbs of input torque, the converter will deliver 185 lbs of output torque. This is at a converter stall or speed ratio of 0. This ratio will go down as the speed ratio goes up. Engine modifications will directly affect stall speed I have tested leaving on the converter, idle, 2000, 3000, 4000 ect. I have had people say, that just proves it not the right converter, maybe, but I still run quicker on the chip. Torque does have a major impact on the stall you want. So does traction available. You can't throw a 6000 stall in to match your dyno results

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The term stall speed refers to the engine RPM at which the torque converter begins to transfers the power of the engine through to the transmission. The vehicle will therefore function differently if a Torque Converter with a different stall speed is installed The biggest problem you will encounter is the point and shoot characteristic of the high stall convertor and that low gearing. With that type of gearing and the higher stall, when the convertor reaches fluid coupling it's going to launch. Take some time getting used to driving it To get the high stall converter in an updated form with the latest design, order a similar K-140 high stall converter from a 1995+ 4.3L (RPO L35) S10 Truck V6 application (p/n 24202310). This new converter uses the same basic internal components (stators, etc.) as the 'vette converter, and as such has the same high stall speed rating (2nd digit.

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high stall torque converter. All late model dynamometers have a software program that commands the loading and speed of the vehicle over a certain period of time while making a test pull As soon as the engine reaches ~3000rpm the torque converter will lock in and the wheels will start receiving the full power. This results in a skid, and cheering crowds, and naked hot chiqs wanting to have sex with you. As is my understanding. The big benfit of having a high stall in an auto is on a turbo car The converter and it's effect on performance after the upshift is more pronounced with a wider ratio TH700R4 than with a closer ratio TH350. With the TH350, the launch is what the converter helps most. Torque converters are sensitive to load as well as to engine torque. More gear reduces the load that the converter feels For a streetcar, it is wise to also select a torque converter stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 65 MPH to prevent excessive heat build up. The exception would be a transmission/converter equipped with lock-up. 2. What is the difference in the terms Flash Stall and Foot-Brake Stall

On the launch, you will notice a little dip in the rpm curve as the car is launched. The high point before the slight dip is the flash stall rpm. Stock converters offer very low foot brake or flash stall rpm, electing to reduce slippage in favor of better fuel mileage and crisp throttle response Torque converters are a difficult thing to nail down because stall is not a constant. If I have a converter that stalls at 4000 on my car with few mods and say 275ft/lbs of torque and take it out and put it into a car with 400ft/lbs of torque, that same converter will stall higher in the car with more torque The main reason to get a stall converter is for launching at a higher rpm. The rated rpm is not what you will actually see in your car, it will be less. The main factors in this are power and traction. If you have more traction, you can rev higher This is kind of uncharted territory with these 8 speed autos, they seem to launch more aggressively than the 5 speeds do so I'm kind of wondering how effective they would be, if you decide to go with this one thing that I would be careful is the street manners of a stall converter that high as they seem to slip in the higher gears when the stall is over 3000 rpms, with the older version you.

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A torque converter has to slip or the engine would STALL when you came to a stop. A torque converter is the equivalent of a clutch, that allows us to drive our automatics. Because it slips constantly (not just when at a stop light) it wastes horse power and gas mileage. For this reason overdrive automatic transmissions were invented If a high performance engine makes power at a higher rpm, then a higher stall speed torque converter can put more power to the ground quicker. When the same vehicle has a turbo installed you want to make sure that you are transferring power to the ground at the best possible rpm and best boost levels Without the Torque Converter Clutch the converters slipped all the time, and it was easy to overheat the transmission. Now, you can have a high stall converter, and once you are moving the TCC locks up, so there is no additional heat and no rpm loss. You actually want a higher stall if you tow something heavy However, if too high a stall is applied, the vehicle will be lazy and the transmission will only run hot. In most truck applications a lower stall converter is better for trailer pulling and off road low rpm torque and performance. Hope this info in helpful They utilize efficient, high-torque multiplication cores and stall speed increases of 400-600rpm depending upon HEMI application. At HHP, this torque converter is our number one seller. We've used other converters which were sloppy in the lower rpm's and at lower throttle. If you want the best on the market, choose Pro Torque for your HEMI

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Our High Performance Torque Converter line is for the street car enthusiast with a few mods and is very budget friendly. The Pro Series Torque Converter line steps up to our custom billet parts and is offered in a single and multi disk option. This converter fits both the 6L80 and 6L90 based transmissions Performance Automatic has recognized the importance of building an ultra high performance 10 torque converter that is compatible with some street use. Their 10 Pro Launch converter is designed to be used in conjunction with high compression, nitrous oxide, bigger duration camshafts, stout gear ratios, turbochargers and blower applications The use of a high-performance or high-stall-speed torque converter can dramatically improve starting-line performance. The car in the near lane is the author's daily driven street car, which runs 11-second quarter-mile times in full street trim ProTorque 3000 Stall Torque Converter for HP70 (5.7L R/T, 6.4L Scatpack & SRT8) or HP90 (6.2L Hellcat) - 8-Speed Transmissions - HEMI-HPX Free Shipping On Most Orders* 1-888-894-111

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Steve is right about torque converters, especially for race cars, your stall speed should be 600-800rpm above the cam spec for the powerband or 35% of your total rpm range whichever is lower , for example if your cam says 1000-8000 you should have a 1600-1800 stall that's assuming the engine is built to the cam FTP Introduces a MUCH NEEDED High Stall torque converter for your 55K AMG. This Torque Converter allows you to successfully LOWER your ETs in the 1/4 Mile, and Launch your AMG harder than it ever has before, Without sacrificing any Street ability. this is the Modification to do if your trying to Squeeze that extra time out of your car at that track and you have all the Supporting performance mods However, a mud racer with a hot engine would perform better with a high-stall-speed converter that allows torque and rpm to build before hooking up power to the transmission gears. Going to a.

do you want a torque converter with that ??? Chevy

A converter that stalls at a higher rpm than the typical stock unit could be called a high stall converter. Stall speed varies with engine torque, so a 4000 RPM converter behind a 502 might provide a 1700 RPM stall behind a 283 (which is one thing people dont take into account when they purchase a stall, a universal 3000rpm stall will not. PicClick Insights - High Performance Stall Torque Converter Turbo TH350/TH400 12 Inch 2000 to 2200 PicClick Exclusive. Popularity - 15,686 views, 10.0 views per day, 1,568 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 73 sold, 0 available What you're asking about is more correctly called a high stall or higher stall converter. All torque converters have a stall speed. Simply put, it's the maximum RPM it allows the engine to reach without transmitting any power/ rotation into the tr..

This 10, 3000 rpm stall speed, high performance torque converter is designed for modified street, street/strip applications. These converters feature full needle bearing design (front and rear), a modified sprag and braised fins resulting in a strong and reliable converter. Fits all 68-77 TH350 and TH400 applications. 46-244 459.9 After posting the thread, What's next best performance mod, I've become interested in learning more about high stall torque converters. I've read articles on this site and other places but would like to hear more from those of you here that have more knowledge about them

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