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Congratulations on your purchase of the EMRAX high performance electric motor. This drive is a Slovenian product of a completely new type of pancake axial flux synchronous permanent magnet electric motor, which will keep its capability for a long time if treated properly. It can also work as a generator with the same performance characteristics Video shows how to do the first setup (auto tuning) of Bamocar D3 controller for EMRAX motor

Axial flux motor / generator; up to 420 kW, up to 1000 Nm; size 348 x 107 mm; weight 41 kg; air (IP21) / combined (IP21) / liquid (IP65) cooled Yasa 750 PM Motor Siemens 1PV5135-4WS28 Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 Parker PM Motor Remy HVH250HT Motor (In Development) EVO AF-140-12 PM Motor MES Induction motor UQM-75 Motor EMRAX PM Motor Yasa 400 PM Motor w/ sin/cos encoder Remy HVH410†150S Dimensions: See Data Sheet Approximate Weight: 19lbs or 8.62kgs PM Family Data Shee Simply put, a DC motor controller is any device that can manipulate the position, speed, or torque of a DC-powered motor. There are controllers for brushed DC motors , brushless DC motors , as well as universal motors , and they all allow operators to set desired motor behavior even though their mechanisms for doing so differ DTI controller and GUI short presentation during propeller testing.Maximum propeller speed: 1800 rpmController: DTI HV-500https://www.drivetraininnovation.co.. EMRAX | Axial flux e-motors | lightweight | powerful - EMRAX

Our 3 phase (PMSM) motor controller and accessories are the best in class power/weight ratio inverters, 3 phase (PMSM) motor drive, plug and play with ALL EMRAX motors, liquid and air cooled design, one diagnostic tool for all DTI products and user friendly configuration At Kelly Controls our mission is to promote technology which delivers high quality performance for an affordable price, leading towards a clean and sustainable future. Our expansive production line covers a wide range of essential motor gear and accessories as well as models, including controllers for electric boats, electric gliders, and electric vehicles designed for industry purpose as well. To good to be true? No, this is reality! The Emrax 228 permanent magnet AC motor, from Enstroj, weighs only 12,3kg, and can deliver 35 to 55 kW continuous.. EMRAX motor 1st spin with Tritium Wavesculptor200 Controller running on a 45V battery bus. RPM was limited by Bus Voltage to ~450RPM. We are hitting a PWM. Low Voltage Controllers. The family of low voltage controllers cover the voltage ranges from 14V to 150V DC. With their high reliability and compact dimensions our DC motor controllers are used on both pump and traction applications in some of the worlds leading material handling vehicles

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The Emrax Electric Motor is an axial flux motor available with different battery capacities depending on the intended usage, manufactured by Emrax Electric. The motors are stackable to increase the available power. The manufacturer offers the possibility to build customized motor controller packages depending on the need Emrax 7 - 50 2 Bamocar - 65 -Hawk 40 7.5 12 47 -Motor and motor controller efficiencies were used to determine the required power dissipation of the cooling system. The Rinehart has a minimum efficiency of 97% (erinehart), the Emrax 92% (eemrax),the Bamocars 92% (ebamo), and the Hawks 92% (ehawk)-HAWK40 -320V EMRAX 228 High Voltage C 2. Is custom built for Emrax motors in collaboration with Enstroj. 3. Has plug and play with the motor, as in better GUI as well as firmware. 4. The physical structure is lighter and more well built than the Rms

The rear powertrain on MY18 consists of the Emrax 228 motor, and the Rinehart PM100 motor controller. On the MY19 vehicle, the rear powertrain maintains the same architecture with the Emrax and Rinehart. For the front powertrain, two Hawk 40 motors were selected and they would be paired with Bamocar D Emrax itself can already give you a list of motor controllers they recommend to use with their motors. Look at Emrax Documentation or send them an email. They (or the controller manufacturer) can also provide you with the correct settings for these controllers.

A Short Primer on the History of the Etek Motor, and Other Tales; Controllers: Speed vs (and) Torque Control; Electric Motor HP Ratings (and Other Secrets of the Universe) vs Gas; Axial vs Radial Flux: Simple as Pie. Or cake. Or Pancake. Motor. NEW PMAC 38 kW Liquid-Cooled 120V Motor (from Electric Motorsport) Briggs and Stratton ETEK Motor For. Well, technically, you divide that by 4 (you need one controller for each motor), and get 500A per motor. Contact Emrax about their recommendation first Демонстрация управления синхронного электродвигателя Emrax 228 (номинальной мощностью 55 кВт.

Motor controllers are useful for offloading the control of speed and direction from the main logic controller. There are different types of motor controllers depending on the type of motor that is being used. Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller. Small preassembled servo controller with some big features The new Scott Drive 100 for brushless DC and AC induction motors is an incredibly flexible and powerful controller, and a Plug N Play solution for your Siemens motor. You can run it as simple as a throttle input and a few other parameters, or use the built in CAN bus and integrate with BMS and charging systems 200kW AC Motor Controller for Electric Car: Electric cars are the future, and are beginning to take off today. However, they are still pretty expensive. A 3 phase AC motor is the absolute standard for car companies when they make an electric vehicle. The Tesla Roadster, Nissan Lea Standardized fully digital control unit Safety shutdown in case of overvoltage, undervoltage, or excessive temperature of the motor. Intrinsically safe and short-circuit protected power section Processor-independent hardware shutdown in case of short-circuits, earth faults, overvoltage or excessive temperature of the amplifier Propulsion inverters, motor, gearing and drive systems for on- and off-road application. Emerging portfolio of battery, BMS and charging solutions. Control harnesses, power cables and ancillary components in support of small volume production

The motor parameters are from the PMSM Emrax 228 Medium Voltage (datasheet here). The controller's goal is to control the electromagnetic torque produced by the PMSM. There is no speed control loop since the input of the controller is directly the torque generated by the motor Congratulations on your purchase of EMRAX electric motor. This drive is a Slovenian product of a completely new type of pancake axial flux synchronous electric motor, which will keep its capability for a long time if treated the right way. It can also work as a generator with the same technical data. Firstly the drive was developed for airplane 2. High efficiency, scalable Emrax motor, from 20 KW up to 100 KW 3. High efficiency, scalable Emsiso Motor Drives, Vector current control. 4. Very reliable Control System due to less number of parts, (low PFHd value) 5. Speed control for propeller protection and no power reduction during operation 6 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for EMRAX 188 Low Voltage Electric Motor at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! 220V 4000W AC SCR Electric Voltage Regulator Dimmer Motor Speed Controller Power. $13.43 + $5.40 shipping. Seller 99% positive. Fasco D188 Hvac Motor,1/20 Hp,1500 Rpm,230V,3.3. The controller generates the sinusoidal reference current of desired magnitude and frequency that is compared with the actual motor line current. If the current exceeds the upper limit of the hysteresis band, the upper switch of the inverter arm is turned off and the lower switch is turned on. As a result, the current starts to decay

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Emrax only gives you a warranty on the motors when they are used with certain controllers (e.g. Piktronik, Unitek,.). Finding out the right settings for the motors can be difficult, but as Unitek has already tested Emrax motors with their controllers you can contact them for start figures to at least get the motors up and running Heiko Flecks motor can by run with Curtis 1238-7601 controller (ca. Eur 2200) and has 70/44KW, 70Kg (but no additional weight from water cooling devices which is also an additional failure source), CE-mark and it is especially designed for EV-Conversions - much cheaper also than Emrax/Bamocar combination single ratio Gear,control & command by controller CANbus with double safety function in power range of 5kw-50kw EV Display monitor, Electric Car, electric Tricycle,. eTukTuk,motorBike Display monitor, Battery monitor, Fuel guage, Linear Speed meter, Speedo Meter, watt hours Meter,Energy Meter, Power meter

Electric Brushless DC Motor Kit, 48V 750W High Speed Motor Controller Go Kart. $98.83. $104.03 previous price $104.03 + shipping. Seller 98.9% positive. Emrax Elcetric Motor. Condition is Used. Shipped with UPS Ground. This motor is made to be used for automotive or aircraft Thought I would toss in a couple links to spec sheets for the motor and controller, for convenience as the thread grows or for anyone unfamiliar with this setup. I will post up my wiring diagram as soon as it is done. Emrax 228 High Voltage Combined Cooling Motor. Max power:100kw Weight: 27.2 lbs (12.3kg With a whole host of new features, including idle control, slew rate, programable outputs, and streaming data, this feature packed controller is raising the standard for motor controllers

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  1. ute burst capability)
  2. *EMRAX 268 VHML Low Voltage version always has 2 sequences of phase connectors (2x UVW). **Controller for EMRAX 268 Low Voltage motor should have very high peak and continuous motor current (1000 Arms peak and 500 Arms continuous). It is difficult to find such a high current controller in the global market
  3. ; 40 kWp 2
  4. RC,R/C,Model,FPV Racing,fpv racing drone,Drone racing,Multicopters,FPV,Brushless Motors,ESCs,Speed controllers,LiPO batteries EMAX 1306 RS1306 Version 2 RS1306B 2700KV 4000KV Brushless Motor 3-4S For RC Drone Multi Rotor - 2700KV. $10.99. Add to cart. Add to wishlist.
  5. Depends what you mean by truck If you want to use on a semi you need a variable ratio transmission to maintain gradability You would also need a low differential ratio as the Emrax motor spins twice as fast as a truck diesel By the specs it's pret..

ZEVA MC1000C DC Motor Controller 1000 Amps Price: $1,695.00. The MC1000C is ZEVA’s third generation of DC motor controller, designed to be one of the best value, most reliable and easiest to use motor controllers available for electric vehicles. Featuring an extremely tough, weatherproof anodized aluminium housing, smooth throttle. Electric motor efficiency bellow 95% is no good when all the losses add up. Controllers have losses, too. Batteries also, depending on their internal chemistry and discharge rate. The Emrax controller weighs around 12.5kg (25 lbs). The Electravia controllers weigh around 2.5kg (5 lbs). The first has 99% efficiency, the latter 84% efficiency

EMRAX motor 2.2 Motor Controller A motor controller basically controls the overall performance of the motor which might include a manual or automatic means for starting and stopping the motor, selecting forward or reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque, and. Congratulations on your purchase of EMRAX electric motor. This drive is a Slovenian product of a completely new type of pancake axial flux synchronous permanent magnet electric motor, which will keep its capability for a long time if treated the right way. It can also work as a generator with the same performance characteristics

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Say I have the Kohler KDI diesel engine plus a EMRAX 228 coupled direcly to the flywheel. This combo will generate about 20 to 25 kW @ 1500-2000RPM. The EMRAX is a three phase AC motor and will be used as a variable speed generator so I'm asking for your help regarding: 1 EMRAX™ motors have a significantly higher power density compared to any other competing technology at lower cost. An advanced cooling scheme allows the motor to achieve sustained high power operation given the unit's modest size and weight. High performance EMRAX motors and generators are suitable for various markets and applications EMRAX Motor Teardown ** 12/5/2017 Update ** A number of people noticed that this post disappeared for a while. Here's why. Skip down for the actual teardown Article by Erasmo E Picart Hernandez. 39. Tesla Technology Magnetic Motor Electric Motor Inventions Gears Robot Free Electric Cars Power Generator

tomdb, i have been thinking about your recommendations, heres a single emrax 348 motor design, single seater even more like the palatov, it would use lsd's front and back driven by chains, this would simplyfly things lots, but would be losing out on the individual wheel control, which attracted me to the 4 motor design. and 4 motor single seater Jun 21, 2019 - Axial flux motor / generator; up to 200 kW, up to 500 Nm; size 268 x 91 mm; weight 20 kg; air (IP21) / combined (IP21) / liquid (IP65) cooled Mophorn 1800W Electric Brushless DC Motor Kit - 48V 5200rpm Brushless Motor with 32A Speed Controller and Throttle Grip Kit for Go Karts E-bike Electric Throttle Motorcycle Scooter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 131. $137.99 $ 137. 99. FREE Shipping The motor we plan on using is an EMRAX 268MV running at 300VDC. It's basically a glorified BLDC R/C out-runner. So I feel that it'd be doable to drive it using the InstaSPIN FOC platform

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2 analog 0-5V inputs that default to throttle input and motor temperature input. Configurable motor over-temperature detection and protection with the recommended thermistor KTY84-130/150. Dual Channel A/B encoder input to support the speed control. The power supply of the controller is the standard battery voltage range. Caution! EMRAX motors/generators are advanced axial flux synchronous (BLAC) electric motors/generators. EMRAX motors are available in a range of torque and speed combinations and with variety of cooling options. EMRAX motor types (the number in the name means the diameter of the motor in mm): EMRAX 188: is being developed. It will be available for sale. Emrax motor width to pole ratio is solved in Equation 2.20[2]: width(mm) diameter(mm) = 86(mm) 228(mm) = 0.377 (2.20) This suggests the torque would be 140 Nm. The Emrax motor achieves 240 Nm, exceeding those findings. The torque density is 19.5 Nm/kg, compared to the 7.9 Nm/kg of the Remy

The powertrain is divided into subsystems: the battery pack, battery pack cooling system, motor controller, and the motor. The battery pack was constructed, but full electrical connection of all cells were not made. The pack was not integrated with the motor and motor controller. In Addition The permanent magnet motor, which the group only received in February, after a wait of a few months, was designed by EMRAX, and provides 80 kilowatts of power, equivalent to 107 horsepower. Biron holds the EMRAX motor, which sits next to the Emsiso emDrive300H Controller. (Amanda Wright/UConn Photo Enstroj EMRAX 228 motor and RMS PM100DX motor controller. The only sponsored component is the A123 7x15s3p ESS. The powertrain diagram is found on Figure 5 : Series -TV-B Powertrain Diagram. The difference between this vehicle and the first is the use of a non-competition sponsored motor and motor controller coupled to the E85 engine

In this video I give an overview over different electric motors. I also give an explanation of the Brushless DC Motor and the Brushed DC Motor. It is also th.. For the first time in history, Axiom provides clear, wide open access to the precise control of large 3 phase motors. And it couldn't be more timely, billions are spent accelerating the incoming era of electric vehicles, with massive EV fleet growth, and so many small and big companies competing to have a dominating role in the future of transportation. It is put together by Marcos -MIT TR35.

Emrax 268. Motor - Emrax 268 with accessory output shafts and shipping and all: $4500. This is the outrunner that is rated for 100kw, 6000-something RPM and weighs all of 28lbs. The trick is to. ElectricSuperbike TOP SPEED 250+ km/h ACCELERATION 0-100UNDER 3.0 s POWER 150 kW CAPACITY 13.0 kWh We are excited to present to you our electric superbike; JHC Ukkonen. This page is dedicated on presenting the development of the project from the initial technical specifications up until the construction process. Our superbike projects began in the autumn of 2019

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  1. utes of cruise power comparable as rotax 447/503 engines
  2. EMRAX 188 Technical Data Table Technical data Type EMRAX 188 High Voltage EMRAX 188 Medium Voltage EMRAX 188 Low Voltage Air cooled = AC Controller / motor signal sine wave AC voltage between two phases [Vrms/1RPM] 0,0384 0,0252 0,0055 Specific idle speed (no load RPM) [RPM/1Vdc
  3. Motor: EMRAX 208 Motor Controller: emDrive 500 High Voltage Accumulator Management System Prototype Read and record cell voltage and temperature. Interconnect Mechanical Strain Relief Budget-conscious connectors High voltage rule compliant strain relief and groundin

I'm looking to design the power stage of a 3 Phase DC Motor Controller for use with the Emrax 268 motor. The maximum input battery voltage would be no higher than 300VDC and the maximum continuou Motor: Enstroj EMRAX 228 HV: Motor Controller: Unitek Bamocar D3: Accumulator Voltage: 487V maximum, 429V nominal: Accumulator Capacity: 6.4kW An example of the type of motor we would be running is the Emrax 207 medium, which has a peak speed of 6000RPM (7000RPM with field weakening) and 10 pole pairs. Obviously the motor we would use would be scaled down as the Emrax 207 is rated for 40kW nominal and 80kW peak whereas we are looking in the range of 10-15kW nominal Drives. Even in a single motor setup, where using a planetary gearbox doesn't make as much sense, this is still much heavier than the differential and the passive torque control system from the LSD is absent. The selection of the single Emrax 228 and Drexler differential made sense a

Two EMRAX would still be smaller and lighter than a Remy and probably produce more power than MotoCzysz and Lightning are making with their Remys. We spun it up to full speed (4500RPM) two days ago on a 450V bus with no issue. Everything reacted normally and the motor is very well balanced Since our introduction of the first microprocessor-based motion controller in 1983, Galil has remained a leading innovator. By offering our customers powerful, cost-effective and simple-to-use motion controllers and PLCs backed by superior application support, our commitment is to be the primary source for any motion control and I/O application Your Electrification Partner. Sevcon is at the forefront of the ongoing global transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, from internal combustion engines to hybrid and electric vehicles. We have been designing and manufacturing high-quality motor controllers and system components for a variety of hybrid and electric vehicles for over half a century The Retractable Electrical propulsion system The retractable electrical propulsion (RES) system is not only a sustainer but also a self-launcher up to a maximum weight. The team aim to achieve a maximum mass of 500kg.The system is high voltage designed with two removable batteries stowed in the fuselage. The system is developed in partnership with Rinehart PM100DX/DZ AC Motor Controller EMRAX 228 Three-Phase Electric Motor 2 . O ut c om e s a nd D e l i ve r a bl e s The outcome of this project was firmware that could be run on the control board for the 2019 formula electric race car. The firmware had to be fully-functional and satisfy the minimu

The Unitek Bamocar D3 motor controller was selected for its versatility and proven track‐record with the Emrax 208 motor [ 9 ]. The motor and controller combination can provide up to 80 Nm of continuous torque with a 75 kW power at 6000 RPM at the drive shaft. The frame starting point is given in Fig. 1 Mophorn 1800W Electric Brushless DC Motor Kit - 48V 5200rpm Brushless Motor with 32A Speed Controller and Throttle Grip Kit for Go Karts E-bike Electric Throttle Motorcycle Scooter. 4.2 out of 5 stars 131. $137.99 $ 137. 99. FREE Shipping These data are valid for the motors, which were sold after January 2014. EMRAX motors that had been made before May 2012 have 30% lower power/torque and RPM than new generation of EMRAX motors.IP21 Maximal battery voltage is 600 Vdc (EMRAX 207 High Voltage). 10,2 15,2 38 Induction Ld/Lq [µH] 125/130 52/56 7,2/7,5 Controller / motor signal.

Maximal motor current (for 2 min if cooled as described in Manual for EMRAX motors) [Arms] 200 320 800 Continuous motor current [Arms] 100 160 400 Maximal peak motor torque [Nm] 160 Continuous motor torque [Nm] 80 Torque / motor current [Nm/1Aph rms] 0,83 0,54 0,20 Maximal temperature of the copper winding EMRAX. The idea for EMRAX was born in 2005 when founder Roman Susnik flew Slovenia's first flight in an electric aircraft. The flight ended in an emergency landing when the aircraft's brushless motor failed, inspiring Susnik to develop a suitable motor himself The electronic torque vectoring control is meant to distribute, in cornering conditions, the correct amount of torque to each motor, and for this reason it was considered that each motor could be supplied with a maximum of 60 kW input power. The torque - speed characteristic curve of the Emrax 208 motor is the following MOTOR TYPE Emrax 228. MAX MOTOR RPM 6000. MOTOR CONTROLLER Unitek Bamocar D3 700. MAX SYSTEM VOLTAGE 600V. ELECTRODE MATERIALS LiPo. COMBINED ACCUMULATOR CAPACITY 8.65 kWh. TRANSMISSION RATIO (PRIMARY / SECONDARY) 1 / 4,03. DRIVE TYPE 520 & 530 X-ring chain. DIFFERENTIAL Ajustable clutch pack limited slip diffe- rentia The EMRAX 268 Electric Motor: The EMRAX 348 Electric Motor : BLDC1099 WATER 1500watt. Motenergy Motor with Sine/Cosine speed sensors. Motenergy SCLS1114: Motenergy SCLS1115: Motenergy SCLS1302: Motenergy SCLS1304 . Brushless Disc Motors. CONTROLLER. ELECTRIC CAR KIT.

Hi, I am trying to test the BAMOCAR D3 400-400 controller along with EMRAX 228 Medium Voltage motor. For High voltage devices like the motor/controller is it possible that on turning off the high voltage DC power supply to the controller, the sudden drop in power being supplied to the controller can damage the controller (or the motor also) Air-cooled EMRAX motor with 35kW max. and 25kW cont. power output No additional drag due to completely retractable propeller Large propeller, matched exactly to the power outpu

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Emrax motor is ~17.09 kw/L and ~5.08 kw/kg The Emrax motor can do 30kw continuous and up to 60kw peaks for up to 1 minute at a time... and weighs less than 12 kg... and 228 mm diameter and 86mm width Don't get me wrong, for what they are Emrax motors are actually quite good, but the company itself and the data they release aren't worth the paper they're written on. If you have access to a dyno, it is worth characterising your own motor EMRAX 228 brushless synchronous 3-phase AC motor paired with a UNITEK controller. Chain drive with 3.29 gear ratio to Quaife limited slip differential. Suspension. Front pushrod and rear pullrod suspension with Kaz dampers. Jongbloed wheels with Hoosier tires Brushless Motor Controller. Motorcycle Wiring. EMRAX Motor Teardown. More information. Electric Power. Electric Cars. Electric Car Conversion. Mechanical Design. Car Wheels. Alternative Energy. Dc Ac. Wind Power. Sexy Lingerie. EMRAX Motor Teardown ** 12/5/2017 Update ** A number of people noticed that this post disappeared for a while. The E-811 is an engine, comprising the electric motor and the power controller—it's not only the motor. Only together do they perform the intended function. Pipistrel worked with subject matter experts, including EMRAX, to redesign the motor part and develop power electronics with design assurance and demonstrated levels of performance.

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Make sure you work that motor hard. Are you building your own controller? See this Q/A for what stops you overloading a motor. At zero speed, you have no power, so could drive a very large current into the motor, limited by demagnetisation or wheel slip, which comes first. \$\endgroup\$ - Neil_UK Oct 25 '17 at 6:2 The mathematical model of motor is developed using park transformation matrix, which transformed the 3-phase variables abc into steady state dc signals dq0. The PMSM drive system has double loops, the inner the current control and the outer loop with speed control

Configuration: Single Motor Rear Chain Drive Motor: ENSTROJ Emrax 228 MV Motor Controller: Rinehart Motion Systems PM100DX Gearing: 4:1 Chain Reduction Differential: TRE MKII Automatic Torque Biasing Differential Max Torque to Wheels: 960 N the car completed Skid-pad in 6.85 seconds (21% slower), and Acceleration in 5.65 seconds (25% slower). The first generation car was tested for range, and raced 31.4 km on a cold In an electric vehicle's cooling system, heat is transferred between the drivetrain (motor and motor controller) and the cross-flow radiator. In order for the cooling system to work properly, the rate of heat transferred by the drivetrain must be equal to the rate of heat transferred by the airflow and the water flow. This is shown below The Emrax 208 motor was a good fit for the project due to its high power-to-weight ratio and shaft torque [8]. The Unitek Bamocar D3 motor controller was selected for its versatility and proven track-record with the Emrax 208 motor [9]. The motor and controller combination can provide up to 80 Nm of continuou Motor / Motor Controller / Dynamometer Motor This year we purchased a new motor, the EMRAX 208, in order to reduce vehicle weight without compromising on horsepower. Nominal Voltage: 125 VDC (maximum) Nominal Current: 400 Arms Peak Current: 800 Arms Nominal Power: 20-32 kW Peak Power: 80 kW Motor Encoder Amplifie

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We use two Emrax AC motors that can output 52 kW (~62 hp) peak each and yet only weigh 12 kg (~26 lbs), yielding one the highest power to weight ratios available for this size of motor. To power the motor, we have designed an accumulator pack that can store 6.8 kWh of energy and output 100kW (130hp) of power They also built two battery compartments, the largest with 48 cells mounted in the motor bay and the smaller with 24 cells in the former fuel tank area. Batteries in both areas are arranged in 12-cell modules, each with monitoring electronics. Pitronik supplied the motor controller, adapted from their unit normally used with the Emrax 222

emrax_twin_06 - EMRAX228 (109kW | 230Nm) - EMRAX348 (380kW | 1000Nm) - EMRAXEMRAX | Axial flux e-motors | lightweight | powerful - EMRAXEuro/Israeli hybrid Powers Neat Italian ULM - CAFE

EMRAX Motor Teardown ** 12/5/2017 Update ** A number of people noticed that this post disappeared for a while. Here's why. Skip down for the actual teardown Article by Pedro Hsu. 76. Electric Power Electric Cars Electric Car Conversion Mechanical Design Car Wheels Alternative Energy Dc Ac Wind Power Sexy Lingerie Those are big numbers, but being the clever man he is, Toby's design allows for even more powerful motors from companies like Emrax to bolt right in. Heat is the enemy of both the motor and controller and more clever engineering means no water cooling is needed that would only complicate things and take away from the clean lines The SUMO HD is an electric powertain system designed to interface with standard rear differentials without the need for an intermediate gearbox. Its direct drive / gearless approach makes it the perfect match for any high-duty platforms and commercial vehicles applications. Outer rotor topology f.. Position and rotation speed sensors, that can be used are tandem resolver, encoder or hall sensors. For more information about sensors, please consult with controller producers and read User's Manual for EMRAX Motors. The first motor is connected to the second motor by using the ESO shaft, FSI shaft and two X shape brackets Motor: Manufacturer Enstroj; Model EMRAX 268MV; Peak Power 200 kW; Continuous Power 75 kW; Peak Torque 500 Nm; Continuous Torque 250 Nm; Weight 20.3 kg; Motor Controller: Manufacturer Rinehart Motion; Model PM150-DZR; Max Voltage 800V DC; Max Current 400 A RMS; Peak Power 300 kW; Continuous Power 113 kW; Weight 6.3 kg; Battery Pack: Weight 80.1.

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