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A fireplace facelift can take your living space from whatever to wow! Whether you're contemplating a full-on renovation or looking for an easy weekend upgrade, get inspired by these ideas that will transform your hearth to the heart of your decor In general, for regular marble maintenance, you want to be as low-tech as possible — a soft sponge or cloth and warm water, perhaps with a bit of mild dish soap if you must. Acidic cleaners (like citrus-based cleansers or vinegar), very alkaline products (like bleach) or abrasives should be avoided, as they can etch, pit, and damage the stone

Replacing a hearth and surround—either with seamless tone slabs or with ceramic or stone tiles—makes a big difference in the way a fireplace looks. You can replace an old quarry-tile hearth and cover a brick surround with four sleek granite slabs, each 1¼ inches think How do you renovate a marble fireplace? Use urethane-based primer and topcoat to seal the paint job. Paint the fireplace surround a single, flat color. Alternatively, use a faux-marbling technique by rolling on two colors Okay, so the key to painting a marble fireplace facing is the high heat paint. Technically you don't need the high heat paint if you're just painting the outside of the fireplace, however, I'd prefer to be on the safer side and know that I'm not risking my home and family using something combustible We transformed our old fireplace into something new and beautiful using lovely marble tiles, white grout, and a fresh coat of paint. We walk you through the. How a Stencil Can Turn a Bland Marble Fireplace Surround into a Focal Point. If you have a bland marble stone fireplace façade, a stencil such as this can make a world of difference. This Hometalker is a great believer in using her fireplace and mantel to incorporate seasonality into her home's interior décor

After ripping out the existing fireplace, the interior design team of Jack Ryan Design installed a more traditional option with a crisp, white mantel and stylish, marble fire surround in herringbone tile. But the renovation goodness did not stop there 17 Facelift Ideas for a Fireplace Remodel in Your Home. In this day and age, there is so much you can do to remedy a tired-looking fireplace. If you're thinking of carrying out a DIY fireplace makeover, these 17 remarkable examples of refurbished brick and stone fireplaces should whet your appetite and encourage you to get started Ditching the existing squat mantel led the way for a complete fireplace remodel. A simple white mantel sits directly atop the fireplace surround, now dressed in white marble subway tile. Shiplap, an of-this-decade style choice , crowns the fireplace

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  1. Jan 20, 2019 - Get rid of that ugly, dated, 1960's brick fireplace and bring your home into the new millennium!. See more ideas about fireplace, home, brick fireplace
  2. The herringbone marble fireplace finally gives the penny tile a run for its money, in the best possible way. According to Sherry it's a swank-off in our kitchen. Fireplace vs. wall o' penny tile. Your fireplace renovation is really great. The more traditional look compliments the rest of your house nicely. But as an architect who.
  3. Pick your favorite fireplace makeover below and then scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn how to achieve the look! Fireplace Makeover Idea #1: Painting Old Brick Ready for a brick fireplace makeover? The white painted brick fireplace trend is very popular this year. You can achieve this look with indoor latex heat resistant paint
  4. Concrete or Stucco. Concrete or stucco mix can be applied by hand directly to the surface of an existing masonry fireplace, then either troweled smooth or a finished with a texture to suit the space
  5. Start by giving your fireplace a good clean - the easiest fireplace update of all! - before taking a step back and thinking of how you can spruce it up a little. Hanging a mirror or large piece of artwork over the fireplace is a great way to draw attention to it. Some real plants or flowers placed along the mantelpiece or on the hearth can instantly make you feel as though your fireplace.
  6. Aug 22, 2019 - Yes! You can tile directly over your current marble fireplace surround. How-to tile with before and after pictures of a fireplace surround makeover

Apply the tile, mesh side down, and then evenly tamp down the tile. Work in very small sections (only one or two 12×12 tile sections at a time). After the marble herringbone fireplace hearth is done then you can move onto the tiling the surround. Be sure to tape off and protect the metal and glass fireplace If your marble fireplace has visible burn marks, it's usually best for a marble specialist to come and have a look first. There are some home remedies that you can do, like mixing ammonia and warm water together and let the solution lie on the burn marks for 5 minutes, then scrub the ammonia mix into the burn mark until the burn mark is removed A marble fireplace surround adds visual appeal to an area of a home that attracts attention. One disadvantage of choosing marble is that the natural stone is heavy and expensive to replace. One alternative to replacement is to paint over the marble. In painting, you lose the natural stone touch, but you can choose the color or even faux-finish. Browse 277 Marble Fireplace Surround on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning marble fireplace surround or are building designer marble fireplace surround from scratch, Houzz has 277 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery and Great Neighborhood.

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  1. The surround, comprised of marble blocks, will leave a spot in the room that needs to be either replaced with a new surround, or covered over. Make sure to cap off the chimney before covering over the interior area where the marble fireplace surrounds has been removed
  2. This can be done through the use of the marble cutting saw. Once a satisfactory design is attained, it is time to firmly lay the marble in place. Use cardboard spaces between the marble to get it even. Step 4 - Apply Thinset and Marble. Apply a coating of thinset using the trowel to adhere the marble to the stress crack membrane
  3. g of the paneling and reflects the same finish in the curvy chandelier. #fireplaceremodel #livingroomideas #babygrandpian
  4. Fireplace Before Photo by Ryan Benyi. Fireplace Before. Budget: $650 to $1,000. Key players: Marble surround, brass-framed fireplace doors. DIY savings: Up to $800 to hire a fireplace pro. TOH Tip: To hide scuff marks on an old slate hearthstone and add a soft sheen, rub on a thin layer of boiled linseed oil, then wipe off the excess with a rag.

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  1. Browse 48 Modern Marble Fireplace Surround on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning modern marble fireplace surround or are building designer modern marble fireplace surround from scratch, Houzz has 48 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including KB Design LLC and PCS Design: Residential.
  2. g. There are many kinds of tile and all are fairly easy to work with. Tiles come in marble, stone, ceramic, slate and.
  3. Instead of completely renovating an old fireplace, work with the existing design. For example, bespoke encaustic tiles sit beautifully with the original deep green glazed tiles of the fireplace.
  4. READ MORE: This one renovation project could add £25,383 to the value of your home. Plus, they add to your property's appeal and its value with some estimates suggesting that a working fireplace could push up your asking price by as much as 5%
  5. This is our collection of marble fireplace surrounds. Marble is often the first choice for a fireplace surround. Artisan Kraft offers a great collection here for you to view and get ideas. Marble is often the first choice of material for bathtubs, columns or sinks. Shop our fines selection of those items here online
  6. White & Marble Fireplace (The Makeover Details) Our fireplace makeover is officially done! Come check out how we used inexpensive trim and marble subway tile to give it a fresh new look. Article by The Country Chic Cottage - DIY, Cricut, crafts, recipes, decor. 1.3k
  7. White French Marble Fireplaces - MFP-114 In-stock . This exquisite piece is a nineteenth century French Versailles inspired, pristine statuary marble fireplace surround. The marble fireplace is detailed with a twine design ending in a curved channel base and a simple two line border frieze. US Patent D646, fireplace mantel

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A fireplace can be made of many different materials including metal, wood, stone, tile, glass, and brick. Taking apart and disposing of your old fireplace materials can cost quite a bit too. That is because you will likely have to hire a demolition laborer for that job. The average cost for removal of a standard fireplace is about $500 to $1,000 Fireplaces come in many forms, ranging from the large inglenooks found in early homes, to the cast-iron, marble and wooden surrounds of the Georgian and Victorian eras. Many fireplaces were boarded up in the 1960s and replaced with electric fires, but fashions come and go and now the heart-warming cheer of an open fire is aspirational again To remodel the fireplace's facade, you will need to use brick or marble. Depending on your budget and remodelling skills, choose either of the two options. Working with marble is easier as compared to working with bricks. However, bricks will cost you a lot less than marble This fireplace corner combines classic and modern. The white fireplace has a molded surface with an arched hole. A marble platform lays in front of it, a contrast with the dark wooden floor. Behind the fireplace is an accent wall with mirrored subway tiles, a perfect contrast with the fireplace

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  1. How to Renovate a Faux Stone Fireplace. Fireplaces are often faced with manufactured stone because the cost of real stone is prohibitive or because there are more style options available. If your.
  2. I have offending green marble! I even emailed Annie months ago to see if I could use her paints on my marble fireplace and she replied definitely, just use wax after. I have just been apprehensive, until I found your blog! I have been searching for painted marble fireplaces!! Now to choose a color. Thanks for the little push. I love how yours.
  3. A new fireplace can be expensive and working out the final cost can sometimes be a difficult task. It involves much more than choosing the fireplace you like the look of, you need to consider the surround, hearth, carbon monoxide detector and your chimney - all before installation and labour costs are factored in
  4. The basement remodel project has been progressing along hence my absence lately on the blog. The remodeling portion of the project is complete, waiting on the new sofa and coffee table now. The furniture won't be arriving until January. I am breaking up the reveal into sections that I will post over the next couple of months, starting first with the fireplace makeover
  5. On a cold night, the fireplace is your house space that matters the most. Its look is of utmost importance as well. There are various fireplace remodel ideas, starting from renewing the hearth or tiling the surround.Here we would like to focus on fireplace mantel upgrade ideas and compare advantages for both traditional and architectural film approaches
  6. A certain amount of fireplace restoration can be done without a permit from the DOB. However, if you are in the process of doing a renovation then it must be done under the general construction permit. This means that it must go under your contractor's insurance and therefore your contractor will manage it i.e. tack on a 20% fee

Fireplace doors that can enhance the appearance of the fireplace will not usually be included in the refacing and will, therefore, be an additional cost. These doors can start at $500 depending on the size, design and make. A fireplace mantel will be an additional cost if you want to have a new one installed after the entire process has been done In addition, if the opening of the surround is much wider than the fireplace itself, the gap can be filled with marble or brick slips, tiles, or simply left as bare brick or painted. 6 The surround in the picture complements the farmhouse theme of the living room. At the same time, it brings the focus to the fireplace, especially when the fire is lit. If you want the fireplace to be the centerpiece in your living room, this is among the best fireplace surround ideas you can try. Simple Marble Fireplace Surroun A historic, stately marble fireplace, topped with a mirror, contrasts with the eclectic furnishings and multi-colored vignettes throughout the apartment. A London Town House Renovation Beams With Personalit Fireplace remodel doesn't need to be expensive. For example this fireplace remodel is cheap. This fireplace remodel looks better from before by just installing a new cheap ceramic tiles. It's easy to install, cheap and have a beautiful pattern. 22. Stylish Fireplace Tile Idea

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DIY Marble Tile Fireplace Renovation - Herringbone Pattern Video Tutorial 1:17 PM. Whew, this was a tough tile job, but so worth it! Watch the video below to find out how we transformed our old fireplace into something new and beautiful using lovely marble tiles, white grout, 20 year sealer, and a fresh coat of paint. We walk you through the. Above the fireplace is often the controversial spot to put a TV, but it works well if the fireplace itself is eye-catching. Sarah actually went to a quarry in Georgia to pick out the slab; click through if only to see the mind-blowing marble yard full of massive wonders Now it looked great, white marble tile framed by an off-white mantel with a stone hearth, plus we wouldn't have to go out and spend any additional money. Fast forward to after our first few fires in the fireplace. Well for some reason, which has now been fixed, our fireplace wasn't always drawing the smoke up the chimney as designed A natural stone fireplace can be a compelling, rustic centerpiece for a room. However, if you're looking to blend the fireplace with a different aesthetic when moving into a new home or you are simply looking for an update, try painting the fireplace to merge it with your room's new look

When you tile over marble on a fireplace, you must first rough the surface of the marble so that the tile thinset will have a good bonding surface. Sand the entire surface of the marble with 30-grit sandpaper, working in circular motions. This will give the marble surface an etched texture so that the tile thinset will adhere properly Removing a fireplace can be a fantastic way to renovate a property and redecorate a room. Or, an opportunity to switch to a more efficient heating method or alternate fireplace (e.g. moving from gas to electric). right and above your insert. Typically made from wood, marble, stone, cast iron or brick. Framing and flashing: Framing holds the. Napoleon's Ascent 46 is now the largest single view fireplace in the AscentSeries and is offered as a 4 x 7 top and rear vent model. Offering a multitude of options with decorative fronts, trim kits, decorative brick panels and MIRRO-FLAME Reflective Radiant Panels, the Ascent 46 can be designed to your personal taste and match any home decor This fireplace makeover actually had 4 steps to it. We bought gas logs first, then right at the same time, Mark added some wide fluted molding down each side of the fireplace. Then we continued with the makeover with herringbone marble tile and a lime wash I did on the brick hearth with Romabio paints Editor's note: Welcome to the 82nd installment of Brownstone Boys Reno, a reader renovation diary about renovating a brownstone in Bed Stuy. See the first one here. They also blog at www.thebrownstoneboys.com. Winter will be here sooner than we want and we're getting ready for a season inside. We need something to hang the Christmas.

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  1. A beautiful fireplace design can serve as an eye-catching focal point in any space. CT Stone is happy to assist with fireplace renovations as one of the many services offered by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Whether you're interested in a simple update/refresh or a total floor-to-ceiling renovation, we have the tools, team, and know-how to help make your dream fireplace happen
  2. For the face of the fireplace, we bought a box of this tile (12×12″ Sahara Carrara Brick Marble Mosiac). For the floor of the fireplace, we bought this tile (3 x 6″ Sahara Carrara Marble Tile). We chose to install the tile on the face of the fireplace like traditional subway tile but added a subtle contrast by laying the floor tile in a.
  3. Dec 1, 2019 - Explore Carolinehunt's board Marble fireplace surround on Pinterest. See more ideas about marble fireplace surround, fireplace surrounds, marble fireplaces
  4. We perform fireplace remodels in Orlando for our residential and commercial clients. Our fireplace remodeling has earned a reputation for quality, creativity, and a progressive look that will change the look of your family room, living room, or any room where you might decide to remodel a fireplace in Orlando, FL

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For hundreds of years, the marble fireplace has held a place of a regal and classic beauty in upper society homes. In the past few decades, the timeless beauty and untouchable quality of marble has become one of the general interior designer's favorite fireplace surrounds and has found its way into many homes across the United States Marble Place marble on top of fireplace masonry for a bright, sleek look. Marble should always be sealed and is fairly easy to clean. However, it can stain, scratch and chip easily. Repairs lean toward expensive. Slate If your style vears more rustic cottage, slate might be the perfect option for you Marble fireplace mantels are the most popular. Transitional designs are trending right now because they merry the traditional styles we're use to with the simplicity of contemporary and modern ideas. A lot of traditional and transitional designs are traced back to France. They can be found in the profound palaces of the French monarchy fireplace mantels & surrounds fireplace decor some mantel ideas to consider . Marble. Like granite, marble has an excellent heat tolerance. It is, however, a fragile substance, so will need to be properly cared for to avoid cracks, chips, or stains. From a maintenance point of view, it will need to be cleaned more than the darker stones, like.

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Atlanta Fireplaces Contractors FREE Quote Atlanta GA Update Fireplace Stone Veneer Tile Brick Marble Granit Mantles Surrounds Atlanta Fireplace Cost Install Mount TV Over Fireplace Entertainment Center Company Remodel Indoor Builder There's also more than one way to remodel a Atlanta fireplace, and by considering the current condition of your fireplace Nothing spoils the effect of a beautiful fireplace like an outdated surround. Granite is one example of a surround material that can grow tiresome over time. The smooth, slick surface may appear hard, cold and too 1980s-contemporary for your taste. One way to change the look of your granite fireplace is to paint it May19, 2014 -Two installers arrived (Rich and Gordon). Installers removed old mantle and marble hearth. Gordon removed old gas line to relocate new gas line. New fireplace needed to be centered on the wall. Both installers went to the truck and brought in new mantel #1 Texas Fireplace Reface Mount TV Company Texas Install TV Over Fireplaces Contractors Texas Remodel Fireplace Tile Overlay Stone Texas Fireplace Marble Hearth Mantle Texas fireplace installation Texas (Indoor Fireplaces) FREE Quote Call NOW 24/7 866-643-8662 Remodel Builder Repair Install Texas Tile Fireplace Overlay Brick Stone Marble. Renovate your fireplace with a new slate, granite or marble surround for a whole new look. Nationwide shipping, local installation.,

Jan 30, 2016 - Never liked my marble fireplace. Was excited to find Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Coco. No prep needed. Very easy to use fireplace renovation ideas Tile fireplaces are another of the numerous fireplace designs you'll discover. Choose white and you'll have an impeccable fireplace completing as it's unique and refined. There are many forms of electric fireplaces Most fireplaces include a hearth, a mantle and a surround. If you already have a fireplace in your home, there is no need for a completely new installation! Instead look to complete a renovation project. We recommend looking to alter the fireplace surround with new stone, however, the other elements can be altered as well This isn't the only way to do it and it would be very expensive, plus it is extremely hard work to import granite or other huge slabs of stone such as marble for your fireplace hearth. Ceramic tiles, and even slate tiles makes a beautiful fireplace hearth that can compliment most any fireplace, floor, and house decor Mantels Direct is a premier provider of home renovation and new construction products, with an emphasis in fireplaces and outdoor living. We offer custom and standard sized fireplace shelves and fireplace mantels available in beautiful, high quality materials such as wood, stone and marble. In most scenarios, our mantels will fit a variety of.

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I recently shared the first makeover in my new house - my limewashed stone fireplace - and I am thrilled with the impact it made in the living room! As part of that makeover, I also had to paint the marble fireplace hearth because it stuck out like a sore thumb once the orange stone on the fireplace facade was limewashed Oct 27, 2014 - I am totally sold on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Up until last week, I had read that people fall in love with this paint after trying it out, but we don't have stockist near us, and it never oc Marble Fireplace Tile. amazonaws.com. Artists and architects use marble to make a design that will last an eternity. Give your fireplace a timeless, elegant, and luxurious appeal by using marble. With many styles to choose from, you'll appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of marble Sep 8, 2019 - Explore megailee's board marble fireplace surround on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fireplace surrounds, Marble fireplaces and Fireplace remodel

Good Photo Corner Fireplace marble Suggestions Corner fireplaces offer myriad benefits to folks with gathering rooms great or small. Living Room Remodel With Fireplace Interior Design living room remodel before and after furniture placement.Living Room Remodel On A Budget Fractions small living room remodel basement bathroom.Living Room. Double check you measurements to make sure that you will have enough of the material you are going to use will i.e. tile, brick, stone or marble. 3 You can reduce the mess of doing the fireplace remodel and the amount of labor involved by simply laying the new material over the old facade

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Creating a striking fireplace has become an easy way to add a unique statement to your home. Natural elements, like stone, establish a classic and rustic feel, and marble tiles add an elegant and chic touch. With more color choices available than ever, you can even opt for a bold or unique hue that turns your fireplace into a work of art The gorgeous fireplace is the centerpiece of this living room. The large windows emphasize the elegance of the dark wood, Emperador Golden Marble and gold embellishments. This fireplace makes this room truly memorable. The entertainment center wood complements the fireplace. A Persian rug highlights the wood floor and ties everything together Home → Top Tips to Renovate a Cast Iron Fireplace. Top Tips to Renovate a Cast Iron Fireplace. Introduction. Well-renovated cast iron fireplaces adds élan and elegance to the room. The effort behind doing a good job it is well worth the while and cost. Here are some tips on how to go about with the process Reface an original fireplace or add a wood stove. Add creative exterior lighting. Add multi-paned doors and windows. Build a unique window seat. Add shutters. Remodel your kitchen with new cabinets and careful millwork. Add a Modern Touch. Craftsman-style homes are designed to be simple, unique, and functional After tackling my fireplace demolition and removing LOTS of ugly peach marble tile, I unearthed the original brick fireplace from 1946. It took a bit of work to smooth out the rough surface and get it ready for tile, but now it's been transformed into a gorgeous stone and glass tile fireplace

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I'm not a brick fireplace lover. I've wanted marble on this fireplace since the day we moved in and since this is my house and not yours, I'm doing what makes me happy :-) For the face of the fireplace I chose a small herringbone pattern marble mosaic from Home Depot. It has the perfect amount of white and gray and really beautiful Francisco black marble fireplace mantel is a French style fireplace. This design is a great modern mantel. San Francisco fireplace is a traditional French model that seamlessly transitions to a contemporary mantel model. The black marble has white veins in it. We also offer it carved from other stones. All of our products can be made custom For this 1950s fireplace, renovation specialist Ron Parko's client wanted to add bookcases and extend the hearth to each wall. Photo by Fireplace Kitchen n Bath - Discover traditional living. We have many French Fireplace designs follow the link to view more. Typical Dimensions: 67″ wide x 50″ high Hearth: 67″ wide x 18″ deep x 1.5″ high Firebox Opening: made-to-order. Stone: Limestone, travertine, precast, sandstone, marble. Price: White Marble $5,975 Sandstone $4,955 Travertine $4,999 Limestone $6,19

Since installing this marble tile hearth in December we have typically had 2-4 fires a week. The herringbone pattern and the varied colors of the marble have actually be fantastic as disguising the mess that comes with a wood-burning fireplace, as opposed to the white painted brick Now that we have the woman cave kinda finished, let's move on to the 1st floor. Time to tackle the living room fireplace. It looked like this when we bought the place in 2009. It looked so cute, but looks can be deceiving. The rug on the hearth hid the fact the whole fireplace was crooked After Fireplace Remodel with Tile Refacing . The new fireplace design was simple, but elegant. The fireplace was refaced in Italian tile. A small mantel was added to the fireplace to update it and tie in with the crown moulding. The mass was reduced by using textured sheetrock above the fireplace mantel to match the existing walls

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Since marble is a more delicate material, it is best used in low-traffic areas like a fireplace surround. If you spill on marble, be sure to wipe it up quickly so that it doesn't stain. We recommend that clients use rugs in high-traffic areas that have marble in them. Marble is great on a fireplace since the base is a low traffic area Marble Tiles Fireplace pinterest. A fireplace with marble tiles looks so perfect with a classic and antique style of living room. Having a classic sculpture and antique mirror on the mantle shelf makes a perfect connection to the style. In order to build or renovate your fireplace, you will need to consider a lot of things before choosing.

Fireplace With Windows On Side DesignFireplace Makeover {Before & After | Fireplace remodelRemodelaholic | Living Room Remodel, Adding a FireplaceShiplap and Herringbone Tile Fireplace RenovationFamily Room Before And After - Family Room Design IdeasRobinson Stone Fireplaces Countertops Flooring HeadstonesConcepts - Ten Commandments Granite & Marble

The combination of Black and Gold in a marble natural slab. So, add this marble to the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace surround to create a modern area. Moreover, you can use this natural slab for a luxury fireplace surround, bar top, countertops, backsplash. Also, for kitchen or bathroom renovation, vanity countertops or backsplash, patio wall How to Paint a Ceramic Tile Fireplace for an Easy Update. June 26, 2019; Comments Off on How to Paint a Ceramic Tile Fireplace for an Easy Update {UPDATED 8/3/2020} We're all moved in! The house is an unfinished mess but we couldn't be happier A fireplace can provide an attractive focal point in a room as well as enabling you to install a fire in whatever style you choose. Before you get to work opening up an old fireplace, consult a surveyor to make sure the renovation will not cause any structural damage. To discover the size and condition of the original fireplace, remove the vent on the wall of the chimney-breast The fireplace, besides providing heat and warmth, should also help beautify the home. Therefore, many homeowners are now looking into remodeling their fireplaces. You can remodel a fireplace with many different types of materials such as cast iron or stone. Stone tend to be the popular choice these days, and there are several reasons why this. 36 reviews of OC Fireplace Pro's My wife and I cannot be happier with our fireplace remodel. Trey came out and gave us some great ideas on what we can do with our fireplace. Less than a week later he came back out and installed a beautiful granite fireplace covering the old ugly original brick. While he was here I had him tile my guest bathroom floor

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