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Pointing the gamefowl is all about timing. Here's what the great Narragansette had to say about timing: Probably the most important feature of the feeding, as well as all other procedures in the conditioning program, is that of timing, or of having the fowl at their peak at the hour of battle Pointing is the final stage in the gamefowl's conditioning for the actual fight. If conditioning is to prepare a cock for battle, pointing is to prepare the cock for the day, and even, for the moment of battle. Lately, pointing has become a specific stage of the gamefowl's preparation specialized by some higher masters of the game November 22, 2013 Gamefowl Circuit The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition. The principle behind conditioning birds is carbohydrate loading The best gamefowl breeding programs and genetics Get the bloodlines from the breeders that have established their names in the field or the ones that are in a winning streak. Pick up the lines that bind with each other. If you can, find out which one is your family's best bloodline Training And Conditioning The Fighting Rooster in the Mirror. Author: With Vernon's conditioning methods, he could build stronger thighs on even the puniest of cocks. He swore by his Cajun secret recipe for feeding fighting roosters - plenty of garlic, shotgun powder, and onions to increase their aggression..

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  1. Articles - Gamefowl Conditioning . Activities regarding conditioning and training gamefowls. Including selected effective traditional as well as innovative practices. The aggregate would be the optimum performance in the pit. Gamefowl Maintenance Phase and Feeding Guide
  2. My own fowl have a splendid reputation for cutting, and I always have plenty of moisture in their systems. Certain it is that a cock will hit short and not reach out with his blows. The matter of a cock's proper fighting weight is a topic of dispute among even the best conditioners
  3. During the conditioning stage, lots of protein are given to the rooster. But this must be decreased considerably during the stage of pointing fighting cocks so as to lighten up the weight and feeling of the game fowl. They tend to build muscles during the conditioning stage and this can take away some agility in the process
  4. Kenny Troiano is a Master Breeder of American Games and teacher of Poultry Genetics, and in all areas of the Laws of Inheritance. It's no secret that breeding is both an art and a science. The question is, what's better - pure gamefowl or hybrids? If you are a gamefowl breeder, I can show you how to breed higher quality strains by using proven breeding programs

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Type of training we use (jungle massive ) Jamaican gamefowl portland Jamaic Conditioning methods simply consist of good feeding, ample workout and exercises, and efficient supplementation. The task is much uncomplicated because nowadays, already available in the market are not only excellent feed formulation for gamefowls but also effective supplementation, but, the goal is always ambitious— getting to the outer. Conditioning Pellets. Conditioning Pellets are made to add the other nutrition that the grains are lacking for the conditioning activities. Conditioning Pellets are formulated with a higher crude protein (20 to 22 percent), portified with higher calcium and other vitamins and minerals to raise the amounts to at least the minimum level needed by the gamefowls in the conditioning period

Gamefowl training exercise / conditioning and pointing methods from Celzo Brothers Gamfarm. Learn how important the gamefowl training exercise and other cond.. game fowl world. I will try to explain each method after I explain a bit about Pointing. fight well or to breed healthy game fowl you must start with the best quality birds you. can afford. Birds . When training for a Stag Derby I do not exercise them just rotate them between the

The Plan has been revised many times over the years as new ideas and product come into play, but the basic no-nonsense work and feed method remain the same. THE PLAN is basically a Hormone-Stychnine Keep with a Carbo-Loading Feed Method, and a basic rotation work method. Sounds like a lot of keeps huh? Not 25 years ago Gamefowl breeding is a tedious and lengthy undertaking that requires full time attention. If you don't have the heart for it, don't do it. The good thing about gamefowl breeding as a business though is that, locally nowadays, there exist a big and lucrative market for fighting cocks. Many beginners get their initiation into cockfighting [

Gamefowl101 - Information about gamefowls, specially breeding programs/methods, keeping and conditioning, treatment for some gamefowl's sickness and diseases, gamefowl management and etc. The Clarets Gamefowl History The making of ClaretIn a recent article in one of the magazines, the theory was presented that the White Dominique was infused into the Clarets.The best way to check white fow Three methods of cross-breeding gamefowls are: 1. STRAIGHT-CROSS--In this method, two strains are mated. If one likes the power-speed blend of Ruble Hatch and Black Traveler, the two are crossed and the male offspring will take after the hens Gamefowl should be lean and fit, much like a boxer. To attain this, we will discuss and consider four main nutrition principles: proper eating frequency, proper nutrient timing, proper balance of macronutrients and proper total caloric intake. This will enable gamefowl to have the necessary energy for training

The best conditioning method Wow sir, thnx alot. Give this feed just before you box up and head out. Handstand- Parkour Training and Conditioning. If not, soak rabbit pellets and mix with the Puppy Chow. Gamefowl conditioning methods : Gamefowl conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part Mr.carr i was reading on sabong chicken talk these ppl givin u down the road., all im here to say is that im from east tennessee n small county with lots of cocking ppl, very tuff here, bn del-rio,440,springbrook,bull run., we got lots of roosters had them all our life nman our keep wasnt working anymore like i said we got the blood to win, but we was not getting in money @ this time, so we. Charlie Carr is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Charlie Carr and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Complete Charlie Carr Gamefowl Keep DVD Video With Keep Notes. Very nice video and audio quality. This has the entire keep and also comes with part two that covers many topics. This covers everything you need to know from A to Z. The most educational dvd keep video EVER made Ecouter et télécharger Gamefowl conditioning methods : Gamefowl Cockfighting Training Balance Training - (rope grab) pin. Gamefowl Farm Dante Hinlo Pre conditioning methods Agribusiness Gamefowl Farm Dante Hinlo Pre conditioning methods Agribusiness: pin. admin | Gamecock Apparel And Supplie

a specific stage of the gamefowl's preparation specialized by some higher masters of the game. Sep. 23, 24 & 25, 2011 in Cebu Real-time lessons. Pointing techniques explained as they happen where they happen— at the farm and the cockpit. Learn the modern concept of pointing by stress management, adrenalin BANTAY-SABONG BANTAY-SABONG was organized in February 2008 by several cockfights-loving individuals. It is the goal of Bantay-Sabong to Guard (Magbantay), Defend (Magtanggol) and Strengthen (Magpatibay) Sabong and we call on all lovers of cockfighting to join us in this fight by joining Bantay-Sabong Olebon Cocking Techniques: Various Fine Bloodlines of Fighting Cocks We Line Bred them to get the best from each of all the We carefully selected only the best and in Bred: pin. Breeding Game Fowl is a Good Business but Not to Others | Chicken maruf: pin. Blues Aminoplex (Injectable) [Archive] - Sabong, Cockfighting. Your gamefowl training/exercise methods. Your Gamefowl Sparring/Fights video. Your location and exotic food others can eat. Picture of your 3 times winner signature line. Your Website Link. Your own signature gamefowl breed. Your favorite cockpit. Your baseblood gamefowl material

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Silent training method in action. —photo ©Vic Williams A Field Manual / Maurice Lindley with John L. Rogers 3 those that have been messed up by faulty training, and bold canines—all are candidates for Maurice's non-verbal training. Maurice Lindley has been a professional trainer of all breeds of pointing dogs for more than thirt Waterfowl guide training course designed to be specific to training guides on all aspects of both duck and goose hunting trips. × Announcement: Please note the United States Government has mandated the use of face masks on Federal Lands for all indoor public settings and organized outdoor activities when social distancing is not possible For, instead of adhering to long-accepted, dominance-based and compulsion-training techniques, a small but growing number of trainers are beginning to incorporate positive training and reinforcement in their training repertoire. Balancing Act. These trainers will be the first to tell you that positive training doesn't work with every dog Alternating method. Circulation in this simply means moving the wire taps to tap the pen to scratch the screen, the cooperatives of rest, then back to the cable or do-Pee. This method, the instructor is a fly-pen measures 12 long, 4 wide and 12 high. If you could be the largest size of fencing, the better As with most animals, birds and gamefowls perform some form of courtship or mating dance to initiate mating. Gamefowls attract their mates by fanning their wings and exposing their entire body. The rooster then encircles and quivers towards the mate.This is good during breeding but spells disasters in game shows and sports. Why must a rooster perform such a ritual in an unintended mate? The.

Birds-especially parrots, who are very clever-need to be properly trained to avoid behavior problems, such as biting. Here you'll find helpful tips for training your bird For more information on how to train your dogs using positive methods, see my LGD Ultimate Training Guide and my Step-by-Step LGD Training Manual. Step 1 - Control the Training Environment. Just like with obedience training, there are a number of environmental things you'll want to control when training your LGDs to chickens bitaw - in filipino it means the sparring of 2 cocks sometine with gloves it is a means of training your cocks;letting go of the cocks to fight. gamefowl - fowls used for fighting or show purposes. keep - a certain method of conditioning gamecocks for fighting. Many cockfighters have their own personal keep

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FlapAI Bird: Training an Agent to Play Flappy Bird Using Reinforcement Learning Techniques. 03/21/2020 ∙ by Tai Vu, et al. ∙ Stanford University ∙ 0 ∙ share . Reinforcement learning is one of the most popular approach for automated game playing Treats: Ideal training treats are small and easily chewable, allowing for quick eating, less distraction, and more time spent listening to commands. Dummies: Dummies are typically in the shape of a bird, helping your dog make the connection between training and the real thing once you decide he or she is ready to join you on the hunt

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  1. The most common deficiency in the average hunter's gundog training program is a lack of emphasis on obedience and steadiness. If I could persuade the average gundog owner to do one thing better as a trainer, it would be to spotlight obedience and emphasize the non-retrieve. The non-retrieve is when the pup sees a bird or dummy fall but doesn't.
  2. The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing . Games Details: The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition.The principle behind conditioning birds is carbohydrate loading. To understand fully how the KEEP system works, breeders should understand how nutrition works on a fowl and its effects on a.
  3. bitaw - in filipino it means the sparring of 2 cocks sometine with gloves it is a means of training your cocks;letting go of the cocks to fight. Blinker - a rooster who is blind in one eye. bola - a female bolo. bolo - a Hispanic breed of gamefowl, this breed has no tail whatsoever. It is a natural characteristic, and fowls are born tail-less
  4. Force fetch training will teach your dog to hold onto the bird and deliver it to your hand, instead of dropping it on the floor. First of all, start by table training your dog. This will help with controlling your puppy and helping it maintain stability. After this, you can move on to ground training
  5. Which of the two basic techniques is best suited to your dog is still dependent on what you want your dog to be and the temperament of your dog. If your dog is from field trial/test lineage with a ton of ribbons and championships behind him, and if you want to have him excel in dog sports, your best bet is the no-nonsense, strict training approach
  6. Steadiness training is tied to the Place command. When we move this drill outside as the dog gets a little older, we use a platform about 15 to 18 inches high. This makes the spot easy to identify, and the dog learns that staying on that certain spot is required as part of his obedience training
  7. You have to use a combination of methhods but a pointing lab, if it's also a waterfowl dog, are primarily trained like a lab. The difference is, I wouldn't teach sit until the dog is solid on whoa. I would also work a lot on pointing for the first eitht months then start the standard lab regimen

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  1. Raise Guinea Fowl with Chickens. If you plan to keep your guinea fowl with your flock of chickens, it's a good idea to raise them together. Keep your brooder box in the coop with them if you can. This will greatly help them get used to the space and the sounds of your flock. Better yet, get a few baby chicks to add to their tank
  2. ing a hatchling's gender by exa
  3. Learn about my Perfect Dog Training techniques. Hunting Trips. Iowa Pheasant Hunt. Retrieving. Learn to Motivate with click and treat. Backing and Honoring. Get that quail! I firmly believe that my perfection bird dog training techniques are the most up to date, scientific, effective and humane bird dog training techniques around
  4. The Lindley training program is not a hurry up and hunt program, or a quick fix. Each dog is different and each training program is different for each dog. It takes time to produce a complete dog, and a dog that you are proud of. Training takes from 4 to 6 months depending on the dog. That is the way at Lindley's Kennel

- all fighting stags are on their respective tee-pees. we do the catch cock training at the tee-pee by using our self-made catch cock material. You may used asil rooster as alternative catch cock because they can withstand the pain despite repetitive blows. 7: 00 a.m by Wade Bourne. Making a good shot is one of the great joys in waterfowl hunting. Indeed, shooting is the pinnacle of this sport. Everything else - scouting, building blinds, setting decoys, calling, everything - is a lead-up to that moment when you shoulder your gun and fire Basic Obedience Training for Dogs and Handlers When their best behavior could be better. Basic Obedience Training for dogs and handlers who need to start at the beginning, this class teaches the basic skills: sit, down, stand, stay, come, watch, touch and leave it while exploring the use of markers in training Retriever Training advances your dog through what we call Formal Training with time tested, fundamentally sound, training techniques. Formal Training is the next step after our Foundation Training Program. Most all Retrievers are taught the conditioned retrieve with solid commands of Fetch, Hold & Out. Also & Training Institute, Bangalore and Central Poultry Performance Testing Centre, Gurgaon is briefly described as follows: 1.1. Regional Poultry Farms 1.1.1 During the firstFive Year Plan a modest beginning towards commercial poultry-keeping was made in the First Plan (1951-55) with the launching of a pilot project in Odisha

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  1. Breco B15 Nite Owl Method This product has been on the market for several years and is the same formula recommended in Paul Huelin's method. B15 helps prevent fatigue due to lactic acid buildup in the muscles. 3
  2. Method category (e.g. Activation Functions): If no match, add something for now then you can add a new category afterwards. Markdown description (optional; $\LaTeX$ enabled): You can edit this later, so feel free to start with something succinct
  3. Guinea Fowl History. As members of the Numida family, guinea fowl are more closely related to birds like pheasants, turkeys, and other game fowl species than they are to chickens.. Some people believe that guinea fowl were raised as far back as ancient Greek times! Believed to have originated around 500 BC, these creatures were brought back to the Romans from the native region of Africa

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He developed the Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers, which we've been selling for a long time. We highly recommend his training method, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with these books, we want them back. I can't say enough nice things about them. If you are looking for a method that's going to be easy to work with and give you. A Community for Breeders of All Oriental Gamefowl . Asil Club All Things Related to Asil and Oriental Gamefowl. Member Login | Register all about breeding techniques and tips. Training by Willem. Members: 42. all about training techniques. Feeding by Willem. Members: 28. all about feeding techniques. Recent Blog Posts Tuesday, February 21. The origin is an oriental fowl, either from india or pakistan and they mature early in about 10 months old. The old time roundheads are most suitable for long heel knife. They are smart, side stepping, an agile heads up fighters, they could fight in the ground and in the air. Roundheads are aggressive, fast fighting, feet out and deadly, sure.

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  1. How to Properly Slaughter a Cow Under the Kosher Method Shechitah. Shechitah (sheh-HEE-tah) is the Jewish ritual of slaughtering permissible land animals and fowl so that they are considered Kosher and are able to be eaten by Jews. Keeping..
  2. Dokken Deadfowl Dove. Natural game bird feel with free swinging head for added realism. 2 1/2 to 3 times larger than a real dove Great for teaching proper retrieving techniques for Retriever puppies, Spaniels, Flushing, and Pointing Breed Dogs Free swinging hard plastic head and feet plus natural dead bird weight encourage a proper $22.99 (Save $2.56
  3. g to the country in January to join RB Sugbo Gamefowl Technology in their booth at the World Gamefowl Expo and also to hold discussions/se
  4. The Best Conditioning Method for Gamefowls Competi . The best conditioning method for gamefowls. Book has front cover missing and some foxing on pages but all pages are all there and text is legible. gamefowl / poultry/chicken mite wash shampoo
  5. istration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322
  6. This excerpt, which provides information on raising guinea fowl on a farm or homestead, is from Chapter 6, Guinea Fowl. Raising Guinea Fowl. Guinea fowl are African birds that are still common, in many species and subspecies, in the wild. The diversity of African climates has influenced development of varied guinea fowl
  7. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Intercultural Sourcebook Vol. 2 : Cross-Cultural Training Methods by Monica G. Mumford and Sandra M. Fowler (1999, Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

In this experiment for elementary school students, you'll look at the way oil affects bird feathers, and try different cleanup methods to find out which works best. Materials Clean, dry feathers (some places where you can legally obtain feathers include pet stores, poultry farms, or craft stores) Welcome to Twin City Poultry Supplies, LLC. Hakes' Twin City Poultry Supplies is a family-owned and operated business, specializing in poultry, pigeon, game-bird, and game-fowl supplies.We take great pride in offering our customers the best products for Poultry, Pigeon, Game Birds & Gamefowl Supplies on the market at the most affordable prices Diagnostic re-vaccination with fowl pox vaccine. Checking post-vaccination takes is the best method of checking immunity. Another method is to select 200-300 birds in a flock at 18-20 weeks of age that have received a pox vaccine and to re-vaccinate them with a full dose of fowl pox vaccine The modern objective, however, is to stretch these capabilities to the outer limits. Conditioning methods simply consist of good feeding, ample workout and exercises, and efficient supplementation Training actually works better with smaller-sized flocks (fewer than ten chickens). And the more chickens in a flock, the harder it is to manage them. However, training the chicken is something every backyard chicken keeper can and should do. Training actually enriches lives both of the birds and the keeper

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Red Fox Farm A first-class gamefowl farm, providing gamefowl for breeding, show, and exibition purposes. Pure fowl only, no hybrids, or crosses, bred or sold. A third generation gamefowl farm, breeding gamefowl since 193 Disrupting the methods by which diseases are spread can greatly reduce the threat to your flock. AI viruses can infect chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl, as well as a wide variety of other birds. Migratory waterfowl seem to be a natural reservoir/host for AI viruses. Type A influenza viruses are classified. awesome selection of o shamo japanese game fowl.. hatching eggs available from our following pens. alabama albanys red pyle old english racey mugs racey mug /grey hatch mexican sweaters white pumpkin over war horse hen red blue rajah asil over blue asil hen white kelso red quill/over peruvian hen bantam asil

Successful training is a two-way conversation, rather than a one-way ultimatum. To have meaningful and productive conversations with your bird, you need to be able to understand what your bird is telling you in addition to being able to successfully make yourself understood to your bird. This means being able to read your bird's body language 'The Fowl Life' Star Chad Belding Is Always On The Hunt For A Training Edge March 4, 2020 A Hunter's Passion and Respect for the Outdoors February 25, 2020 Get Your Fowl Life Edition Ford December 9, 201 StealthNet is one of the most rewarding and intensive bird control methods out there. This two-hour class will show an up-close and hands-on approach on everything StealthNet. Expect to learn about: Understand the concept of netting system design and implementatio

A method ( 22 ) and apparatus ( 20 ) for training a bird ( 24 ) to refrain from uttering a vocalization exceeding a predetermined acoustic level is provided. A control area ( 26 ) containing the bird ( 24 ) is illuminated with a light ( 32 ) coupled to a power source ( 74 ) through a normally-closed switch ( 76 ). A microphone ( 40 ) monitors the control area ( 26 ) and captures a sound ( 28. Well fellers I got this post off of PoultryWorld.Net's Downloads section.—General Care K.J. Theodore Many of you 'older' fanciers will remember one of my favorite TV programs from the past called 'Quincy', but for the younger audience, Dr. Quincy was a coroner This column will be dedicated to keeping you from needing one. (In th

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Good practices for family poultry production: Hay box brooder- A milestone to increase rural households poultry productio By Joe Healy. When training my pointer puppy years ago, I wish I had known about the Smith Training Method, outlined and detailed in the exceptionally helpful book Training Bird Dogs with Ronnie Smith Kennels, by Reid Bryant with Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love.In an early chapter titled History readers learn from Smith about the Silent Command System, or Smith Training Method: I now. bitaw - it means the sparring of 2 cocks sometine with gloves it is a means of training your cocks; letting go of the cocks to fight. Blinker- a rooster who is blind in one eye Breed- A variety of fowl with certain characteristics which separate it from other fowls brood cock- a rooster 2 or more years old used strictly for breeding

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An animal or fowl that is improperly slaughtered (or, as already noted, that is not slaughtered, but dies of itself) is considered carrion (nevelah) and unfit for food. 5. It is forbidden to slaughter the parent with its young on the same day (Leviticus 22:28). Defective Animals and Fowl. 1 Natural conditioning is where I try to use natural products and vitamin supplements to get the game fowl into excellent physical and mental condition. My natural conditioning method is not complicated or unique in the game fowl world. I will try to explain each method after I explain a bit about Pointing. When training for a Stag Derby I do. Also heaps of good info about training them to talk with the talking DVDs. It is for training parrots. That includes budgies, cockatiels, lorikeet, macaws, toos, etc. They wouldn't be suitable for birds like finches or something. As for the negatives... there is one training method they include in there which you should not use

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Title. American wild-fowl shooting : describing the haunts, habits, and methods of shooting wild fowl, particularly those of the western states of America : with instuctions concerning guns, blinds, boats, and decoys; the training of water-retrievers, etc Training your bird is an essential part of your relationship with him. Not only can it be used to curb bad behaviors and make your bird easier to deal with, but it can be a fun way to interact with him and spend time together. Training can be used for a variety of purposes, from housetraining your bird to teaching him tricks Fowl Musician Doesn't Need Chicken Fingers To Play Keyboard Jokgu the chicken uses her beak to tap out America The Beautiful. Shannon Meyers says it took about two weeks for Jokgu to learn. For. Young Bird Racing and Training Methods by Has. Heitzman and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com

The Food Safety and Inspection Service is responsible for ensuring that meat, poultry, Siluriformes, and eggs are safe and are properly labeled and packaged. Learn more about our inspection services and process A Feathers and Fleece Guide to Crate Training A fool proof method to crate train your new puppy from Feathers and Fleece Farm. A guide to crate training your new puppy. Select a crate that will be big enough for the dogs adult size. Place the crate in a permanent location in your home Method of work. Although classified according to method of work, gun dogs often have skills extending beyond the tasks outlined for their classification. Depending upon how they are trained, dogs may be useful in a variety of hunting situations. The methods described here are analogous to human-canine hunting going back tens of thousands of years

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Fowl Dawgs 1 with Rick Stawski is a new dog training DVD from the Fowl Pursuit Video Series. This dog training DVD takes you through nearly 2 hours of young dog training. You will view actual dog training tips as Rick guides you through a comprehensive young dog training program Originally published in 2003, this one-of-a-kind dog training book is now available in softcover. Both a training manual and a hunting philosophy, Bird Dog reveals unique and time-tested methods that cultivate a dog's instincts to hunt. Description: 1 online resource (193 pages) : illustrations: Contents Originally published in 2003, this one-of-a-kind dog training book is now available in softcover.Both a training manual and a hunting philosophy, Bird Dog reveals unique and time-tested methods that cultivate a dog's instincts to hunt After all the training and feeding, time must come that you have to bring your fighting cock to a cockpit to test its mettle. You are confident that your gamefowl has what it takes to beat any opponent as long as the game is fair and square Next time you're upset, remember AH, FOWL!. Here's a summary: A Anger what made me angry, upset, or fed up - who said/did what? H Hurt sadness, pain, disappointment - what harm it did/does to me F Fear afraid of what it means about me, you, others, or what will happen next O Own part - if only I had.

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Training Guineas. Keeping guinea fowl safe involves a lockdown period. Once keets are moved into the coop, plan to keep them there for at least two to four weeks before letting them free range. During their lockdown weeks, take time to train them to the sound of treats. Guineas are fast and difficult to catch, so if you choose this method. Sandals all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages and resorts in St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua & the Bahamas feature gorgeous tropical settings for couples in love. Experience the perfect Jamaica, Antigua, Bahamas or St. Lucia all inclusive vacation, luxury weddings, or honeymoons We want to help each dog achieve its full potential. We do this by helping each dog individually, being patient and building on your dog's success. We also understand that each dog is different and that a cookie cutter training approach won't work, therefore, we adapt our training methods to fit each dog. We develop your dog's natural instincts Gun Dog, Revolutionary Rapid Training Method: Richard Wolters: Origina Hardcover. $18.95 + $3.80 shipping. Seller 99.5% positive. The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (1967, Hardcover, $29.99. Free shipping. Seller 100% positive. Bird Dog: The Instinctive Training Method by Williams, Ben O

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Training and non-formal education are key methods to build and develop nations. Our records, in Training & Development, go back to 2001. What we do is to enable individuals and organizations to make training more sensible and applicable to work

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