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Co-ordinate your attacks. Make sure everything is planned about how you and your clan mates will attack. For example, if your clan has 40 members, top 20 players will attack only top 20 players of your opposition clan and others will attack the rest. So remember that when you attack in a war, you check your enemy's clan castle, as you can tell when you tap on their clan castle when you scout them out. If the number is anything more than 0, remember to lure out cc troops FIRST The Clan Wars event lasts for 5 days. The whole Clan (50 members) can participate in Clan Wars. Battle with your Clanmates and gain lots of rewards against other Clans around the world. What you need to do right now: Find an active Clan which has at least 10 members to participate in Clash Royale Clan Wars

In this, players can attack other clan boats in the River Race. The clan boats will have a cannon as the defence which shoots elixir balls from the elixir tank beneath it. You have to successfully take out all the defences to wreck the clan boat. This will slow down the attacked clan boat's progress in the race and they need to repair it Each Clan has a Clan Boat to move down the River. Clans can attack other boats in Boat Battles, where players will use a War deck to try and take down Defense Towers of a opposing clan in a PvE battle. Each Clan Boat has up to 15 Boat Defenses (amount depending on Clan War League level), each one equipped with 3 Defense Towers The clan that wins the Clan War automatically gets a lot of bonus loot. Also, the losing clan gets some loot. A new war can be started as soon as the previous one is over. The War Base. The most important element in a Clash of Clans clan war is clearly the War Base. This is basically your village copied into the War Base

To join a fight, players must be in a clan chat, and a ranking member that's captain or higher must initiate a war with another clan chat. When the war has been initiated, players have 2 minutes to enter the arena before the war starts. Depending on the settings, once this 2 minute timer is up, players may or may not be able to enter the battle Well, the answer was simple really, we wanted an active clan, of similar levels of progression in the game, so that we could push further together in preparation for Clan vs Clan. We ended up gathering a base group of players for the clan, all capable of 2 keying Ultra-Nightmare Clan boss, and all very active players, and more importantly. I joined a new clan and now that the clan war has started I tried to attack but it says Spectator can't attack. How do I get out of being a spectator (I haven't used either of my 2 attacks in the war). I went to the clan castle and the clan option and I selected Yes I'll participate in this war but nothing happens The attacker is denoted by a light background, whilst the defender is denoted by a darker background. The direction of attack (whether a member of your Clan attacked a member of the enemy Clan or vice versa) is denoted by pointed arrows extending out from the light background

Attacking an enemy's boat defense and taking one tower down gives the same amount of fame as losing a 1v1 battle. When the enemy clan boat is destroyed, they must use up decks to get 3900 HAMMERS to repair the boat. Repairing will give the boat a maximum of 208 HAMMERS per deck There are two phases in a clan war, the preparation day and the battle day. Each participant can attack twice during the battle day. At the end of the war, the clan that earns more stars from attacking wins the clan war. If both clans gain the same amount of stars, the clan who gains higher total destruction rate wins

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Welcome to episode 2, in my Clan Wars Attack Videos... this video show cases balloons and minions... I will be making other videos in this format, with diffe.. Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 War Attack Strategy. In Clash of Clans, Clan Wars are perhaps the most demanding aspect of the game for players, as players are tasked with (hopefully) fully-clearing similarly-leveled enemy bases (and sometimes even higher-level bases) Bottom to Top in Clan Wars: Never start fighting the best 3 to 10 opponent bases (depending on how big the Clan War is regarding 15 vs 15 players or 50 vs 50 players). For regular Clan Wars, it is enough if 80% of the bases get destroyed to win and every star is equal - no place for playing the Hero here

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To participate in a clan war, you must be a part of a clan when a leader or co-leader presses the Start War button. If you join the clan after this point, you will become a spectator and will not be able to actively participate in the clan war. What happens if I leave a clan during a clan war Clan Wars are one of the last things that you can unlock in this game. Once you hit player level 45, that's when you will be able to participate in Clans and engage in Clan Wars. When you first join a clan, most likely, it will seem like not much is happening. You will join, but you will not have many options after you join Clash of Clans: How to Clan Wars - You play Clash of Clans for a while but you never tried Clan Wars, with this guide you quickly know everything about it: Preparation Day, Battle Day, Clan War base, Loot bonus. You'll be quicly ready for Clan Wars on Clash of Clans

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When the heroes and clan castle troops are in the corner out of reach of any defenses you deploy your Barbarian king and archers to destroy them. You can deploy an extra dragon to help them, be sure to lure the troops to the corner you want to start the attack. 1. Lure the troops ou When you look through the enemy team, you will count how many times they can attack one TH level down, and give them an automatic 3-star. For every time they will attack at their level or one level..

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By doing so, this will start the search for an opposing clan. The matchmaking system will ensure your Clan is paired up with a Clan of equal Strength (both attack and defense) and a similar number of Clan members. The War will start immediately after a valid opponent has been found. Finding an opposing clan can sometimes take several minutes, but you don't need to wait in the matchmaking screen Rushed bases will stack clan wars against you, so always make sure maxed bases are in your war. OK, so now you guys know to put maxed bases in war and also have an even spread of Town Halls. This next point is what I like to refer to as stacking clan wars! #3- Putting a low TH in war-Putting a TH3-5 in war greatly decreases your clan points In Clan Wars, though, Clan Castle troops are all but guaranteed. It's also likely that they're going to come from the most well-developed base in the Clan War. The Clan Castle has a large attack radius, so it's possible to sucker them out and into a part of the map where you can deal with them more easily The purple Clan Wars portal and staked duels have been added to the high-risk area entry bank PIN toggle. patch 10 July 2017 : The Zaros Godsword special attack will no longer hit players in the safe zone in Clan Wars. patch 18 April 2016 : Fixed a Clan wars height mapping issue which made players sink into the floor

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  1. Clans can attack other Clan Boats that are in the same River Race. Defense Towers attack both Air & Ground Troops with it's Gatling Cannon Defense Towers only spawn Troops when they are activated. Defense Towers are activated when they receive Damage
  2. The troops you build in your normal base will be used to attack in the Clan War. Make sure your Heroes are at full health before attacking so they can be used during the Clan War attack. Your Clan Castle is automatically recharged with donated troops between attacks. You don't lose any resources from attacks in Clan Wars
  3. The clan that sets up a war when everyone is ready and eager to win, and then there is the clan that randomly starts wars. Don't be that clan that starts war without proper planning. You don't want to be the only one donating to the Clan Castles or having several players in the war not even using a single attack
  4. This thread is dedicated to posting 3 Stars Clan Wars attack replays. Every base design is slightly different due to strength and location of defensive structures. The attack strategies used in these replays will give you a general idea of how to approach your attacks. Before posting a new How would you attack this base thread, try checking this thread first or browse a larger collection of.
  5. TH7 War Base for Clan Wars without being get 3 stars! Yes, this is the only way If you don't want to get 3 Stars in Clan Wars as a Town Hall 7. A base with Anti-Dragon feature and Anti-Hog feature will help you do that
  6. igame located south of the Duel Arena in Al Kharid. The
  7. g bases in clan wars on the forum but here's my spin. I'm sure SC is aware of websites that are used by clans to organize their war strategies, claim bases to.

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However, in clan war leagues, since it is only a day, each player only gets one attack per war. Clan War Leagues Rewards. One of the biggest incentives to play in clan war leagues are the rewards. In the October update, Clash of Clans will be introducing a new magic item, which can only be earned through clan war leagues, called a hammer Clan Wars: Clan Wars is a free strategy game. Create an army of goblins to destroy your enemy's stronghold before they can destroy yours in Clan Wars, a strategy game of tug of war. As anyone who's played tug of war knows, it's all about the push and pull. Spawn units from your stronghold, and then watch as they march forever to the right of the screen—at least until they ru We are a very organized war clan. Our development clan, Packers Nation2, is more about learning how to attack in war. Attacking Rules **Communicate, communicate, communicate** **inform Mike, Lance, Jeremy if you have a special circumstance and need to attack outside of the rules below** **keep your war opt in/out updated** **get all your troo 1 Guide to Clan Wars 2 Mechanics 2.1 Registration 2.2 Preparation 3 Clan Wars 3.1 Map 3.2 Defenders 3.3 Attacks 3.4 Citadel resurrection Scrolls 3.5 Mana 3.6 Manarain Circle 3.7 Pulling Back defenders 4 Rewards 5 Tactical Advice This guide has been made on the basis of learning and Experience derived from playing the First three wheels of Clan wars, and should enable beginners to understand.

One of the really cool aspects of Clan Wars is that it gives your whole Clan the chance to review the same targets in a lot of detail, and analyze the results of one or multiple attacks on each of those targets. Don't miss this opportunity to learn ways to improve your own raids, and share learnings with clanmates. Attack in progress Introduced on the October 2018 update, Clan War Leagues - also know as CWL - is a type of Clan Wars where your clan will battle against 8 clans. On CWL, your clan joins a pool of 8 clans to battle against each other on a series of 7 consecutive 24-hour wars. Content. 1. How to Sign-Up; 2. 8 Days, 7 Wars, 1 Attack/Day; 3. Matchmaking / Unfair. The final Clan Wars battle takes place on Day 2. Supercell. After you've completed collection day, you'll move on to War Day. On this day, you'll have one attack or battle, so you want to make it. Rushed bases will stack clan wars against you, so always make sure maxed bases are in your war. OK, so now you guys know to put maxed bases in war and also have an even spread of Town Halls. This next point is what I like to refer to as stacking clan wars! #3- Putting a low TH in war-Putting a TH3-5 in war greatly decreases your clan points

Engaging in Clash Royale Clan Wars 2: Step-by-Step Guide and tips 1. Competing in the River Race. First and foremost, to participate in Clan Wars 2, you need to join a clan. Since the events are simultaneous, you just have to jump into any clan that is currently taking part in a war. There you will find the clans competing to win the River Race Clan Wars is a minigame, available to both free players and members, located in the Gamers' Grotto.It was released on 10 December 2007 as compensation for the controversial Wilderness and PKing changes. Clan Wars allows members of two opposing Friends Chat channels (formerly referred to as Clan Chat channels), consisting of up to one-hundred players each, to engage in player-versus-player. The clan war is a two day process. The first day is preparation day. On this day your main objectives should be to fill everyone's war castles with defensive troops and coordinate with your clan members to strategize who will attack who Can this attack be profitable for war because your using expensive troops This attack strategy does give profit if your clan wins the war win bonus. Below shows the cost of the army, considering you will get 310k of each minimum plus 1050 DE. Add that to the loot available, this attack gives you a large gold profit with a small elixir and DE. Play Vikings: War of Clans on BlueStacks. The Legendary Hero equipment that maximizes the attack and defense of Ranged units includes Sweyn's Armor, as well as Ivar's Cap, Boots, Bracelet, and Bow

Hi All, I am a co-leader in my clan, and currently, we are in transition. We're trying to figure out an effective way to call/assign bases to everyone in our clan. Previously, there was no concrete system in place. The rule of thumb was to attack any base you liked, depending on your attack style and offensive capabilities. Usually, it was suggested to aim lower than your initial recommended. Clan castle troops on war map are only for defense. They refresh every time someone attacks. Clan castle troops you can hold any level, even if they are higher than what you can build. There are also clan perks that increase the level of your donated troops Battle Day - Everyone can attack twice during battle day. Only the best attack against each enemy counts, so clan strategy is key! Clan war attacks will not break your shield nor affect your trophies. War Results - At the end of the war, bonus loot is delivered to your Clan Castle. You can review results and battle replays after the war is. Let's say you are #5 out of 10 players in a clan war. Now you attack #4 and you three star him, now you have Most Heroic Attack. Now the only way somebody can take that away is if they attacked somebody has to attack above their equal and Gain the three stars on that player (100% the player that has to have <50% on his base & > His Equal)..

Following the 24 hour Preparation Day in Clan Wars, comes Battle Day. This is the day when clans can attack, start scoring stars and pushing towards victory. Remember, every clan member who makes. Attacks in Clan Wars & Clan War Leagues; You can deploy these units once for an attack. Even if some units survive the attack, they will not return to the Clan Castle. In Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues, you have to separately request troops for your War Base's defending Clan Castle. You do this in the War Map

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If you have ever been to a clan wars playoffs before, there is often someone at the start of the battle who says fall in and everybody follows that person. There should be at least 2-3 of these kind of people on your team. They should be high level, have clan wars knowledge, and be able to tank attacks from multiple people You can see the total War Bonus you can earn at the top left of the Clan War screen: You can attack any base you like but always remember you have to bring as much as stars you can for your Clan. Sometimes, your Clan can lose the War just because of 1 star. Try to bring the best army composition you can into the War In Vikings: War of Clans, an Invader's Lair or an Uber Invader's Lair are special locations that appear after you destroy an Invader or an Uber Invader. When yielding in these locations, you have the chance of getting one of the Invaders' materials. How to attack Invader A combat unit used by a clan to attack an enemy's provinces and defend its own territories. A Division can be reinforced with modules. Influence is required for Division organization. Attack. An assault on a province launched to capture it. If an attacking clan defeats the province owner, the province goes to the winner Gold is one of the hardest resource to earn in the game, and Clan Wars will be the best way to earn them. Clan Wars 2.0 is designed from the ground up to offer a better clan experience. The CR team recognizes that Clan Wars 1.0 is hard for low-level players to keep up with the rest of the clan because of the shared clan card collection

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The key to using the best Clash Royale Boat Defence for your Clan is easier than you think. Here's how you can be a genius in boat battles. Boat Defence is one of the many new features in Clash Royale's Clan Wars 2.0 update.However given how little info Supercell has actually given out about these matches, knowing what to do correctly can get confusing Look for tombstones indicating clan castle troops may have already been killed in a prior attack. Use all of the above steps to determine the risk/benefit of attacking a particular base. You can 'scan' the base in 10 to 30 seconds quite easily. Are you getting close to the end of the 30 seconds? Just let the 30 seconds run out Considering there are 50 people in a clan, that is like 100-150 attacks on a boat by other 4 clans for a boat to go down, but by that time, boats will easily pass by the river gate. It has not even been 1 full day and our clan is already at 32k fame out of 50k and 10 of our clanmates haven't even TOUCHED clan wars yet You are expected to have a war attack strategy that includes specific clan castle troops and spells. Use the features in the donation request tool to force certain troops and maximum levels to be donated to avoid any confusion. When you are requesting troops for a war attack put FOR WAR or FW somewhere in your request, so we know. These.


If you leave your clan, you won't get to join a new clan for 72 hours. What are the Clan Wars? The Clan Wars are an epic clash of clans. This event lasts for 21 days and consists of several battles. A battle is the time when clans can upgrade attack and defense towers and capture tiles on the Clan Map These clan castle troops can completely change your raid from a possible 100% attack to a 50% attack. Clan Castle troops can still do a lot of damage, especially troops that do area-splash damage. Strong troops like Golems , Giants , or P.E.K.K.A.s can distract your troops while the enemy defenses can take them out Clan Wars, otherwise known as Ultimate Conquest, can be a daunting task to undertake for many players. Often times, the first, second and even third clans a player joins can experience ups and downs due to the level of competition in Clan Wars

We are in clan war today, and I just did my second attack an hour ago. Got 2 new stars, +5 war xp, and zero loot, which should have been ~300K/300K/1200 for attacking their #2 I personally think it is the best attack to do in town hall 9 war base. If clan castle is placed outside without any protection. Then drop an archer in range of clan castle. Kill those troops with your heroes. If clan castle is not placed outside So, that's the reason the script is always on loop. If the script is not always on, your clan member might do a war battle and then 35 ladder or whatever battles and you would not be able to catch that war battle. If a clan member leaves the clan before the script catches the battle, the script will not write it on the CSV Our servers offer you a Clash of Clans with all the basic features: Attack, Clan, Clan War, and much more! An active community Thousands of players are fighting each other for one goal: to reach the top of the rankings! In-Game Commands. We offer a menu on all our servers for special commands. Here are a few examples Even during clan wars the opponents should use a forceful attack to attack their opponents, and the colour of the character's name will change to purple. You can learn about the state of war in your clan interface. The state can be dominating /winning /equal /losing /totally losing

Mar 4, 2017 - How to attack strategy Town Hall 9 with dragons and balloons for get 3 stars on battle wars clash of clans.Tips:Dragons min level 4Ballons min level 6Lightin.. Lost your first attack? Your 2nd still needs to be against a TH10. Take a break if you lose, remember you have 24 hours to attack 2 times. Defense. Does your base keep getting attacked in the War? Check out the top bases in the Clan, yes they are stronger so they are less likely to be attacked, however they have good layouts 1. How Clan Wars Work 2. Prep Day 3. War Day - Attack strategies 1. How Clan Wars Work CLAN WARS FAQ is available here: This faq explains how clan war works and how clans are matc We will try our best to help you plan your attack, because it is a Clan War, not a Solo PvP multiplier battle! It is a team event, so we will all do our best to try and help you! Planning your attack is the key to winning raids! So plan and prepare! You have a full 24 hours of preparation for that! Just ask for help or troops and we will all be. This page will be extremely helpful during Clan Wars. It will include strategies in which we will be following during War. It will give attacking strategies so we can improve our attacks. Without further adieu I bring to you the Clan War page! Simple yet effective. Includes: 20-30 Hogs ≈20 Barbs ≈55 Archers OR ≈1

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It's served me near perfectly in clan wars but I'm trying to perfect it. Apr 26, 2021 | Advice | Featured. What attack should I do without heros. Apr 26, 2021 | Advice | Featured. Good base? My friend just build this. But is it actually good? Apr 26, 2021 | Advice | Hacks. Featured. 17 Things ONLY Clash of Clans OG's Remember How many times I can attack in a clan war? You can only attack 2 times during battle day, so make each attack count! Use scouting and clan chat to plan your attacks in advance. You can choose any opposing player to attack, but keep in mind that you cannot attack the same target with both attacks

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Welcome to the Official Walking Dead Clan's website from Clash of Clans. Make yourself at home as you get to know our culture in Clan Info and Clan Rules. Or at least stay to learn strategies and tactics from our experiences winning and losing wars. Follow us and stay up to date with all that's happening in our Clan Clan Wars A clan war is a strategic battle between two clans. There are two phases in a clan war, the preparation day and the battle day. Each participant can attack twice during the battle day. At the end of the war, the clan that earns the most stars from attacking wins the clan war This clan has very little tolerance for missing war attacks, so please be vigilant with them. a. If you are one of the bottom 5 attackers, then you must use your first attack within 8 hours of the war starting. You must use your second attack within 12 hours of the war starting TH7 War Base for Clan Wars without being get 3 stars! Yes, this is the only way If you don't want to get 3 Stars in Clan Wars as a Town Hall 7. A base with Anti-Dragon feature and Anti-Hog feature will help you do that

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There are 3 main types of Clash of Clans strategy which we are discussing at here: For farming, for Clan Wars and for pushing trophies. Attacking is always the best way to win the game. Now matter how strong is your defense, with a decent Clash of Clans strategy and by understanding both the behaviors of each troop and hidden pitfalls after every base, nothing can stop you v-*CHECK THE LINKS BELOW*-v For more Clash of Clans content, strategies, and gameplay!CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!- http://goo.gl/NhcznXAdd me on GooglePlus!- ht.. Even during a clan war the opponents should use a forceful attack to attack their opponents, and the colour of the character's name will change to purple. You can learn about the state of war in your clan interface. The state can be dominating/winning/ equal/losing/totally losing Clash of Clans TH8 Dragon updated Strategy to beat the Air Sweeper and 3 star max TH8s in clan wars. Learn Hogon or Dragrider (dragon hog rider) and BDL (Mas.. Use upgrading Heroes in Clan War workaround TimmyEatWorld August 13, 2015 Advanced, Attacking Strategies, Clan Wars, Most popular, News, Post of the Day, Tactics Clan War is one of the best features in Clash of Clans - despite the fact that you can't use your Heroes while upgrading in war

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