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We provide a free pre-test training session and free use of the bike for each attempt. You only need to pay the additional test fees. ProScot has one of the highest pass rates in the UK, with the vast majority of our students passing both Module 1 and Module 2 first time - but, by taking this option, you have our guarantee behind you should you. Specialists in CBT and Direct Access Motorcycle Training Learn to RIDE with Riders... Riders Motorcycle Training group offer CBT and Direct Access Motorcycle Training across the UK. Our training sites include: Birmingham, Brierley Hill (Dudley), Bromsgrove, Coventry, Gloucester, Nottingham, Redditch, Tamworth, Wolverhampton and Worcester Here we'll take a look at the big boy of bike licensing - the full DAS (Direct Access Scheme). This is the full bike test which will allow you to ride (almost) any motorcycle and is the final step of the progressive learning plan, which begins with the CBT, A1 and A2 licenses - parts of which you can skip if you're old enough.. First, we'll examine who is eligible for the license and. Test Day 6hrs. This includes one-to-one driving tuition before the test, 1hr for the test and enough time for the drive home after the test. test day is usually Friday* Normal course includes driving over 7 days** You would firstly attend a course over 1 week (7 days) {see course structure} with an attempt at the Driving Test

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  1. Direct Access is your fast track to full power machinery. All training carried out over whole days not short four or five hour sessions. Here at B3, C.White Bike Training we take very seriously the real concerns that new riders have about riding powerful bikes, and we promise you that your DAS course will be in the hands of highly experienced and well-trained instructors
  2. Taken as two pairs of days, allows you to train and pass your Modular 1 (off road) test. On completion of Modular 1 you will be trained and booked in for Modular 2. DAS day 1. Intro' big bike and gain familiarity with the machine one of our secure training areas. Try out the slow speed Mod. 1 exercises as you develop your bike.
  3. Full UK Motorcycle & Motorbike Licence . Taken on a manual motorcycle, it allows you to ride both manual bikes and automatics. Please note that you can only ride a large bike on the road before you pass your test when you are accompanied by an authorised Direct Access Instructor
  4. The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) allows riders aged twenty-four or over, or who have held an A2 Licence for two years to test on a large motorcycle, which then enables you to ride any motorcycle with no restrictions to power or engine size upon passing the test
  5. The guaranteed pass scheme is offered by Lambda Motorycle Training to give the trainee free module 2 training if they do not pass this module on there 1st attempt. It gives the trainee assurance that passing module 2 will not be expensive. A 5 day course is a CBT course with a 4 day full licence or DAS cours

ProScot's Direct Access Training Course provides on-road training and mock tests to prepare you fully for the Module 2 test. Passing your Module 1 and Module 2 tests on a motorcycle with a minimum of 595cc and a minimum power output of 53bhp will give you a full category A licence, allowing you to ride any motorcycle without any restriction of. If you do not have a bike of your own, we can provide you with a moped or motorcycle ranging from 50cc through 125cc up to 700cc machines, both restricted and full power for A2 and Direct Access trainees. Helmets, jackets and gloves are provided if required at no extra cost The seven-day Direct Access course is the ideal way to pass the motorcycle test within a week, while learning all of the essential skills to make you a safe and skilled rider. Alternatively, choose our three-part DAS Elements course, which focuses on each individual test element before progressing to the next level

Raising the standard of Motorcycle Training LET'S GET GOING Moto Pass BOOK CBT ONLINE Motorbike Instructor Jobs COVID-19 NOTICE BELOW REVIEWS WHY CHOOSE US BUY VOUCHER Moto Pass More than passing your test HIGH QUALITY BASIC TRAINING HIGH QUALITY ADVANCED COURSES GUARANTEED TEST DATES MOTIVATING ATMOSPHERE Winter Special Offers Available from. Karmenz Motorcycle Training Over Two decade of successfully training people in Northampton at Billing Garden Village, just off the A45 close to Wellingborough, Bedford and Kettering. Courses available for all Levels of experience and abilities We instruct on all courses from CBT through to Direct Access and Progressive Access. -----PLEASE NOTE - TWO-PART THEORY TEST TO BE BOOKED BY CUSTOMER - TEL: 0300 200 1122 - OR GO TO DRIVING & VEHICLE STANDARDS AGENCY - TEST MUST BE PASSED BEFORE MODULE ONE TEST CAN BE TAKEN • Friendly instructor • Over 30 years experienc EAW Motorcycle Training is owned and operated by Eric Ward. We offer a full range of courses to suit your every need. Whether it be CBT, Direct Access, 125, Advanced Training, Enhanced Rider Scheme and refresher courses, we can put you on the right road. If you are looking for motorcycle training in South Yorkshire then look no further You must complete a CBT, a motorcycle theory test and finally take both Module 1 and Module 2 of the practical test on a 595cc motorcycle. At RJH CBT & Motorbike Training School we have 15+ years experience and our Direct Access (DAS) course will prepare you to pass the full test and then be able to ride any size motorcycle

Saltire Motorcycle Training School, Edinburgh. At Saltire, we tailor the training to suit each individual student. Generally, the training is broken into two chunks - familiarisation with a 'big bike' and manoeuvres training towards the Mod 1 test, and then refining road craft for the Mod 2 test As with all the other motorcycle tests, if you decide to pass your direct access test on a manual bike you will be able to ride any motorcycle or scooter/moped, whether it is manual or automatic. However, if you take your direct access course on an automatic bike, your licence will be limited to automatics motorbikes only The most popular training route on any bike licence are our intensive training courses. Here we line up the Mod 1 & 2 tests for you and start a set number of days before these appointments. READ MOR Our Training Courses are ALL Inclusive (include test fees, bike hire, loan of equipment, insurance and training fees) Training Courses are ALL inclusive on up to date motorcycles and scooters A Full Licence with expert training, Module 1 and 2, and final tests booked for you in advance is attainable from £610.5 APEX Motorcycle Training for the very best in Motorcycle Tuition, Direct Access and CBT Training / Test in Stockport. Provided by Dave Williams, a Full-time DSA Approved Motorcycle Instructor. Apex Motorcycle Training has been committed to offering the very best in motorbike lessons and tuition since 2004

Direct Access (Big Bike Test) Theory Test. If you choose to continue with your training and take your bike test, you will first need to take your theory test. This is a two part test. You need to pass both parts in order to gain an overall pass and apply for your practical test DIRECT ACCESS. After passing your CBT and motorcycle theory test those aged 24 years or older are permitted to take the test on a large machine of at least 595cc. A test pass will allow you to ride any size bike straight away. UMAT have a large fleet of machines that fully meet the DAS training and testing criteria. Read Mor Riders Motorcycle Training group offer CBT and Direct Access Motorcycle Training across the UK. Our training sites include: Birmingham, Brierley Hill (Dudley), Bromsgrove, Coventry, Gloucester, Nottingham, Tamworth, Wolverhampton and Worcester. We are the largest motorcycle training group throughout the West Midlands Redeem the cost of your Introductory Lesson, use code INTRO30. For 12.5% off CBT Plus courses (post-CBT road training) if you took a CBT with us in the past 4 weeks, use code PLUS2020. For active members of the NHS, Police, Ambulance, Fire Service or Military we offer a 5% discount, use code PAF2015. Book Your Cours Motopass Motorcycle Training. Motorcycle Training covering Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Goole, Thorne and the rest of South Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire. Hello and welcome to Motopass. We offer motorcycle training courses including CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Module 1 and Module 2 training and Direct Access intensive courses

Motorcycle Training in Devon for learners cbt a1 a2 das bike training around torbay Welcome to U-Pass, we provide Motorcycle Training from novice to the advanced rider here in sunny Devon. Our Instructors are all (Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency) DVSA accredited and come with a Wealth of Riding and Teaching Experience While undertaking my 6 day direct access with T.S.M. I felt I received an excellent standard of training enabling me to pass my test comfortably in the end. I had some previous motorcycle experience but T.S.M. took my skills to a much higher level and with the advice I received I only hope that my skills will continue to improve

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Motorcycle training in North London ant Barnet College Hendon. From CBT to Direct Access full test. Free online theory training. Loan bikes, DSA approved motorbike instructors in London and. Brand new motorbikes set up specifically to pass module 1 and 2 of the DSA tests. Camrider are known as the experts in motorcycle instruction and have the best facilities and most experience in the North. These prices include bike hire and equipment. They do not include the theory and practical bike test fees. Additional costs to consider. The bike theory test is £23 and needs to be completed before the Direct Access practical bike test can be booked. The practical bike test is broken into two parts: Module 1 - £15.50; Module 2 - £75.0 £120 (guaranteed pass available) Birmingham (North) £120 (guaranteed pass available) Brierley Hill (Dudley) £110 (guaranteed pass available) The bike theory test is £23 and needs to be completed before the Direct Access practical bike test can be booked. The practical bike test is broken into two parts: Module 1 - £15.5 DAS (Direct Access Scheme) enables you to ride motorcycles over 125cc. DAS course includes CBT training, Module One and Module Two tests. We use only the best motorcycle instructors with over 25 years experience. We use DSA approved instructors and work with the best facilities in the county

Riverview Motorcycle rider training based in Hesketh Bank, we cover Southport, Preston and Chorley area's. Offering all types of rider training from CBT, theory test all the way through to Direct access training. Our Instructors are fully qualified and have decades of experience training riders to stay safe on UK roads The qualifying age for Direct Access is 24 years of age. You must have also completed both C.B.T. and the motorcycle theory test. The direct access will allow you to ride any size motorcycle. The practical motorcycle test is divided into 2 sections. Module 1 is a series of exercises at a designated DVSA Multipurpose centre 4- Direct Access Cat 'A' You must take your test on a bike at least 595cc and at least 50kw with minimum kerb weight of 180kg. You can then ride any bike To be eligible you must be 24 years old or have held a full A2 licence for 2 yrs. 5- Motorcycle Theory test booking servic The 4 day intensive motorcycle training course involves further training on a 125cc after your Compulsory Basic Training (the cost of which is included in the 4 day training course package price) until you reach a safe standard prior to moving to the larger Direct Access motorcycle. The Compulsory Basic Training is classed as Day 1

Vale Moto Training. We offer expert motorcycle tuition for CBT, DAS, Post Test and Advanced courses. Approved by the DSA, courses can be tailored to individual riders needs and are delivered by Police Grade 1 advanced riders If you wish to learn how to ride a bike, visit our centre. From teaching you the theory of riding a bike to providing on-road training, we can help you with anything you need. Our Direct Access courses will allow you to ride bikes of varied sizes and power. Once you are DAS certified, you can ride large, powerful bikes like a Kawasaki or BMW

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  1. ROAD RIDER SCHOOL OF MOTORCYCLING. Learning to ride should be fun and we aim to make your experience as enjoyable as we can. Whether you are taking a CBT or going all the way with DAS our Instructors will encourage, support and have a laugh with you
  2. So if you want to learn to ride, complete your CBT, or pass your motorcycle test, we can help. We're sure Better Bike Training can provide the training you need. So what are you waiting for? Contact me, Steve, on 07946 508256 or 07852 238922 for more information
  3. imum age requirements apply Training is done at weekends and during weekday
  4. Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training enabling you to ride motorbikes of 47bhp and above. Module one motorcycle training where you get to practice on an official DSA site. Module two on road motorcycle training where you will practice on the test route of your chosen test centre. Motorcycle Instructor Training tailored to the individuals current.
  5. From your FREE first lesson to your theory test and driving test we'll support you at every stage of your journey. From CBT (compulsory basic training) to Direct Access , A2 restricted to advanced rider training and instructor courses , our professional and friendly staff are geared-up to help find the ideal training course for you
  6. imum of 2 years, which means you can shortcut the process by taking an intensive course usually taken over 3-7 days on a more powerful bike of at least 46.6bhp/35kW

MSM Motorcycle Training Manchester specialise in motorcycle training, north west motorcycle training, MSM, CBT training and motorcycle theory test. We teach pupils to ride in a safe and enjoyable environment. Contact us today to book lessons on 0161 223 9233 Approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Toucan Motorcycle Training is a family run business based in Somerset covering Glastonbury, Street, Wells and Somerton; Courses include CBT, A1, A2, Direct Access, Back to Biking and Advanced; Large, safe area for CBT and Module 1 of DAS trainin

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CBT using own bike: £120. Full Day Training (6 hours) £240. Intensive Courses (A1;A2;A) 4 Day Course, including CBT, bike hire and test fees: £780. 5 Day Course, including CBT, bike hire and test fees: £880. 6 Day Course, including CBT, bike hire and test fees: £980. You need to pass a motorcycle theory test before enrolling on an. Read our in-depth guide to passing the full UK motorcycle test, including CBT, mod1, mod2, A1, A2 and direct access courses upgrade your motorcycle licence under the 'progressive access' (also known as 'staged access') rules; If you have a car licence. You have to pass a motorcycle theory test before taking the. 4 1/2 Day Direct Access Training Course Includes a CBT, 3 Days 500cc, pre Module 1 and Module 2 prep and both test fees Pre-Test 1 Hour Lesson Includes bike hire for test (included in 3 or 4 Day Course price) £40. Practical Test Fee how to pass your A1 (Light Licence), A Licence or Direct Access please get in touch

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Welcome to A2B Motorcycle training; Yorkshire's fastest growing motorcycle training school with an enviable track record in first time pass rates. We provide the full range of motorcycle training courses including CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Direct Access, Restricted Licence and Advanced Motorcycle and Rider Assessment Courses Welcome to C omplete B ike T raining Your local motorcycle training school in Telford and Shrewsbury. Complete Bike Training is a modern and well equipped motorcycle / motorbike training school with bases in Telford and Shrewsbury. From CBT to full licence and to advanced skills training - Complete Bike Training is the right school for you. Complete Bike Training has been formed by respected. Taking Module 1 test - the DVSA test charge is £15. This is the off road element of the test that has the swerve and emergency stop. On the small bikes you can take yourself to the test centre. If you need to hire a bike for this, that can be arranged. If you are going on a large bike you will need to be taken by an instructor Welcome to Nottingham Motorcycle Training. Established in 1995 Nottingham Motorcycle training has forged a reputation for quality. We offer a wide range of courses, from your first CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) to your full bike test, so whatever stage you're at in your motorcycling career, you'll be sure to find something that meets your needs Welcome to LDC, Cars, Bikes and Trailer Training. LDC is Burton-On-Trent's largest driving school established in 1988. We teach over a 1000 pupils a year to pass their driving tests, CBTs, Direct access motorcycle tests and B+E trailer tests from our fantastic large safe training areas available 7 days a week situated in Burton-On-Trent at the Pirelli Stadium, Hardman Centre, Stoke on Trent.

31 mph on a motorcycle; Your test result. If you're upgrading your licence through 'progressive access', you must pass module 2 within 6 months. You have to pass module 1 again if you do. We don't ride you round test routes to memorise the circuit to pass your test, we take you on roads that will challenge your ability and give you the skills to enable you to ride anywhere, and pass your tests confidently. . We are the Premier motorcycle training company based in Rotherham, that trains students in CBT's as well as Direct. We currently offer CBT and Direct Access Scheme training 7 days a week from 8am till 5pm. For students who are wishing to pass their motorcycle tests we use the DVSA Test Centre in Gateshead but also will use the Darlington Test Centre if you wish

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Leicestershire Motorcycle Training Partnership welcomes you to the home of CBT, A1, A2, DAS (Direct Access) and Advanced Riding training and test courses in Leicestershire IMPORTANT INFORMATION COVID-19 UPDATE 18th April 202 Based in Edgware, North London Motorcycle Training has nearly 40 years' experience in offering high quality motorbike and scooter lessons. Whether you have ridden a motorbike before or it's your first time on powered wheels, we'll make sure that you receive a first class motorcycle training service Valid for two years this certificate enables you to ride a motorbike up to 125cc/14.6bhp (or a 50cc moped for 16 year olds) unaccompanied on the road. 'L' plates are clearly displayed on the front and rear of your bike I decided to do my motorcycle training with Ride On as they are widely recommended by not only bike shops, students but long term riders and other instructors too. I was confident Ride On would the best place to be taught to rand take my Direct Access Scheme and to develop my riding skills further. The instructor Steve is a bike genius Find Moto-Pass Motorcycle Training in Welling, DA16. Read 44 reviews, get contact details, photos, opening times and map directions. Search for Motorcycle Training & Testing near you on Yell

Davies Motorcycle Training Centre is a professional, committed training school for motorbike users in Cheshire. Ideally located 5 minutes from the M6 / M56 we offer a range of courses designed to suit your needs. Member of the Driving Instructors Association. Davies Motorcycle Training Centre offers new helmets, new jackets, new gloves an Probike are the UK leaders in motorcycle training. Our courses are delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors who are either ex-police riders, police trained instructors or DSA qualified examiners.Delivered in a safe, friendly learning environment at our purpose built facilities our courses are enjoyed particularly by those younger riders just starting out and lady riders put. A doctor's visit to get the order for online discount blood work is not required and prompt, results are guaranteed. A cheap blood test for as little as $20 could save your life. Shop Online Now, find out How to Order or just call 1-800-539-6119 Pass your driving knowledge test the first time, or get your money back, guaranteed! See why 95.2% of Premium customers pass vs. the US national average of 49%

Get your Test Answers today, Get your License tomorrow! Throughout the United States, around 50% FAIL the DMV written test every year - don't be one of them! Pass your DMV exam with confidence by taking our practice tests - you'll get access to hundreds of test questions just like you'll see on the DMV exam, plus you'll get test answers with VERY detailed explanations Equipment and motorcycle hire. We offer a range of motorcycles to hire from 50cc Mopeds for CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) upto 600cc learner legal bikes for DAS (Direct Access). If you are lacking protective equipment such as gloves, a helmet or even a pair of armoured pants, these are all supplied as part of the training at request The bike theory test costs £23 and should take around an hour to complete. You'll need 43/50 on the multiple-choice round and 44/75 on the hazard perception round in order to pass. You'll know if you passed or not straight after the test. When you pass, your theory test certificate is valid for two years Direct Access (DAS) If you are aged 24 or over or hold an A2 licence for two years you can get an unrestricted motorcycle licence by taking a Direct Access (DAS) course and test. A full bike licence entitling you to ride any size of machine is gained through this course 1st Class Rider Training is run by a former Police Motorcyclist with years of experience in motorcycle training at all levels.. Authorised by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and for 'Big Bike' training under the Direct Access Scheme. The holder of the RoSPA Diploma and an Examiner for the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test

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You must be 24 years old or above to complete this course, (unless you have held your A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years using your Progressive Access option). On successfully completing your Direct Access practical test with the DVSA you will obtain a full motorcycle licence Welcome to Compass Motorcycle Training. Based in Clay Cross, Chesterfield we are able to take full advantage of some of the best roads that Britain has to offer. We organise ride out's for all types of rider, as well as cornering courses, track days, refresher and learner courses Home Practical Bike Training 2021-03-10T09:38:50+00:00 WELCOME TO PRACTICAL BIKE TRAINING DVSA Approved motorcycle training school in the Lancaster and Morecambe areas Find lesson pricing near you today: One Moment Get Prices Go. 4.5 600+ reviews. 4.6 / 5 1000+ reviews. 4.5 450+ reviews. Intensive Driving Courses. Our fast-tracking department will secure your perfect practical test date, helping you to pass well ahead of the usual waiting times. 4. And drive

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  1. A1 Motorcycle Training & A2 License Courses in London. Successful completion of the A1 & A2 Training Courses will entitle you to ride more advanced motorcycles around London, but not before increasing your confidence and improving your skills on the bike! Students must be over the age of 17 and have a valid CBT pass certificate before taking part
  2. A Category motorcycle practical riding test. Affordable Courses for all your Motorcycling needs CBT-Compulsory Basic Training, DAS-Direct Access, A1 A2 Restricted Access, Instructor Training All Courses include Comprehensive insurance, No Hidden Costs! You have the free use of Helmets Gloves and Jackets on a Large Safe 12 Acre Training site.
  3. Whether you are looking for a CBT test in London or a Full Motorcycle training (DAS), LMT will make the process of finding and booking the right course easy for you.If you are unsure which course you need, you can check out our Guide for Beginners.. The CBT test course is essentially a good fun - do not think that you are doing a car driving test

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  1. Motorcycle Training on The Docklands, Ashton, Preston. RIDEcraft Motorcycle Academy is an organisation of highly experienced and qualified Instructors with a vast experience in all areas of motorcycling, from a CBT Course through to 'True Advanced' Training. Thank you for visiting the website of RIDEcraft Motorcycle Academy. March 8th 2021
  2. Do you have a valid theory test certificate? You can ride any motorcycle not exceeding 35kW Complete CBT Pass motorcycle theory test Pass 2 part practical test on a bike at least 395cc and between 20kW and 35kW - you must pass module 2 within 6 months of passing module 1 No No Yes Yes Pass 2 part practical test on a bike at least 395cc and betwee
  3. Getting you started This is where we build the foundations of a good rider. Time spent here is time well spent as it means that when you get out on two wheels you'll be more confident and relaxed when out on your own or with a group
  4. The test, (undertaken at a DSA Theory Test Centre) consists of 35 multiple choice questions relating to.. More info When you reach the grand old age of 21, you can learn to ride a motorcycle on a larger machine, (500cc or above) this licence will give you full entitlement to ride which ever bike you want ie: Fireblade, Hayabusa, Harley.

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Motorcycle Training in London, Croydon and the Surrey area from Phoenix Motorcycle Training. and a number of buses pass nearby. There is also ample parking available in the public car park near to Laguna Motorcycles. I would now like to book Mod 1&2 to complete the direct access. Many thanks Regards Kevin . A huge thank you to Mark and. If you want to get off the bus/tube or out of your car, ride a 50 cc or 125 cc motorbike or scooter or go on and get yourself a motorcycle licence: full DAS (direct access) or restricted (A2), CBT is the course you need to get started. Course length: CBT usually takes a full day to complete. The CBT is not a test it's a continual assessment Flintshire Motorcycle Training North Wales. Welcome to the Flintshire Motorcycle Training FMT website. If you're looking to pass your CBT or motorcycle test in the Chester or North Wales area, we are the people to speak to. Compulsory Basic Training - Direct Access Scheme- 'Back to Biking' refresher courses

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  1. I can't praise MTS highly enough. They were happy to fit my training in around my other commitments which meant I had 4 1/2 days with the brilliant Karen. My final day,and test day, was with the also excellent Chris who did a fantastic job of keeping me relaxed and confident. Thanks to all of you for helping me pass first time
  2. Ride 4 Life 38 West End, Strensall, York, YO32 5UH Tel: 01904 492928 Mobile: 0792 564 1638 Email: info@ride-4-life.co.u
  3. imal charge of £50 to resit. Test Training Courses. Theory / hazard perception test fee, (£23.00) Module 1 test fee, (£15.50) Module 2 test fee, (£75,00) Bike hire, fuel, loan of equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves)
  4. DIRECT ACCESS SCHEME - A STEP NEARER TO YOUR LICENCE. If you are aged 24 or over or held an A2 licence for two years you can get an unrestricted motorcycle licence by taking a Direct Access (DAS) course and passing the practical tests. A full bike licence entitling you to ride any size of machine is gained through this course
  5. MMT Motorcycle Training was formed in 2004 and is the largest training school in the South Durham and Cleveland area.. With 10 instructors in total, 5 of them Cardington approved to deliver Direct Access, means we are able to fulfil all your training requirements
  6. Our courses range from Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), Direct Access (DAS) and advanced lessons, to hourly lessons, courses for those returning to biking and trial lessons for complete beginners who are keen to enjoy the freedom of life on two wheels. We have off road training grounds at Blackwater, near Truro, and Perranporth Airfield
  7. *Offer for $150 off of accessories is only valid with the purchase of the Peloton Bike. All Peloton Bike orders must be placed prior to 3:00 AM EST May 10, 2021 to receive offer. One per Bike purchased. Offer applied at checkout. No substitutions. Peloton may cancel or limit offers at any time. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where.

ADT Motorcycle Training offers training course for all categories of motorcycle license, including direct access, restricted licenses, and further/advanced training. Most of our training is conducted in set courses of 4, 5 or 6 days, with tests on the final day(s) Introducing DMV Cheat Sheets - pass your state's written drivers test GUARANTEED! Since 2008, DMVCheatSheets.com has helped over 1,316,000 people just like you prepare for their auto, motorcycle or commercial driver's license written exam quickly and easily. Study them online, on your phone or on the go -Staged Access Do the test . on a 125cc geared bike. If you are 17 and you pass this test you will be able to take the 400cc test at 19 years of age. This will allow you . to take the 600cc test at 21.-Direct Access If you are 24 or over you can do the test on a 600cc geared . motorcycle

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What happens after you've passed your test? Congratulations, you've got your full licence! Enjoy your new freedom but remember that passing your motorbike test doesn't mean you know everything: it's the first step in learning to be a skilled rider Based in Swindon, We Provide high quality motorcycle training for CBT, A2, A1, & Direct Access Tests, also Refresher/Enhanced Skills. BOOK ONLINE or CALL: 0179 USAJOBS is the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information Licence category A **NEW!!* Subscribe to our YouTube channel for lots of hints, tips and full-on lessons in riding! For ages 24 and above. The whole course is taken on a motorcycle of at least 595cc & 50kW / 67bhp. We use the Yamaha XJ6 ABS or the new Kawasaki Z650 Started in April 2004, LET'S RIDE! has built up a reputation for outstanding pass rates and quality, fun tuition. Chief Instructor and director, Richard McPherson, has been riding bikes for over 25 years, both on the road and the track and is a fully qualified Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved instructor for Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and Direct Access (DAS) and is also. Walk in blood testing labs near you. Simply order lab testing and blood tests online and get tested near you at an affordable price. Direct lab testing for a low cost with fast lab results made simple and convenient - Accesa Lab

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