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Shop over 70,000 Products + 1,500 Of The Best Brands. Order Today Zinc Plated. Sizes: 1/8 - 1/2. Buy Now At Great Prices Anchor to Chain Connection Guide Look around any marina, harbour or anchorage and you will find a multitude of different methods employed to join a yacht's anchor to the anchor rode. There is no right or wrong way to attach the two together, but there are some general principles to follow which should lead to a successful conclusion

Add length to an anchor chain. Add additional length to existing chains with Seafit connecting links. These galvanized, heat-treated, drop forged steel connectors connect two lengths of chain and feature a two sided design that eliminates the need to weld the joining link MarineNow Stainless Steel 316 C-Link Split Connecting Anchor Chain Link Marine Grade. 4.9 out of 5 stars 12. $6.99 $ 6. 99. FREE Shipping. 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 Marine Jaw/jaw Swivel Anchor Chain Connector for Boat Stainless Steel. 4.7 out of 5 stars 40. $7.99 $ 7. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 13 One way of joining 3-strand nylon rope to your anchor chain is by splicing a hard eye in the end of the rope and shackling it to the chain. This is absolutely fine if you're prepared to haul in by hand but obviously not if you're using an anchor windlass. To create a rope-chain join that will pass through a windlass you can use one of two methods OPEN LINK MOORING CHAINS 1″ TO 1-1/2″ COAST GUARD BUOY CHAIN CARBON STEEL ~ SELF-COLORED OR GALVANIZED SHACKLES, WIRE ROPE, TOW PLATES, CONNECTING LINKS, CHAIN STOPPERS, ANCHOR SHACKLES, RELEASE HOOKS, KENTER JOINING LINKS, DETACHABLE ANCHOR LINKS, END LINKS, PIN AND SCREW TYPE SHACKLE

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Pick up the connecting and clevis links you need for hoists and rigging at Grainger. Grade 30 connecting links can attach accessories or connect chain pieces together. Reusable grade 70 double clevis links can be installed easily and handle short- and long-term use. Hammerlock coupling links can assemble chain sling attachments and eye hooks MARQUIP® forged detachable chain connecting links replace bulky shackles and end links. They make better-than-original repair or replacement links, they serve as connecting links for 90′ shots of chain, and they ride through hawse pipes and over wildcats as smoothly as normal chain The two main parts are attached to the ends of the chain in a vertical position and then fitted together (1), and the stud is then slid into place (2), which locks the link. The stud is secured by hammering a tapered pin into the hole drilled diagonally (3) through all three parts of the joining link

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  1. We purchased a new-to-us boat (Catalina 34) this fall that came with a primary anchor rode with two chains (5/16?) connected by a quick-link chain connector (first picture below). However, I'm Not sure that I like the two chains being connected. Is the quick-link up to the task (if properly..
  2. Anchor Chain & Accessories. If you are looking to replace your marine anchor chain - look no further! Fisheries Supply stocks all the best types of boat anchor chain - including High Test, BBB and Proof Coil. You can buy our chain by the foot or by the barrel - ensuring you get exactly the length you need for your boat
  3. Anchor Chain Connecting Link G80 European Type Anchor Chain Connecting Link $2.63-$27.62/ Piece 100.0 Pieces (Min. Order) CN Weifang First Rigging Co., Ltd
  4. Forged heat-treated, carbon steel C-links that are marked with the working load standard are as strong as Grade 30 chain, provided they are pinned properly. If however joining higher grade chain use connecting link one size larger than the given chain size, of-course this means the C link will not fit into the gypsy slot
  5. Chain Links also known as Chain Connectors provide the means to connect two lengths of anchor/ mooring chain together. Please note that Jimmy Green Marine do not recommend joining chain where the connection is load..
  6. >> The ordinary shackle is used to join the anchor at the anchor end and the chain in the chain locker connecting it to the bulkhead stiffener. The kenter shackle connects one chain length to another chain length and the stud links are of two standards one common size and the other enlarged link for larger vessels.

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The BoatUS editorial team explains how an anchor works, why you might want to add chain to your anchor rode for better holding, how to make the connections b.. If the anchor becomes fouled, or you need to let go the anchor in an emergency, you need to be able to let it go under load, and the only reliable way of doing this is by lashing the end of the chain to a dead-eye in the anchor locker, so that it can be cut in a hurry, or untied and attached to a large fender, should you need to let go the chain I have alway connected an anchor to a chain by passing the eye of the shackle through the anchor slot and the pin through the last chain link. What is the opinion of two shackles back to back i.e. one pin through the anchor eye and one pin through the the last chain link. I could use a swivel..

tri-plates and shackles, subsea mooring hooks, and H-links specifically designed fo r chain to wire/polyester rope connections and thimbles. Mooring foundation shackles and anchor shackles for mooring are alsoto comply with the requirements of this Guide Connecting Chain Links for Chain Barriers. Links split in half and snap back together. Use to connect two lengths of chain. S-Hooks for Chain Barriers. Fall-Arrest Carabiners. Quick-Stop Fall-Arrest Lanyards with Anchor Point. These lanyards form their own anchor point by attaching directly to a rated structure Have some questions about anchor chain? This is the how-to video for you. Visit http://www.anchoring.com/ for more information. In this video we discuss comm.. Chain D Connecting Link (10mm / 3/8″) $ 25.00 $ 22.99. Add to cart. View more. Best Selling. Barracuda 900 Windlass (Boats up to 35 ft) $ 1,338.00 $ 930.99; Pin & Spring Set $ 32.00; Foot Switch Kit - Up & Down $ 69.00 $ 48.99; Spare Handle $ 30.00; Featured. Anchor Turner Kit 965012 (Anchors up to 80 kg / 175 lb) $ 825.00 $ 329.99; Anchor. Anchor Marine. As a recognized leader in the industry, Anchor Marine has a complete stock of anchors and anchor chain, buoys, towing gear, and oil booms as well as deck and dock hardware such as marine fendering, bollards, cleats, hatches and watertight doors

BBB Anchor/Windlass Chain: A short link chain of normal commercial quality. Constructed from low carbon steel. It has a uniform pitch short link and works well with gypsies. It used to be the standard for windlasses but it has largely been replaced by G4 Chain. It is hallmarked approximately every foot with the manufacturer's symbol and grade. Pear Anchor Joining Links Pear Shaped Anchor Joining Links are usually used to connect the anchor to the swivel or Stud Link Anchor Chain (SLAC). These are Grade 3, are stamped with a unique serial number, and come with Lloyds or ABS Certification. You need to specify which you want when ordering

THEY MAKE BETTER-THAN-ORIGINAL REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT LINKS, THEY SERVE AS CONNECTING LINKS FOR 90′ SHOTS OF CHAIN AND THEY RIDE THROUGH HAWSE PIPES AND OVER WILDCATS AS SMOOTHLY AS NORMAL CHAIN. MADE OF ALLOY STEEL, HEAT-TREATED TO TENSILE STRENGTH OF APPROXIMATELY 150,000 PSI, THEY'RE AS STRONG AS OR STRONGER THAN THE CHAIN LINKS Quick link - This is an open oval of steel closed with a long threaded nut. It is very easy to use, but we don't recommend it for high loads. It is not as strong as a double clevis and will not be as strong as most anchor chain. Shackles - You will need two rated shackles with the clevis pins passing through each end link. If you use. OSHA compliant chain connectors, shackles, quick links and chain attachments for grade 43 through grade 120 chain Nut And Bolt Anchor Shackles (Grade 43 and 80) Starting at $16.99. Grade 80 Yellow Mechanical Connecting Links. View Options. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Sold Out. Starting at $21.99. Grade 80 Mechanical Connecting. Connecting lengths of chain together is relatively easy if the joint does not have to pass through a windlass. The biggest problem to be faced may be finding a shackle with an end sufficiently small to pass through the eye of the chain, so that sometimes it may be necessary to use two shackles fitted back-to-back

The Grade 100 Figure-Eight Connecting Link is removable, super strong, ultra resistant to corrosion, and has a working load limit well beyond that of the anchor chain, quite a bit more, in fact, than even the high test G43 grade of ACCO chain I've used both styles of connecting links successfully. Before using the links I had asked an experienced surveyor and salvage operator and he had never encountered a loss of a vessel due to a failure of a connector link,- far more likely for the anchor to lose hold first. I usually add new chain to the bitter end and discard a section closest. Speaking of chain - we are a little more than two years away from taking our Catalina 34 down the West Coast of Mexico. I was thinking of going to an all chain rode consisting of ¼ inch proof-coil and 200-250 total length shackled to a 35# ROCNA or Manson anchor If the connecting link meets your anchoring SYSTEM criteria, even if it is the weakest link then I'd use one again, since it has worked for you in the past. BTW, we have a connecting link in our chain, I anchor out once a week and it's been just fine (inspected every time out) for the past 10 years or so. I haul by hand. 3

At one time, though not the strongest option for a given link size, BBB was the most popular anchor chain because it's specifically calibrated for windlasses. But its primary attribute is its weight. A 100-foot length of 3/8-inch BBB weighs approximately 165 pounds, while identical lengths of HT and PC weigh 153 and 140 pounds, respectively Oval Connecting Links are used to repair or connect chain If you're using a windlass, choose your anchor chain according to the manufacturer's specifications Generally the higher the grade, the higher the holding power, and the heavier the chain If you're using a chain and rope setup with your windlass, the chain will need to be spliced to the rop Anchor Capstans; Anchor Chain Short Link +-Grade 30 (L) Short Link Anchor Chains; Grade 40 (M) Short Link Anchor Chains; 6mm C Type Chain Connecting Link Made in Italy Designed to meet the usual 'short link' sizes.. 1/4 inch Chain Crosby Connecting Link. Crosby - Canada

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  1. Anchor Chain Connecting Link, Chain Connecting Link, Anchor Chain Link manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Anchor Chain Connecting Link, 2.64mm Smooth Plain Wire, Pre-stressed Anchorage Accessories and so on
  2. Stainless Steel Connecting Link - 400 lb. WLL QMH 0.1 lbs $3.25 +-Add to Cart: 661S-10 Stainless Steel Connecting Link - 400 lb. WLL QMH 0.14 lbs $3.70 +-Add to Cart: 661S-13 Stainless Steel Connecting Link - 400 lb. WLL QMH 0.28 lbs $6.99 +-Add to Cart: 661S-16 Stainless Steel Connecting Link - 400 lb. WLL QMH 0.56 lb
  3. To attach, separate the halves of the Connecting Link which have been matched under pressure at the factory to insure a tight fit. Insert each half through the links which are to be joined together. Fit the rivets into the holes. Then een over the rivets, filling the countersunk holes. Galvanized or Self-Colore
  4. 78mm Stud Link Anchor Chain for sale, We supply Anchor Chain with various sizes, reliable supplier in China. Pear shaped anchor connecting link. HDG Anchor Chains. U3 111mm Stud Link Anchor Chain. 32mm U2 Swivel Piece. U3 117mm Stud Link Anchor Chain. Type A Buoy Shackle
  5. Stud link anchor chain is primarily used as ship's anchor chain and mooring chain for buoys or oil rigs. A shot of ship chain is usually supplied in 15 fathoms (90') lengths. Each shot is made of..

I connected the swivel to the chain with half-inch connecting links (4,750-lb SWL). 2. In addition, if the fork end of a swivel is attached directly to the anchor stock, and the anchor chain pulls at 90 degrees from a fully buried anchor stock, it stresses the swivel in a break stick manner making it even weaker Pear shaped anchor connecting link for sale, We supply Anchor Chain with various sizes, reliable supplier in China. Jinbo Marine An ISO 9001-2015 Company China Quality Marine & Offshore Supplier | 7x24Hrs Servic If you need to enclose a piece of land, then a chain-link fence might be the answer. A chain-link fence is an inexpensive way to enclose any sized area for safety or security. Unlike solid fencing, chain-link's open weave design lets people see through the fence, while still serving as a barrier to unauthorized entry. With planning, patience.

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  1. 5/16 Type 316 Stainless Steel Connecting Links-5/16 Type 316, Stainless Steel, Connecting Link. Working Load Limit (WLL) : 1000 lbs
  2. Stud Link Anchor Chain & Fittings Menu Toggle. Chain; Kenter Joining Shackles 'D' Type Joining Shackles; D Type Anchor Shackles; Pear Shaped Shackles; Chain Connecting Links. We Provide The Best Service In The Industry. 142 - 146 Magowar Rd Girraween NSW Australia 2145 +61 2 8811 350
  3. Mooring device and anchor chain gripper Products 2 Chain link Products 4 AISI316 stainless steel swivel Products 7 Mirror-polished AISI 316 stainless steel swivel Products 19 Galvanized steel swivel made for anchor chains and buoys Products 4 Trimmer anchor swivelling connector Products 3.
  4. If you are looking for Anchor Chain Link for sale, check out the above products choices that you can't miss along with other options such as connecting link, marine hardware, rigging. Find out what's trending and get fast access to industry content all in one location

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Anchor Chain Link Price - Select 2021 high quality Anchor Chain Link Price products in best price from certified Chinese Galvanized Link Chain manufacturers, Iron Link Chain suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.co A special link for use in detachably connecting links of chain and other ects to stud-link marine anchor chains. Said connecting link having a positioning member which limits the movement of said stud-link chain with respect to said connecting link so that said connecting link is prevented from damaging, weakening or dislodging the studs in said stud-link chain

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About Us Every year innumerable ships go to scrap or are wrecked in sea storms, which results in massive air and water pollution. Doing our bit to save the environment and minimize the losses, we, Sea Link Marine, supplying Lifting Lashing Shipping Equipment & Services D-Shackle, Eye Hook, Wire Rope, Manila Rope, Chain Pulley Block, Turnbuckle, Horizontal Clamp, Vertical Clamp, Beam Clamp. Connecting Link Rigging, Chain Connecting Link Rigging, G80 Connecting Link manufacturer / supplier in China, offering G80 Anchor Chain Connecting Link Rigging, Stainless Steel Hook to Eye Open Body Turnbuckle, Drop Forged DIN1480 Eye and Hook Turnbuckles and so on Damen Anchor & Chain Factory is backed up by the worldwide presence of Damen Shipyards Group. With a global network of more than 30 yards, we are never far away. This puts Damen Anchor & Chain Factory in the unique position to provide its customers with support on a global scale

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C Type Pear Shaped Detachable Connecting Link for Marine Anchor Chain: Other related products: Factory & Test Show: Load Test Machine: >If you have any suggestions or opinions about our products, please leave a message, and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support. Product Inquiry AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Boat Anchor Chain Connecting Link 10mm. 4.1 out of 5 stars 2. 5.0mm x 35mm x 21.0mm (3 Metres) Long Link Anchor Chain AISI 316 A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel - Free UK DELIVERY. 5.0 out of 5 stars 7

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Anchor Chain Connecting Link 8mm Chain 8 locking pins 316 Polished Stainless . £ 8.47 Inc. VAT (Code: SM0167208) Anchor Chain Connecting Link 10mm Chain 8 locking pins 316 Polished Stainless. £ 10.56 Inc. VAT (Code: SM0167210 Stud-Link Chain & Fittings. Nobles can supply a full range of stud-link chain products and fittings. Chain specifications include Grade 2, Grade 3 and offshore mooring chain grade. Stud-link chain is also available with varying certification depending on requirements or application

Actually, in a proper anchor rode, that stainless steel piece would be the weakest link. The SWL of 5/16 G4 high-test chain is about 3900 lbs. 5/8 nylon rode has a breaking strength of about 12,000 lbs. A 316SS 5/16 connecting link, like the one shown below, has a SWL of about 1000 lbs. Even a 316SS 5/16 hammerlock has a SWL of only 2700 lbs anchor chain: lanţ de ancoră: articulated (connecting) rod: bielă articulată: articulated link chain: lanţ articulat: attachment link: organ de fixare: auxiliary connecting-rod (OM) bielă secundară, bieletă: auxiliary-connecting rod: bielă secundară, bieletă: baby chain: lănţişor pentru pene de capac: band chain: lanţ cu eclise. Davit and Anchor Systems; Scaffolding Ideas; Frame Scaffolding Rental; Suspended Scaffolding Rental; Shop. Shop All Products; View Cart; Checkout; Forms; Contact Us; Industrial Wire Rope News; Search for: Chain Connecting Links - Quick Link or Rapid Link. Chain Connecting Links - Quick Link or Rapid Link 2021-03-29T15:08:11-04:00. QUICK.

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Like chain itself, connecting links have different mechanical properties according to what material they're made from. So, just because they look the same doesn't mean they behave in the same way. As Andy points out, West Marine (as well as many other US suppliers) rate their connecting links to be about the same strength as the chain Connecting Link Also known as side bow chain, this chain has extra clearance between components for flexing from side to side on systems with curved tracks and sprockets that aren't exactly aligned. Connecting links are also known as master links. They're used to join the ends of a chain length

1/2''x 2' Grade 100 V-Bridle Recovery Chain with MasterJoining shackle Baldt / C-connector | Sotra Anchor & Chain

1) Lifting link chain, Coal Mining chain, Lashing chain ,Anchor chain 2) Master Link ,Master Link Assembly 3) Other related Rigging Sling products 3. How do I pay? TT(Telegraphic Transfer),30% payment in advance, 70% balance before shippment . 4. How do I receive the goods ? FOB, C&F, CIF are most commonly used trade terms Connecting two lengths of anchor chain -without loosing the strength Not sure what it is called in English, but there is a 'chain connecting link' sort of that you can use to 'tie' to pieces of chain together. This is what I intend to do.. Mooring Chain Cable & Fitting. Mooring Chain is common products for mooring lines, which is available from different diameter and grade. There is stud link mooring chain and studless link mooring chains. The above mooring chains can be terminated in either a common link or an end link The anchor chain is a classic link chain that is extra strong because of the construction. The design is inspired by a chain that is used to attach an anchor to a boat. It has repeated oval links that are arranged horizontally and vertically, usually with a vertical bar in the middle of each link

TIEN YUEN MACHINERY MFGPatent US4020779 - Chain/wire rope connector assembly forReal Life Accident: Anchor Damages Hull, Bow Thruster

It will connect: to Common Links of the same or different diameters. to Piles. to Closed or Open Wire Rope Sockets. to Polyester Rope Thimbles. It can also be used as a Subsea Connector and can be designed with a strong lifting point for installation and recovery Anchor chain is a special chain that connects anchor and hull and transmits anchor's grip. Often by the anchor end chain link, the middle chain link and the end chain link and so on. According to the structure of the chain link, it can be divided into two kinds, the former is stronger than the latter, the latter is stronger than the latter Detachable Chain Connecting Link C type | Chain & Anchor Detachable Chain Connecting Link C type Connecting Link C type is used for connecting the mooring lines for the same size, widely used for mooring chains

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