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Always bear in mind that the amount of time you're going to have to wait for your car to be repaired depends entirely on what you're having done. If you're talking about a simple procedure like an oil change, tire rotation, or tire replacement, you're looking at anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for the actual work to be completed How long does it take to repair a car? Cars that have been damaged in accidents can be repaired in less than a few days (2-5 on average), but sometimes it can take as long as several months. Some of the factors that have to be considered include

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  1. Although there is no official maximum limit to how long a garage may take to fix a car, there is definitely a fine line between good business conduct and taking too long
  2. or damages have been completely repaired in less than one week, while others may take twice as long. If a vehicle has been involved in a
  3. Building on our 90 years of pricing experience, Kelley Blue Book has the Fair Repair Range to show you what car repairs should cost. You can even get an auto repair quote from a local service.
  4. A mechanic can only keep your car as long as you allow him. Each hour that you allow your car to remain in his possession after your gut expresses it's doubts about your service choices, increases the chances that a cost to repair the car will be.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone can advise on how long is reasonable to wait for a car to be repaired. I bought a nearly-new (i.e. pre-reg) car from a big-name dealer in July. A couple of weeks later, I noticed some strange noises and vibrations
  6. A part of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the Tanner Consumer Protection Act states that a car is presumed to be a lemon if within first 18 months from the date of purchase of your car and within 18,000 miles of driving your car stays at the dealer for a repair for an aggregate of 30 days or more

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Hi all, i'm looking for some advice with regards to my tv which is currently undergoing a warranty repair from philips. Last may i bought a 47 7603d lcd tv, which had a fault occur in the beggining of march this year. I contacted philips about the fault and they arranged for collection on.. If the automobile manufacturer has had your vehicle multiple times for repairs, or if the dealership has had your car for 30 days or more, you may be entitled to a large financial settlement. This is called the lemon law Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the garage has an obligation to conduct repairs within a reasonable time frame. What is considered reasonable will depend on the type of repairs required. For example, we would expect a wheel to be replaced in less time than it would take to dismantle an engine There are many factors to take into consideration as to how long it should take to get your car repaired, otherwise known as cycle time. Cycle time is usually measured from the day your car is dropped off at the repair facility until the day it is picked up. The current nationwide average for cycle time is 12 days

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The time associated with taking it off the vehicle and re installing a new one might be 3 hours. The fender does not come painted so to paint the fender the time associated with that may be also 3 hours. (In this example we are assuming there is no blending of the adjacent panels like the hood and front door for color match How long do I have to repair my car after an accident? If you're in an accident and decide to file a claim, it's important to do it as soon as possible. Insurance claims can take a long time for companies to process internally. Not only are you involved, but a claims adjuster is, as well as the auto shop that will repair your car How long does it take to get an insurance check for a totaled car? As long as the process is smooth, you can expect a check for your total loss claim around 30 to 40 days after you file. Again, this is barring any complications. How long does a car insurance injury claim take? Medical claims usually take the longest to process The repair should have taken anywhere from 1 to 5 days, depending. When you change the head gasket you want to get the head machined. If the machine shop is right next door and not busy, then the mechanic can get it done that day. If it has to be shipped across town and the machine shop is backed up, it can take longer

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Car allegedly repaired 4 hours later 03/08/12 and recieved by myself . Car returned 20mins later 03/07/12 to the dealer as overheating and water leaking out beneath car. Car still at dealers awaiting repair. My question is can i reject this car as it is not in a suitable condition to be sold and that they have breached there side of the contract Imagine that you go to the auto repair shop to pick up your trusty old steed after a complete engine overhaul. The bill, which you agreed to pay in advance, is $1,225. This always seemed a little steep, but the mechanic talked you into it by claiming he would do a great job and that the overhauled engine should last another 50,000 miles 3) Get Several Estimates Taking your car to several auto body shops for repair quotes is the best way to avoid overcharges, Mallette notes. I'll tell people to go get some estimates and bring 'em.

This portion of the repair does not take long, typically 1 day, but procuring the parts may take anywhere between 1 day to 1 week, depending on the year, make, and model of the car. Engine/transmission: typically these items are not damaged in a collision, but if they are, will likely be the most involved portion of the repair and can take. What is reasonable is subjective and is normally decided on the facts of each particular case. We told Mrs Jones that as the hire-car garage suggested that these repairs should have taken no longer than two weeks to complete, this could be considered the 'benchmark' with regards to the time that the repairs should have taken So how long is reasonable for the repair ( I know, how long's a piece of string etc) I've had the car almost 3 months, it's been in the garage for 3 weeks, and it looks like it that's only going.

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  1. However, when I did get the car back, the tansmission shifted better than itever had. I drove that Rambler for many miles after that-long after I had completed my graduate work. In my opinion, it is worth waiting to have a good mechanic take care of a major problem. I hope your repair job turns out as well
  2. If the repair is taking too long. You can ask the garage for a courtesy car (this is a car that the garage will give you to use - not all garages will offer this). Keep a record of everything extra you spend on travel - you might need to prove this later on
  3. After the 30 day time limit has passed, you can ask the trader to repair or replace the part at their expense. This must be carried out within a reasonable time and without causing you significant inconvenience. You do not have to give the trader more than one chance to repair or replace the part if it is faulty
  4. The Lemon Law gives the manufacturer, its agent or authorized dealer a reasonable number of attempts to repair the substantial defect. The Lemon Law creates a presumption that a reasonable number of attempts has been allowed if either of the following happens within the law`s term of protection (the manufacturer`s express warranty, two years after delivery to the original buyer, or 18,000.
  5. Auto repair blogger. Come see me and Skype with a mechanic! Know How to Recognize an Accurate Auto Repair Estimate. 07/24/2014 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Driving a motor vehicle in the United States is a fact of every day life for almost all of us. We depend on our vehicles to get us to work and home, take our kids to practice, go on.
  6. When you buy a car, home, or major appliance, you may be offered a service contract. Although often called extended warranties, service contracts are not warranties. Service contracts, like warranties, provide repair and/or maintenance for a specific time
  7. I an little confused on you question, do you mean until you pay them for repairing it, or do you mean like they told you what was wrong and now won't return it until you let them repair it? If it is the first one, they looked at, they told you wha..
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According to the AAA, if you drive the current average of 15,000 miles per year, then you should generally expect to pay about $.57 per mile in various maintenance and repair costs. That works up to about $715 per month, but that also includes fuel costs Not long ago, to keep a car running beyond the 200,000-mile mark would have seemed about as likely as driving it to the moon. But big improvements in powertrain technology, rust prevention. Asking how long does a car diagnostic test take and how much it costs are valid questions for vehicle owners who believe they are in need of some type of car repair. After you know the problem, you can then decide when you want to have the necessary repairs done The older your vehicle gets, the more likely it is to need major repairs. The average age of vehicles continues to increase, with passenger cars increasing from 8.9 years (1998) to 11 years (2010). Light Trucks increased from 7.4 years to 10.1 years in the same time period (AAIA Aftermarket Fact Book 2012) If you do all the maintenance I'd consider any major repair (ie engine or transmission need a full rebuild) before 200,000 miles to be bad

How long would you say is reasonable time for an auto body shop to fix a car with light body and suspension damage? Two weeks? A month? Two months? Craig Hedges was driving on the Stanford campus. A one-year warranty is a minimum, Mallette says. His shop offers a two-year warranty for body work and a three-year warranty for complete paint jobs. Some shops offer lifetime warranties as a.. I'm with Gary on this one - a duration of 4-6 weeks should be the maximum a repair should reasonably take, and if it's longer than that, a replacement set should be being offered to you! Let us know what Phillips say Legally, there is some question as to whether they are required to provide a rental car at all when a car is totaled. Some case law states that a rental car must be provide for a reasonable time to repair the car, but if the car is totaled, there is no obligation for this

Here are six key car-maintenance tips during COVID-19: 1. Take a Sunday drive. Consumer Reports recommends driving your vehicle at least once a week for 20 minutes or more to keep the battery charged The car-care experts at AAA Motor Club in Heathrow, Fla. believe the best way to save money over the life of a vehicle is to choose a high-quality, full-service repair shop (or dealer's service. If your defect is so serious that you cannot wait (e.g., a safety problem) you do not necessarily have to meet the 3 repair attempts/out of service 15 days standard. However, you must give the manufacturer at least one opportunity to repair and then a final opportunity to repair. Speak to an Experienced Lemon Law Attorney Toda Cost for repair of vehicle made in 1973 or older is 75% or more of retail value prior to being damaged by a nationally recognized compilation of retail values. NORTH CAROLINA: 75%: N.C.G.S.A. § 20-71.3(d) Cost for vehicle repair is 75% or more of its fair market value prior to being damaged

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  1. e if you should repair your car, you'd likely need collision repair estimates. Some real world repair cost examples might help. Let's say you had 2007 Toyota Camry rear end collision car accident and it only sustained light damage
  2. Can I sue my mechanic for keeping the car too long at the shop? He had said 3 weeks max time to fix it and it has more than 2 months and still nothing. Today he called and said that to pick it up tomorrow at 5pm, but today in the evening I passed through there and seen the car still the same as when I left it there, no paint job, no nothing.
  3. What is Defective Mechanic Work? To repair a vehicle, mechanics may fix, adjust, replace, or remove one or more parts. A mechanic must perform repairs using a reasonable standard of care. This means the mechanic may not act negligently.To make repairs under a reasonable standard of care, a mechanic must use the standard knowledge, skills, professionalism, and know-how expected of a mechanic
  4. General Repair Shops: While parts often cost more at service stations, as compared to dealerships, labor often is less expensive. However, finding a skilled, honest, and affordable mechanic can sometimes be tricky. Auto Repair Chains: These types of repair shops tend to focus on one thing, whether it is routine oil changes, mufflers, or brakes.
  5. An auto mechanic is liable for auto repair damages caused by negligence while the car is in his possession. Due to its complex nature, it is better to speak to an experienced consumer protection lawyer to learn more about preserving your rights. Visit LegalMatch to find the right lawyer who can help you

How long an engine lasts requires a long list of variables to consider before a time frame or mileage can be given. I have seen engines last less than 40,000 miles and others that lasted more than 300,000 miles * Simply fill in your make/model/sub-model and zip code, and the name of the repair. The estimate is customized for your zip code, vehicle type, and factors in your average local labor rates, how long the job should REALLY take and real-time parts pricing. Prices are available for more than 10 million jobs For example, if repairs cost more than 60%-70% of the pre-accident market value and you decided to repair the car, we wouldn't automatically say it was unfair. We'll need to know more about the vehicle and the repairs to decide whether your decision is reasonable

Finding a trusted mechanic at a reasonable price can be extremely difficult. With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether. Auto Repair and Maintenance Services. Car Radiator Replacement. How can we help? Our service team is available 7 days a week, Monday - Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM PST, Saturday - Sunday 7 AM - 4 PM PST Auto body repair takes time and, with labor costs ranging between $75 and $150 per hour, it's easy to see how just labor can significantly inflate the cost of auto body repair. Luxury cars are always more expensive to repair with pricier parts and additional technology and finishing processes The best way to avoid auto repair rip-offs is to be prepared. Knowing how your vehicle works and how to identify common car problems is a good beginning. It's also important to know how to choose a good mechanic, the kinds of questions to ask, and your consumer rights. This kind of information may help you keep a lid on mechanical mistakes

Auto Repair Basics. Proper repairs and regular maintenance services are essential to vehicle safety and dependability. The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) recommends the following tips and resources to help consumers care for and protect their vehicles. Find a Licensed Auto Shop

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The Bureau of Automotive Repair serves Californians through effective regulation of the automotive repair and Smog Check industry Any auto body repair business in Massachusetts that engages in damage repair for compensation must obtain a Motor Vehicle Repair Registration from the Division of Standards (DOS). Damage Repair is defined as repairs due to vandalism, theft, fire or any accident or collision While there's no clear definition of what a ' reasonable time ' is, it probably needs to be within three to four weeks - less if the problem is obvious. Repair, replacement or refund 30 days to 6 month

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Large repair (car is uncomfortable or difficult to drive) - $4,000-$6,000; Extensive damage (car is not drivable) - >$6,000; While looking at those amounts may have given you a case of sticker shock, they accurately reflect the skill, labor, and materials necessary to make your car like new again If you have a $1,000 credit limit and charge a $500 car repair, your utilization ratio would be 50% and your score will suffer. If you don't have a card with credit available, you'll have to apply. Auto insurance companies and repair shops routinely disagree over car insurance claims. Here is why you should pay attention There are many reasons why your car repair may be taking longer than expected, from a backlog of cars ahead of yours to an unexpected complication during repair. It is reasonable to expect a fair price and a thorough explanation of why the additional costs of a repair is necessary - as well as a call to ask whether you want the additional.

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  1. For example, if you were driving a pickup truck when the accident occurred, and you require a similar vehicle for work, it's not reasonable for an insurance company to only pay for a subcompact car. Likewise, if you were driving a mid-level vehicle worth only around $10,000, it's unreasonable for you to request a luxury rental
  2. While your car is being repaired or you are waiting on payment for a car that is a total loss, you may want to rent a car. The insurance company will reimburse you if. the rental is comparable to your car, rented at a reasonable price, for a reasonable amount of time,
  3. us your deductible. ISO reports that the average collision claim was $3,350 in 2015
  4. Big national discount auto repair places are known for upselling and even trying to scare people into repairing things they don't need. This is why they do a 1000 point inspection when a car is brought in for only an oil change
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How long does a home insurance claim process take? The claims process can vary by state. Some state laws don't specify a specific time frame for insurance payouts and only grant a reasonable amount of time to either deny or pay a claim. Here's the rundown for a few states: California: Insurers have 40 days to either accept or deny a claim. If it costs more to repair your car than its value before the accident, your car is usually 'written-off'. If your car is written-off, you should get a report with the pre-accident value of your car. There are several organisations that can provide such a report for a fee of $15.00 - $25.00 We asked RepairPal to break down repair costs by automaker as well as by year. While the average 10-year-old car may cost $600 a year to repair, the average Mercedes-Benz costs more than $1,500 a year to keep running at that age, and the average BMW about $1,300. Even older Minis ring up more than $1,000 a year in repairs on average Think of a situation in which your car has been rear-ended as you're waiting at a stop sign. Because your vehicle has common features such as a rearview camera and LED taillights, and those are damaged, you're facing $3,000 worth of repair costs. At the same time, your mechanic is ready to buy that car as-is for $7,000

And even salvage yards post their parts inventory/prices online today, so you can establish a reasonable middle price for that part the shop is using. 3) Labor Costs: Auto repair labor costs are billed in tenths. (So 2.5 equals two hours and a half, etc.) While labor rates typically range from $50 to $120 an hour (at the higher end for. A cheap quote for a car paint job raises questions about the quality of the paint, how long it will last, and how the car is going to look a few years from now. If you want a complete paint job that comes with a warranty of at least a few years, $3,500 is a more realistic estimate, according to body-shop owners contacted by Carfax Find the best Mobile Mechanics near you on Yelp - see all Mobile Mechanics open now. Explore other popular Automotive near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers When you need a repair made, go to an ASE-certified repair facility, file a claim and pay a small deductible. CarShield then pays for the covered repairs. CarShield offers coverage for cars with.

Unfortunately, when you dig into the numbers, the idea of buying that much car isn't a great idea in the long run. Using a car loan calculator, we can determine that a $30,168 used or new car with a 5 percent car loan for five years with $3,000 down and 4 percent sales tax would have monthly payments of $535. We'll conservatively estimate. Generally, dealers hold your car for a time that is required to repair your vehicle. Sometimes dealers hold your car for a long time when the parts of your vehicle missing in the market. However, dealers better know how many days required repairing your car but do not lie to the dealers sometimes they just delayed without any reason Doing this can still get you a reasonable amount of cash for your vehicle, which can then be put towards a new car. Cars have very long lifespans when compared to most things that we buy. A car can also continue to sell, whether new or on the second-hand market, for decades after it was initially produced Auto website Edmunds has a car-cost calculator that includes estimated maintenance and repair expenses so you can narrow things down to your individual make and model. Saving $100 each month for maintenance and repairs doesn't mean you'll need to use the money right away

what is reasonable price for timing chain repair 5 Answers. local trusted mechanic says timing chain is going out but he is not equipped to do that kind of work. Took to auto dealer's service department and they checked it and agreed needs repairs and related.. I had my engine rebuilt in late August. September 28 the engine blows. It turns out to be a bad head gasket. At first they refuse to fix it stating that I cause the head to blow. I had to get the bureau of Automotive repair and an attorney involved but eventually the owner agrees to honor the warranty. That was on October 5th. I was told the car would be done one week later As a private seller, you probably aren't in a position to offer any such thing (you're not going to repair the car yourself, right?), so such a guarantee would be an odd benefit to offer. As long as the contract doesn't say you'll take the car back if something goes wrong (and why would you do that?), you're good A windshield repair quote varies depending on the type of repair and the auto glass service that you use. A damaged windshield poses a danger to drivers and passengers that can be avoided by having repairs completed as soon as possible. The price range for the repair or replacement of a windshield is between $20 and $325 Some estimate that the cost savings for driving a car that long could be as much as $30,000 or even higher, according to Carousel Preowned. In the end, however, it comes down to you, your driving.

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that services must be provided with reasonable care and skill. In my opinion, you did not use reasonable care and skill when you provided this service. I want you to fix the problem/give me a price reduction. If they agree to re-do the service, arrange a date for it to be completed by Unfortunately, more than half (55%) of Aussie motorists we surveyed about car servicing said they take as long as they can between services to save money. However, with a lot of things in the automotive world, prevention is the best cure and regular maintenance is the best way to prevent the financial catastrophe that comes when a major repair.

The car has had reasonable millage, a full service and is well looked after (we are an old couple - no boy racing certainly not more than I would expect a BMW 3 series tourer to be able to handle) I would expect a new turbo to last for more than a year and half and as I have checked a turbo should reasonable last for 90k miles with proper. The car's condition and how comprehensive the service records are can be invaluable indicators of whether a vehicle is a good purchase or not. Start with the overall condition of a vehicle. A car that has been well taken care of should show it in both the interior and the exterior

Once AAA has reviewed an auto repair shop and considered it part of their Approved Auto Repair program, they continue to monitor the shop. All shops on the list are continually reviewed through review cards. Each shop must turn in 20 cards each month, and auto repair shops in the AAA program must keep a 93% or higher customer satisfaction rate The cost of the repair or replacement is more than the value of the car; It's impossible to fix; It would cause you significant inconvenience; It would take an unreasonably long amount of time; If you're eligible for a refund, the car's seller may make a reasonable reduction to your refund amount to reflect the use of the car you've. Your car insurance claim deadline depends on the incident. Don't wait too long — in some cases, you'll only have 28 days for CTP claims

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How long is a 'reasonable' period for a repair? This will depend upon the kind of repair. As a rule of thumb, 28 days is often considered reasonable for repairs that are not urgent, and for urgent repairs it's often one to two days. Related Pages (4) Private rented housing The reality: put a reasonable down payment on your next car. but you should definitely check before you automatically go out and buy a new car because your old car needs a small repair. If you can keep your old car long enough, you may be able to pay for your next car in cash. Paying for cars in cash gives you many more financial options. If the cost of repair for your vehicle exceeds a certain percentage of the car's value before the accident, insurance companies will declare it a total loss. Some car insurance companies will total a vehicle if the damage to vehicle is at or above 51% of its pre-accident value. Other insurance companies will total it at 80%

Some argue that a rental car company's ability to recover damages for loss of the vehicle's use during the time it is being repaired, and in an amount equal to the reasonable rental value of a. Find the best Brake Repairs near you on Yelp - see all Brake Repairs open now. Explore other popular Automotive near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers How Long To Warm Up The Engine Before Driving. AAA Auto Repair Article. By AAA Automotive. Search For AAA Approved Auto Repair Facilities. The AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator is a powerful search tool that gives you easy access to information on over 7,000 AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities across North America However, you can still take the car to a repair shop of your choice and the insurance company will pay for the repairs. Check your policy for the deductible amount, usually $500 or $1,000 — that's the amount you have to pay out of pocket to the auto repair shop before the insurance begins to cover your service

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