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Technically, L'Amérique (feminine noun) meaning 'America' is used for the whole American continent in French. But we often use it to just refer to the USA. 6 - What is Americas in French? It's quite old-fashioned to talk about 'The Americas' Amérique is a feminine noun in French. In France = pomme de Pin (feminine) or cone de pin (masculine)Swiss French = pive (masculine)Occitan French = pinha (feminine)Canadian French = cocotte. What is the correct translation of american feminine to French? How to say american feminine in French? How to pronounce Féminine américaine

French Translation of American | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases américain (feminine singular américaine, masculine plural américains, feminine plural américaines) pertaining to America or the American people. 1955, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques, 1993 ed., Plon, →ISBN, chap. X,I p. 10 The Franco-American Alliance . The United States and France have had a deep and complex friendship since before the American Revolution, when Louis XVI's regime came to America's aid by providing money, arms, and military advisers, essential assistance best symbolized by the Marquis de Lafayette.The subsequent French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power also benefited the U.

Je suis amériCAIN (male) Je suis amériCAINE (female Masculine Feminine Definite Articles with the Names of Countries in French. When evoking the names of countries in French, you will usually use a definite French masculine, feminine or plural article (le / la / les) to go with it.. It means that when speaking about a specific country, let's take France and Germany for example, you will need to say l'Allemagne but not Allemagne. Here you will learn how to say different nationalities in French. When you're saying you're from put je suis (I am) in front of your nationality. In French you must make the nationality adjective correspond with your gender - masculine or feminine. Notice that nationalities in French are not capitalized

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  1. ine in gender (except for l'Antarctique, (In America, people speak French in Canada, Martinique and French Guyana.
  2. ine adjectives used for both countries and continents. But some countries have one word to refer to both masculine or fe
  3. Using the names of countries around the world is fairly easy if you have memorized them. This is an easy vocabulary lesson because the French names are very similar to what you are used to saying in English. The only tricky part is making sure you use the correct prepositions, which change with the gender of the country or continent you're discussing
  4. ine in German, whereas 'moon' is fe

The French for United States of America is États-Unis d'Amérique. Find more French words at wordhippo.com F = Feminine. M = Masculine. Most countries that end in the letter E are feminine in French. There are some exceptions. All languages are masculine. Click here for a big list of 110 nationalities in French with a Quizlet study set This lesson is about the names of the world countries in French language. The lesson contains five lists, one for every continent : Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Oceania. The countries are listed in alphabetic order, so you can easily find any country you want The French translation for italian (feminine) is italienne. There is 1 example of the French word for italian (feminine) being used

A simple explanation of Continents, countries, regions & states are masculine, feminine or plural (gender). Revise and improve your French with detailed content, examples, audio, personalised practice tests and learning tool But in French (for example), a cat is la chat, making it a feminine noun, while a dog is le chien, which makes it masculine (whether or not it's actually a boy)

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Discover which countries are masculine and feminine. Learn how nationalities behave like adjectives in French Almost all names of countries ending in a mute e are feminine. (Exception: le Mexique.) Je vais en France. I am going to France. Nous irons en Afrique. We are going to Africa. Nous sommes en Europe. We are in Europe. With names of American states and Canadian provinces, en is used if the French form of the noun ends in e or ie 9 Feminine US States in French Here is the list of US states which are feminine in French (because they end with an e): La Floride, la Californie, la Caroline du Sud, la Caroline du Nord, la Louisiane, la Georgie, la Virginie-Occidentale (West Virginia), la Virginie (Virginia), la Pennsylvanie Countries are masculine or feminine in French, the rule is: the last letter is a E, the country is feminine, la France but le Canada. With Masculine countries we use AU: Je vais au Canada. With Feminine ones we use EN: je vais en France. ç. The cedilla ç change the sound to the letter s. Negative Form. Ne + verb + pas. Je ne suis pas: I am not

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  1. ine noun so it takes the fe
  2. Though les États-Unis (d'Amérique) is the proper translation, the French often just say les USA. Likewise, most states keep their names in French, while a few undergo slight Frenchification. And of course, being nouns, they have gender in French. - Lawless French
  3. ine (except le Mozambique, le Zimbabwe, le Mexique) and the others are masculine
  4. ine since you are after all talking about la ville de Paris, and since la ville is fe

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Some Rules To Write Nationalities in French #1 Capitalize nationalities only when they are nouns, never when used as adjectives.. Example: Alice est autrichienne. BUT: Je connais une Autrichienne. #2 Nationality adjectives are written with an e when they are feminine.. Example: Martin est écossais. Glennis est écossaise. #3 If the nationality adjective is written with an e in its masculine. in feminine words = put e end of the words for example, France = la France, China = la Chine, Greece = la Grèce, Italy = l'Italie. for masculine country, such as. USA = Etats-Unis, Japan = le Japon, Canada = le Canada. you can check in french dictonar We know that regions, states or counties have genders in French, see Continents, countries, regions & states are masculine, feminine or plural (gender). Note that while we always use to in English for these places, in French we use different prepositions for one or the other.. à with cities, see Using 'à' (to/in) and 'de' (from/of) with cities (prepositions The question is too vague to answer definitively. But it has piqued my interest and I shall have a go at it for the sake of fun: The USA is not commonly referred to in terms of the Fatherland or Motherland. Upon the Declaration of Independence..

Country is neither a masculine or feminine word. Nouns in English are not generally assigned genders. It is relatively common (although slightly old-fashioned) to refer to a country as a person when talking about it. The pronoun people choose.. This long history permeates the culture in French people. In contrast, America is relatively new and is gradually embracing the idea of change - be it cultural change, government change, etc. Promoting Art. France is famous as the birthplace of many renowned artists in the world, they have a strong inclination towards arts. So they leave no. DOVE translates - in French - to COLOMBE. From the French word for DOVE we get the name COLUMBIA, America's goddess whose statue sits atop the Capitol Dome (the dome represents a womb) in the form of the Statue of Freedom, and after whom the District of Columbia is named Hofstede: Masculinity / Femininity. This dimension focuses on how extent to which a society stress achievement or nurture. Masculinity is seen to be the trait which emphasizes ambition, acquisition of wealth, and differentiated gender roles

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This is the feminine version of the French name Pierre and the meaning is stone. 166. Noëlie. In French, this girl's name means day of birth. 167. Solange. Solange means. América, el nombre del continente americano o nombre de mujer. En honor al viajero y navegante Américo Vespucio.If you mean to ask why is America feminine in Spanish, the answer is that it is. Most nationality adjectives in Spanish have four forms: masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, and feminine plural, though some just have two forms (singular and plural).. Take a look at the different forms the adjective francés (French) can take

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  1. ine; other states generally do not have a special French name and are masculine. Note the use of articles, which is largely similar to the use with country names: en is used with fe
  2. ine or ladylike languages relative to Germanic languages like English, Dutch and German etc. The late Danish linguist, Otto Jespersen talks about this a little bit in his book The Growth and Structure of English and Other Languages which was published.
  3. ine. Now, when it comes to people, it can be quite easy to guess if the noun is fe
  4. ine color. In many Middle Eastern countries, blue means safety and protection, and is symbolic of heaven, spirituality, and immortality. Many religions have their own associations for the color blue as well
  5. ine form and that each country takes a single of plural form

Indian translate: indien/-enne, indien/-ienne (d'Amérique), amérindien/-ienne, Indien/-ienne, Indien/-ienne. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary A French name goes beyond things such as being cool, easy to pronounce and unique. Not only do they look and sound beautiful, but also carry special meanings. French-speaking parents believe that the names influence a child's development and therefore, give a name after careful consideration Adjectives that describe a group of both masculine and feminine nouns take the masculine plural form. Bill et Judy sont mariés. In written French, some feminine adjectives are distinguishable from their masculine form not only by a final -e, but also by a doubled final consonant. un homme canadien a Canadian ma pool translate: flaque [feminine], mare [feminine], piscine [feminine], billard [masculine] américain, flaque. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary

For instance, he defines America as a masculine society. Masculine cultures are dominated by values, such as money, success, assertiveness and competition. Feminine societies, on the other hand, value relationships, care for others, and quality of life. On that scale, America measures as being a culture that ranks fairly high on the masculinity. French Canadians (also referred to as Canadiens; French: Canadiens français, pronounced [kanadjɛ̃ fʁɑ̃sɛ]; feminine form: Canadiennes françaises, pronounced [kanadjɛn fʁɑ̃sɛz]), or Franco-Canadians (French: Franco-Canadiens), are an ethnic group who trace their ancestry to French colonists who settled in Canada from the 17th century onward Léone f French French feminine form of Leon. Leone 2 f English Variant of Leona. Leonia f Late Roman Feminine form of Leonius. Léonide m & f French (Rare) In America it was more common as a feminine name after the 1940s. Lesly f English (Modern) Variant of Leslie. Lessie f Englis

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The country la Mauritanie is feminine so you use the article en, but Le Niger is masculine so you use au to translate the preposition to. Translation: French-speaking countries & Countries. It reached its height of popularity in America in 1987, but it did not become the highest ranked name until 1991, being overshadowed by the likewise-popular Jessica until then. In the United Kingdom it is still more common as a masculine name. from the French feminine form Célestine. Celinda f English (Rare French Etymology [ edit ] In the early period following the discovery of the Americas (i.e., the Indies ), the French called turkeys coq d' Inde , poule d' Inde ( literally hen from India ) , etc. D'Inde was ultimately spelled dinde by rebracketing A group charged with preserving the French language says Covid-19 is feminine, despite its increasingly common usage with the masculine article

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2 Making adjectives feminine. With most adjectives you add an -e to the masculine singular form to make it feminine.; un chat noir a black cat → une chemise noir e a black shirt; un sac lourd a heavy bag → une valise lourd e a heavy suitcase; If the adjective already ends in an -e in the masculine, you do not add another -e.; un sac jaune a yellow bag → une chemise jaune a yellow shir Latin America in US$ Million by Product Type: 2009-2017 Table 72: Latin American Feminine Hygiene Products Market by Product Type: Percentage Breakdown of Sales for 2009, 2019, an Masculine and Feminine French Nouns ~ Noms How to Know the Gender of French Nouns. Learn French with FrenchPod101.com 151,061 views. une cage, une image, une nage, une page, une plage, une rageun avion, un bastion, billion, un million, un lion, un scion This will help you learn the gender with the noun. Most French nouns become feminine according to regular patterns, but there are a number of. Women in Europe: La 'Classique Feminine' is COVID casualty - 03/15/2021 One of the biggest matches in the history of French women's soccer was postponed after an outbreak at D1 Arkema leader PSG. Some French diminutive words are even considered official dictionary ones! What they do is add a suffix to the end of regular French words. The lucky thing is that there are only two endings to remember. French Diminuitive Suffixes. 1. -et (masculine) 2.-ette (feminine

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Trying to learn French? We can help! Masculine/Feminine Countries in French; Masculine/feminine Countries In French. by farrukhkiani4u11, Mar. 2007. Subjects: french grammar . Click to Rate Hated It Click to Rate Didn't Like It The second Latin America which was central and south america. Third African which was only the southern. If Americans are strong, masculine and tend to prefer hard labor jobs, French men are effeminate. This is not to say that there are no masculine French men. It's just that the country's culture encourages the men to embrace their feminine side more openly. In America, men showing their feminine side are considered gay or weak

Laurence is an English and French given name (usually female in French and male in English). The English masculine name originates from a French form of the Latin Laurentius, a name meaning man from Laurentum.It is possible that the place name Laurentum is derived from the Latin laurus (laurel). The Greek form Λαυρέντιος (Lauréntios) is derived from Latin Laurentius Tibors de Sarenom (c. 1130 - post-1198), French poet writing in Occitan; Almucs de Castelnau (c. 1140 - pre-1184), French female troubadour poet; Comtessa de Dia (fl. c. 1175 or c. 1212), a trobairitz (troubadour), song-writer and poet in Occitan language; Hafsa bint al-Hajj Arrakuniyya (died 1190), Arabic poet from Al-Andalu The French civilization's music theme in the Definitive Edition. The French are a playable European civilization in Age of Empires III and its expansions The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties.They are the descendants of the Franks who inhabited regions in France.. The French held large areas in the New World until the late 1700s, but they still have small colonies in South America today

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Celine Sauvet,The French Rules-certified love expert+Feminine energy mentor is sharing a COVID-19 Update in Houston, Texas. March 12 at 7:51 AM · Let me guide you to connect and unleash your creativity (no need to be artistic at all to participate!), but also, to grow together in a community of women ready to work on themselves to take the. The Myth of North America, in One Painting. By Jason Farago Nov. 25, the wounded French soldiers are retreating. where Wolfe is all feminine curves. Face hale, where Wolfe's is deathly. In the second lesson we saw that in French nouns have a gender : they can be either masculine or feminine. Some of them can be both and the feminine form is derived from the masculine by appending a e . We also learned how the plural affects the nouns, i.e. by appending a s , in most of the times.. Paris Saint-Germain lead French Féminine D1 Arkema 25th April 2021 . WEEK 19 . Issy 0 - 3 Montpellier Goals From: Lena Petermann 18′ (Montpellier) Mary Fowler 31′ (Montpellier) Elisa De Almeida 90+1′ (Montpellier) Soyaux 0 - 2 Bordeaux Goals From: Ghoutia Karchouni 25′ (Bordeaux) Khadija Shaw 68′ (Bordeaux) Stade de Reims 2 - 1. When talking about going to feminine countries, use en; for masculine countries use au: Je suis allé en France. I went to France. Il veut aller au Canada. He wants to go to Canada. I hope all this helps. If in doubt, consult a dictionary. Update: The United States of America is the only country you really need to worry about in terms of plurals

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For a beginner, it is better not to bother with masculine / feminine of countries in French, for now. If you want to learn more about it, you could read this lesson. Notice that in a sentece like I live in France: J'habite en France , there isn't any article, that is, there is no le or la or les Favourite answer They don't have any gender. America France Italie Espagne etc: Feminine. Etats Unis is Masculine plural

Salut tout le monde! (Hi everyone!) I'm learning French and I was just wondering; with feminine and masculine nouns, are there rhyme-y clues or phonetic clues to help me remember which are feminine and which are masculine? For instance: in English I was always taught that if it sounds wrong, it's wrong. Like, you'd never say I got an grade on my test, you say, I got a grade on my test Kick-off Times; Kick-off times are converted to your local PC time In feminine cultures, people buy more products for the home, invest more in do-it-yourself projects, and buy more fiction. In masculine societies, failure at school is a catastrophe and may lead to suicide. In feminine societies, school failure is a relatively minor incident. In masculine societies, competitive sports tend to be part of a. The French Foreign Legion and its most famous US Legionnaires. But in the meantime it can be said that every Legionnaire, be he in the jungles of Tonkin, or on the boiling sand of the desert, should his time come, will be prepared to face death, either with a smile or a curse on his lips according to his own temperament, just as his predecessors have done i Tip: If there is a masculine and feminine form of the adjective, use the form that agrees with the gender of the person you're addressing. If only a masculine form is available (as with mon amour), the term is suitable for all genders. If only a feminine form is available (as with ma belle), it is only suitable to use with a woman

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French Feminine; the cow: During a trip to South America, I started teaching private classes, and immediately understood that was the path I had to follow. WHY I AM A GOOD TEACHER: Extensive experience allows me to go fast with quick learners, and to be extremely patient with those who need more time. I have learnt that there isn't just. French in Africa: 29 Countries Where French is Spoken. French is the official language of 21 countries in Africa. ‍ 1. Benin . Benin, located in the west, is one of Africa's most stable democracies. French is the official language of this country of 11 million people. The people of Benin speak Fon, Ge, Bariba, Yoruba, and Dendi, as well. Richelieu French From the name of the town of Richelieu, derived from French riche wealthy and lieu place. The historic figure Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642), born Armand du Plessis, was so-called because he became the first Duke of Richelieu. He appears in Alexander Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers (1844)


The World Health Organization itself has long referred to Covid-19 as la in its French dispatches, although in its initial French-language statement it did not mention an article at all. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, government websites and the media use the feminine form as well Paris Saint-Germain lead French Féminine D1 Arkema 13th December 2020 WEEK 11 Olympique Lyonnais 9 - 0 Issy Goals... Olympique Lyon leads French Féminine D1 Arkema 1st November 2020 Asa , November 1, 2020 November 1, 2020 , D1F , News , In French, adjectives change depending on two things: The gender of the noun they describe; The number (plural or singular) of the noun they describe; Here is a rule you can follow in most cases: You add a e to adjectives that describe a feminine noun, except if the adjective already ends with a silent

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