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Easy Way To Clean A Pontoon Boat? No Scrub. No Bleach. Stays Clean. Top Review Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of Acids, and cleaning agents that you dilute (with water) to suit the severity of your application. It can be applied anywhere from straight to diluted as much as 10:1 or more depending on the desired results Sharkhide Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner and Protectant 59 $128.98 STAR BRITE 87764 Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer - Safely Clean Pontoon Boats, Jon Boats & Canoes, 64 oz Was a little concerned trying this on a 2016 pontoon but results are unbelievable!!!-Eric Billings I tried other pontoon cleaning products but this is the bomb. Unbelievable results. Removes oxidation, algae, and stains. Extremely fast without effort. Great product.-Wayne Binkins Best darn pontoon cleaner on the market! Wish I had stock.

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  1. um Protectant. Sharkhide Cleaner, Sharkhide Polish, Aerosol Spray. All products are shipped same day if ordered before 2 p.m. 100% made in the USA
  2. Kit includes 1 Quart Protectant - 2 Quarts Cleaner - 1 2lb Polish SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons looking like new. Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting. The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup
  3. SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons looking like new. Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting. The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup. This product is the cleaning secret you've been waiting to find
  4. um cleaners are Sharkhide or Biokleen. Whichever cleaner you use, the general directions are to apply the cleaner, scrub it into the alu
  5. um cleaner is an excellent cleaner that gets rid of stains and dark streaks on alu
  6. um (including pontoons) looking like new. Providing protection against stains, oxidation, acid-rain, weathering, salt spray, and pitting. The results are amazing, apply a couple good coats and enjoy years of protection, along with ease of cleanup
  7. Apply a couple quick coats of our Sharkhide Metal Protectant on you boat to prevent streaks, stains, waterlines and oxidation. Same product seen on New Pontoon Boats. Can be used in freshwater, brackish or saltwater environments Sharkhide Metal Protectant is easy to install and requires no extra maintenance

Demonstration of using the Sharkhide Aluminum cleaner Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of Acids, and cleaning agents that you dilute (with water) to suit the severity of your application. It can be applied anywhere from straight to diluted as much as 10:1 or more depending on the desired results. Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is best applied to dry aluminum with an adjustable. tips on applying sharkhide aluminum cleaner. tips on applying sharkhide aluminum cleaner SHARKHIDE Cleaning Kit - Cleaner, Polish & Protectant! $159.99 SHARKHIDE Cleaning Kit - Cleaner, Polish & Protectant! $159.99 Complete kit. Everything you need to clean, polish, and protect your pontoon, or metal. SHARKHIDE will keep your pontoons... View full product details . Add to Cart. This video describes how I used Sharkhide Alumininum Cleaner, Metal Polish and Metal Protectant on my pontoon boat. You may like my other videos. Just type L..

Sharkhide pontoon cleaner is great for getting the dirt and grime off your boat. If you want to take a green approach and are against cleaning pontoon boats with muriatic acid, JJV pontoon cleaner is also a great option. An electric power sander/buffer and five buffing pads TIPS ON HOW TO APPLY SHARKHIDE 24-SSL (2012) Express w/6 strakes, awesome cable steering because I'm cheap, big gouge in pontoon where marina staff sideswiped their dumpster, redneck emergency toilet via bucket with a toilet seat glued to it (hey, its just a toilet), polished toons and a broken ladder strap. Hoping to log my 200th trip out this year (2018). 150 HP (2013) Mercury Fourstroke with 15x15P SS Enertia (Thanks. I have a couple quarts of Sharkhide and plan on applying it to the pontoon as soon as it is delivered, before it hits the water. My trailered bass boat is a Tracker 190 aluminum hull, and before I applied Sharkhide a couple years ago I had to acid clean it a couple teams every year Sharkhide and Bio-Kleen both offer a multitude of products for cleaning, preservation and restoration. You will need to determine what you are trying to accomplish to select the appropriate products. Your Bennington pontoon tubes are made of aluminum. If you want to maintain that striking mirror finish, invest in a good mechanical polisher

Dilute the Sharkhide Cleaner to the strength needed. I diluted mine three parts water to one part cleaner. Combine in a garden sprayer or spray bottle. Step 6. Spray on the cleaner evenly and let it foam. After about three minutes, rinse off with water. This will leave behind a nice white finish that will enable the polishing compound do its. The following morning I contacted Clint Bland, the owner of Sharkhide, and ordered a kit with the aluminum cleaner, polishing paste and metal protectant. Preparations: Get The Right Stuff! After the order was placed, Sharkhide furnished a comprehensive list of necessary supplies to ensure successful completion of a multi-day project Brian from Aurora Canvas asked: How does Alumetron compare to Sharkhide? Answer: Some of the key differences between Alumetron and Sharkhide are as follows: Hope this is the information you were looking for. Thanks for your question, Captain Aurora Richard Kittar The Skipper Recommends: ALUMETRON Related Posts: How to Lift Your Pontoon Boat off the Read More.. Applying Pontoon Cleaner. Before buffing your pontoon, it's a good idea to apply a layer of pontoon cleaner. This layer is to be washed off before it's able to dry however by doing this, your polish with last longer. Therefore, I'd highly recommend that you complete this step. There are many different types of cleaners you can purchase

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I then tried to get the toons clean with lacquer cleaner, however it takes too much work to get it so clean that Sharkhide won't smudge black aluminum oxide into the finish. It's so much easier to just polish the outside toons, nosecones and tails of my triton once per year in 90 minutes We did not have the factory sharkhide the pontoons, but the dealer says they will do it for $300 if we want it done. Is it really worth it? The boat sits in fairly clean fresh water for 5-6 months during boating season and our marina bottom washes it every year when it goes into storage

Go to an air conditioning supply house and get a gallon of the pink coil cleaner. Brush it on, hose it off 5 minutes later. It really works. Then comes the hard part if you want a chrome shine. Otherwise, just apply a product called Sharkhide and you're good for another 2 years Look into a product called Sharkhide. Go to sharkhide.com and read about the metal protectant that will protect your pontoons for several years depending on use and water conditions where you are. If you have any questions the fine people on this forum that have applied it or have had it factory applied will be glad to answer them for you.... (2) Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaners - 1 Quart. (1) Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant - 1 Quart. Amazing Aluminum Cleaner. Used for most any Aluminum Application. Can be used for Pontoons, Boats and more! We do not accept P.O. Boxes. See all Item descriptio

No rinsing or scrubbing necessary, simply apply and let the rain do the work for you

  1. e 3 parts water to 1 part cleaner. In a garden sprayer or spray bottle. Spray on the cleaner, evenly, let it foam up
  2. um structural and decorative trim pieces (in the building industry) from the damaging effects of masonry mortar as well as the elements. SHARKHIDE was an instant success! But with the advent of new building styles and.
  3. um Cleaner is easily one of the most popular cleaners on the market, which is understandable considering the number of satisfied customers they have! The cleaner comes in various size options to suit a wide variety of pontoon boat sizes
  4. um the pink is made to increase the surface area by making many little pits with more surface area for cooling, the NAPA stuff is made to strip corrosion and make small pits for the paint primer to hold on to
  5. utes. It's a lot of less work than spending a whole day cleaning the toons with lacquer cleaner before applying Sharkhide
  6. um. You will need to remove the Sharkhide and any other finish, coating, oil, wax or silicone that may be on the pontoons. This can sometimes be the residue from the polishing process. Doing so may reduce the high shine a bit

Q: Will Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner remove moss and algae? A: No. When cleaning a boat hull, use a pressure washer and a #2 (10 deg) tip to first Cut off the moss and algae while it's still wet. Then go back and scrub off any residue with a coarse Scotch-Brite pad and a garden hose. Now your ready to apply SHARKHIDE Aluminum Cleaner However, toilet bowl cleaner is a safe and effective way to remove the stains and leave the aluminum pontoon looking shiny and clean. Spray the outside of the pontoon with a hose or pressure washer. This removes the built up dirt and dust, while also getting the aluminum wet Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner. I took the challenge of getting the appropriate ratio for cleaning my aluminum boat. Since this cleaner is highly concentrated, you can make a 1:10 solution and it would still be effective. The mixture will depend on the state of your boat, pontoon, or other things made of aluminum. You can also use it to clean. SharkHide® is the ideal long-term protectant for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless and fiberglass Protect your vehicle investment against stains, oxidation (rust), weathering, grime, salt spray and pitting with this clear, tough, flexible coating—SharkHide Metal Protectant. Won't chip, flake, peel or yello

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  1. Sharkhide Pontoon Cleaner & Sharkhide pontoon sealer . 0. Boomer USA Member Posts: 310.
  2. Once dry, I used the sharkhide cleaner (what I used last year to clean my 'toons), which is basically an acid wash. Now--I didn't have any streaking *from* the acid wash, but there were vertical streaks on the pontoons where they had been left underwater (docked) from the previous owner
  3. um Pontoon Boat Cleaner and Protectant. Brand New. $177.11. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. Watch; S 4 I O p o n s o L r e 7 d 2 H M 8 J A. SPRAYON SC0767000 Indoor Metal Protectant,Aerosol,10 oz. Brand New. $12.02. Buy It Now +$5.99 shipping. Free returns. Watch; 6 S p M L 6 o n s 2 o F Q r 1 5 D e E d. SUPER LUBE.
  4. um from oxidizing and adds additional shine. Be prepared to put on your sunglasses after application. I repeat this process every three years.-Tim J Product was amazing, no scrubbing! Was a little concerned trying this on a 2016 pontoon but results are unbelievable!!!-Eric Billing
  5. Toon-Brite pontoon cleaner is a biodegradable product that won't harm the marine environment. It cleans and brightens without damaging other surfaces such as trailers or decals. The 1-gallon option can be diluted to make up to 2 gallons of cleaning solution. It comes with an easy-to-use 3-finger spray applicator
  6. um fishing boat to Florida without any bottom paint or other.

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Sharkhide Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner And Protectant. Brand New. $206.71. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Watch; MaryKate Boat Marine Auminex Poontoon & Aluminum Hull & Bottom Cleaner 32oz. Brand New. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 3 product ratings - MaryKate Boat Marine Auminex Poontoon & Aluminum Hull & Bottom Cleaner 32oz. $24.14 However, if there is visible, significant build-up on the aluminum, you will need to apply a cleaner. Clean. There are countless options on the market for cleaning solutions, but they all do the same thing: clean aluminum. There is no 'wrong' choice. Two popular aluminum cleaners are Sharkhide or Biokleen. Whichever cleaner you use, the. Sharkhide Metal Protectant on OSVCFPD Pump & Ladder Truck O'Fallon, IL: Polish and Protectant Tom Mooreland's 351 Cleveland, OH ; Sharkhide Metal Protectant on the wheels of Jeremy Litz's 1989 XJS V12 Jag. Strongville, O

Sharkhide will not chip peel flake or yellow - ever! One quart provides two coats on most fishing boats; two quarts provide two coats on pontoon boats with enough left over for touch ups. Note that Sharkhide is not an anti-fouling bottom paint Designed for super easy use, this Toon-Brite Pontoon & Aluminum Boat Cleaner 64 fl. oz. / ½ Gallon will remove oxidation, lime deposits, scum and waterline stains from most aluminum surfaces. This boat cleaner is fast acting, simply spray on and hose off. Its biodegradable formula will clean and brighten aluminum surfaces and won't harm painted trailers or decals - Two quarts of Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner: $40 - Two quarts of Sharkhide Metal Protectant: $120 - Quart trigger spray bottle (with adjustable tip), Scotch-Brite pads (3 medium grit, 3 ultra fine): $12 - Sponge mop, White cotton diapers: $5 - Garden hose or pressure washer, Safety gear (rubber gloves, eye protection): $1 For the best results, a better looking finish, and a longer lasting finish we recommend using Sharkhide's Aluminum Pontoon and Boat Cleaning Kit which includes, Aluminum Cleaner, Aluminum Polish and Aluminum Protectant. If you have questions on how to use this product visit our site or call us at 888.383.761

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  1. um cleaner. <br />Most trucking companies stock an alu
  2. Rated 4 out of 5 by Tom from Pontoon Protectant This product must be used after polishing of pontoons or rapid oxidation will take place. This product is the last part of pontoon cleaning. Begin with the acid wash, then sanding, then buffing/polishing and cleaning with laquer thinner, then this product to protect the finish
  3. Shop Boat Cleaning Supplies at Bass Pro Shops. Find all the boat cleaners and cleaning tools you need from trusted brands like Star Brite, Meguiar's & many more
  4. um Sealant is designed to be applied to pontoon boats that are new or well maintained. If your pontoon boat is oxidized or dirty and grimy, use Marine 31 Pontoon & Alu

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I used Sharkhide about 10 years ago on my smaller 25' aluminum pontoon houseboat hulls. Excellent product, a LOT of prep involved to get good results. It took several days of buffing/polishing to remove years oxidation and get back down to bright aluminum. Application is critical, follow the procedure to the letter Clear Polymer Coating Keeps Your Aluminum Boats, Pontoon, Masts, Fishing Towers & Outriggers Looking Shiny & New. It works best when used with our race proven and fisherman approved bottom coat, VS721™ Re: Clean/polish pontoon aluminum railing help Post by kenfly » February 19th, 2013, 3:07 pm I picked up some alum cleaner and a chrome cleaner which I think as the acid in it your talking about, read it on Flitz website said they use that then use the polish, I have some 3m polish I'm gonna try but it is a small container of it Ideal for Pontoon boats, Canoes, Jon Boats and other bare aluminum applications; 1 st part of a two-step process to restore look of aluminum; One bottle is enough for a 20' boat with mild to moderate oxidation (additional applications may be needed for heavier oxidation and will require additional Aluminum Boat Cleaner) 64 oz RestorePontoon and BoatCarpetCentral Aluminum Pontoon Cleaning Kit includes (2) Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaners - 1 Quart (1) Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant - 1 Quart Sharkhide Aluminum cleaner is an amazing aluminum cleaner you have to try, you won't believe the result! Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is not like the other off the shelf type aluminum.

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Well I can offer advice on the pictures, dont use camera software - just get a media card reader, one of those that covers 10-15 different cards for about $15-25, put the card in, (I use manual mode, move - not copy the files), I then use either IE to view but if you have Office 2003 or 2007, then Office Picture Manager works good for viewing, resizing, renaming, etc Boat Cleaning Recreational Vehicles & Campers Car Wash. 18. YEARS IN BUSINESS. Website Services (928) 680-9299. 513 Lake Havasu Ave N. Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. From Business: Arizona Reflections has serviced the entire Colorado River area for 10 years. We are the most requested and recommended detail business in Lake Havasu City an Pontoon & Aluminum Cleaner, 1/2 GallonDesigned for the do-it-yourselfer, Removes scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains. Also works on other aluminum surfaces. Simply spray on and hose off. Will make up to one gallon. Includes 3-finger trigger sprayer The advantages of a pontoon have also become a selling point for fishermen who want to take fish or bait out for the day and use them in a comfortable pontoon. The advantages of using a pontoon on the river are many. The clean surface of the pontoon keeps the water cleaner, providing cleaner water for the fishermen to fish in and clean fish from


Now that your pontoons are free of discoloration, it's time to apply metal polish. This step can take some time, but if done properly it will only need to be done once in a while. Many boat owners swear by Sharkhide or Biokleen metal polishes Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaning Kit for Boats: Beauty RestorePontoon and BoatCarpetCentral Aluminum Pontoon Cleaning Kit includes (2) Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaners - 1 Quart (1) Sharkhide Aluminum Polish - 2 lb (1) Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant - Quart Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is not like the other off the shelf type aluminum cleaners yo.. This SharkHide product comes in two formulas, one is simply a cleaner, while the other is the preservative. The cleaner would have been all that was needed if the hull was in a lot better shape instead of the buffing. This preservative is not cheap, like about $70 a quart. But one can will do probably 2 boats the size of mine with the quart

1 Inch Aluminum Air Cleaner Spacer Edelbrock Holley Riser SBC BBC 350 Ford 7.9 7.4 8.0 8: Stainless Steel Aluminum Cleaner Polish Metal 12oz Sink Pots Pans Utensils Shine 7.6 7. Sharkhide Hello guys, I started using Sharkhide almost 5 years ago for my Pontoon Boats. Following a period of time where we couldn't get the product here in Australia, my wife and I are now the distributors for Sharkhide Products here in Australia. If you have any questions please ask away! I'm only too happy to assist where I can Aluma Kleen removes oxidation, stains and discoloration from aluminum and other metals. Great for cleaning aluminum boats and pontoons, as well as diamond plate on RVs and trailers. Aluma Kleen is biodegradable, non-aerosol, and ozone safe. Removes oxidation, stains and discoloration from aluminum and other metal


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Remove Black Streaks Pontoon Boat - Clean Pontoon Boat | Biokleen 1.8 % Match. Remove Black Streaks Pontoon Boat - Clean Pontoon Boat Demonstration video on how to remove black streaks from pontoon boat using Bio-Kleen Black Streak Remover This short demonstration video and.. McKee's 37 has a marine specific line called Marine 31- they have a product that is specifically designed for pontoons Marine 31 Pontoon & Aluminum Sealant Be careful with toon brite. It will destroy the finish, and leave them dull. Sharkhide is a good coating. But not a restoring, cleaning product. I would use the etching aluminum. Using the right products to clean, brighten, protect and anti-foul your pontoons makes for quick, easy work and guaranteed results. Chris Hill Pontoon Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant Quar Find our best fitting wheel and tire cleaners for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. Use Code: SAVE2DAY. Menu. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping**.

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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaning Kit How Do You Get Black Stains Out Of A Pontoon Carpet Answer Zing formula iv aluminum pontoon boat cleaner n879 nyco weekend project the best way to clean your pontoon carpet carpet cleaning aluminium pontoon cleaner boats inc png carpet flooring 16oz 8 pontoon kits American Toon, Lebanon, Illinois. 222 likes. Premier retailer of Flatwater Inc's Sharkhide line of products. Proud to be 100% made in America P.O. Box 301 Hillview, KY 40219-0301. Phone: (502) 969-7098. Toll Free: (800) 280-3933. Fax: (502) 969-709

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Once you have cleaned your pontoons one time with acid, the pours of the aluminum are opened up, making your pontoons more susceptible to dirt and algae. Sharkhide puts a protective coating on the pontoons that seal the aluminum, allowing for simple rag cleaning. For details on this product and prices, call the ship store at 256.825.0600

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