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  1. A common symptom of a faulty blower motor resistor is a blower motor that is stuck on one setting. The blower motor resistor is the component directly responsible for controlling the blower motor fan speed. If the resistor shorts or fails, it may cause the blower motor to remain stuck on one fan speed
  2. Remove the front grill of the fan. Step 2 Lay the fan down on a flat surface with the exposed face up. Grasp the blades firmly and lift slowly to remove them
  3. Testing a blower fan motor winding: referring to the electrical diagram for your equipment, unplug electrical connectors at the fan motor. Measure the resistance between each lead wire with a multimeter or VOM. The multimeter should be set in the X1 range. For accuracy, don't measure when the fan motor is hot, allow it to cool off
  4. Started noticing the fire would die down and the thermostat was locked in a trouble code combustion motor Jammed. In the past I've simple unplugged the unit then it would reset and start up, but not lately. So before I purchase a new combustion motor/fan/gasket, is there any other sensors etc that i should know about
  5. Motor Is Jammed. Build up of dust particles could cause the fan to slow down or even stop. Power Button is Difficult to Press. I want to hit the button to turn it on, but when I press it the device still wont turn on. My fan fell from the shelf and not the fan blades are broken
  6. If the fan doesn't start running, you may have a bad fan motor. If you have difficulty getting the blades to turn, there may be debris wrapped around the fan axle, or the motor bearings may be dirty or jammed. Here's a second way to check for a bad capacitor
  7. Hi sir. This is a very useful and helpful tips by you. Thx to this. I know now about the parts of the motor fan. Just want to ask. What is the purpose of the foam pad? My mother's fan is stuck up and i know the motor is still ok because when i push the button switch the shafting is only vibrating so i cleaned it just what did you do

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Hi I remember once someone told me that a capacitor is used in a motor to give it a 'surge' of power so that it can start revolving by overcoming its inertia, resistive forces such as from grease etc. Electric current alone doesn't have enough strong 'push' to come out of its static position.. Shaded Pole Motor 120V 60Hz 1.01A 18W AC Fan Motor for Small Ventilation Equipment,Refrigeration Equipment Radiator Evaporator (YZF18-25) 4.6 out of 5 stars 26 $56.50 $ 56 . 5 If your fan motor is a 120V, it will most likely have four colored wires (black, blue, red, yellow, etc.), as well as a white wire, a black wire, and two brown wires. If you're working with the wires, do a resistance check between the white wire and each of the colored wires. The higher the resistance is, the lower the speed is, with each.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Fan Stopped Working - Not Spinning - Frozen - Faulty - Jammed? The Samsung evaporator freezer fan and motor is in the freezer compartment. The freezer fan is responsible for supplying air over the evaporator coils while the compressor is running Build your own fan or replace a fan motor. Mount one of these motors directly to a fan column. Four 8-32 threaded mounting studs extend 1 for mounting a fan guard.. View information about motors.. Note: When selecting a fan blade, be sure the rpm and hp are compatible and the shaft diameter of the blade matches the shaft diameter of the motor. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a.

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  1. Remove the cap and grill to inspect the red and black fan motor wires if the light on the handle of your Cordless nailer is flashing red and green. This means that the electrical system has gone into overload protection. You may have something wrong with the fan motor or the wires going to the fan motor. See if the wires are pinched or broken
  2. Omega VRM fan was jammed now fan motor is burnt out; Hello, welcome to ASUS Republic of Gamers Official Forum. Please note you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below
  3. Grease the Motor If you turn on your fan and the fan motor hums even though the fan blades won't move, the cause may be that the gears are stuck. Once you've cleaned the fan as outlined in the previous step, try unscrewing the motor housing so you can see the electric motor parts
  4. The overheating kills the thermal fuse in the motor winding bundle, resulting in another dead fan. The fan should take 10 seconds to wind down to a stop if it is a 15-inch fan. If quicker than this, it's time to unplug it, take it apart down to the motor 's rotor, and clean the shaft and oil the bearings
  5. Caution should be taken with any motor that has an automatic reset, as the motor can automatically restart at any time. To troubleshoot a split-phase motor, apply the following procedure: Turn power to motor OFF. Visually inspect the motor. Replace the motor if it is burned, the shaft is jammed, or if there is any sign of damage

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Lint and dust accumulation prevents air from flowing around the cooling fins and causes the fan to work harder. Your Dell PC may contain several fans to keep the internal components cool: Desktop PCs have more than one fan - processor (CPU), dedicated or discreet video card (GPU), power supply (PSU), and one or more chassis (case) fans The most common symptom of a faulty blower motor resistor is a blower fan that only works on one speed, usually high. This can be annoying, but troubleshooting is easy. If you start at the blower motor, and check resistance in the circuit, you will find the problem in no time. Power supplied from the fuse panel. Heat Pump AC Condenser Fan Motor Not Turning - Both heat pumps and air conditioners use the process of refrigeration to provide heating and cooling.One of the major components of that process is the condenser.A major component of the condenser is a condenser fan motor If the motor has a plug at the end of the leads, as most modern exhaust motors do, you can plug a small appliance, like a fan, into the socket the supplies the motor with power Putting the new motor in: Put the fan onto the new motor shaft, keeping the flat spot on the motor shaft in line with the Allen set screw on the squirrel cage. Tighten the Allen screws up securing the motor inside the squirrel cage. Put the motor and fan back into the AC unit. Replace and tighten the screws holding the fan motor in place

Bath fans vary in design, but motor replacement requires the same basic steps, no matter which brand or model you have. Turn off the power to the fan at the main breaker panel. Then unplug the fan and remove the motor plate (Photo 2). Some motor plates release by pressing or prying on the side of the fan housing. Others are secured with a screw. Outdoor fan motor stuck: Dirt or rust may have caused the fan to get stuck. If the unit requires more extensive repairs, you may need to repair or replace the outdoor fan motor. After you repair your AC system, make it a point to have your local Sears air conditioning professional stop by on a yearly basis for a maintenance checkup If something gets stuck in the evaporator fan motor's blades as it spins, it can stop the motor and potentially damage it. Look for any signs of string or plastic caught in the blades. If you find something wrapped around the fan blades, remove it, then turn the power on to the freezer again. Hold the freezer door switch down and see if the. Hunter Ceiling Fan Motor Cross Section Normally once the fan is installed you can look forward to years of operation and really not give it a lot of thought till there is a problem. Every day our Technical Support Department gets questions from people all over the World who have purchased a Hunter ceiling fan and are encountering various.

Most bath fans are mounted to a ceiling joist with the duct running parallel to the joist. Start by locating the direction of your ceiling joists (Photo 1). Then locate the damper (you may have to remove the fan motor and blade from the housing). That'll tell you where the duct lies in the ceiling. Mark the duct location The heater blower is stuck on in the high position on my 2005 jeep grand cherokee and will not turn off unless the igniton is turned off or the fuse is removed. I had it checked out and was told i needed a new blower motor resistor as well as a new blower motor. Both were replaced, did the work ourselves and it did not fix the problem The radiator fans have electrical motors inside of them, which will wear out after some years. You can test the electrical radiator fans by taking a wire from the car battery, unplug the radiator fan connector, and put 12v+ and ground into the connector. This is the fastest and easiest way to test your radiator fans. Faulty Fan Rela

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Fan motor stuck on low will not goto hi. 2002 grand cherokee fan motor stuck on low will not switch to Hi Posted by shoughton25 on Aug 02, 2009. Want Answer 0. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Comment; Flag; More. Print this page. Problem: Fan on your furnace runs all the time and will not shut off. Solution:. 1. Check to make sure the fan is not in the fan ON position on your thermostat. 2. If your furnace goes off on high limit or if one of the rollout switches are open then the furnace fan will run all the time because the furnace control board is telling the furnace that the furnace has over-heated and the fan. If your motor has oil spouts, try adding oil to the motor bearings to get the fan to turn freely. If lubricating the motor bearings does not solve the problem, or if the motor can't be lubricated, replace the blower motor. Required Part. Range Vent Hood Blower Motor. Enter model number to search for the required part specific to your product

A furnace blower fan is one of the main components in a hot air furnace or home heater system. The blower fan helps to circulate hot air throughout the home. However, it is prone to different kinds of problems. One of the most common issues with a furnace blower fan is the inability to start. Diagnosing the problem correctly can help fix the. You need to change your fan's bushings. Bushings hold the armature centered on the core winding of the motor. When one or both bushings are worn out, applying power on the motor will pull the armature to one side and cling to the core winding instead of making the armature turn

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  1. In fact, every fan motor comes with a Fusible Link or thermal fuse to prevent this from happening. It is used for two purposes. If the fan is drawing too much current, it will burn out just the way most other fuses tend to burn. Another functionality that this will offer you is to avoid the heat energy building up inside the fan
  2. Traeger auger motor problem - 4. If you have the long wire inside the motor and it gets stuck in between something then it could be a reason for what the auger motor is not functioning. On the other hand, the heating temperature of the auger motor make the wire molded and then the motor comes to standstill. Solutio
  3. Replacing a ceiling fan motor requires the correct ceiling fan parts. Before you begin, consider the type of fan you have. Some ceiling fans have motors that quickly and easily plug in and out. Other fans require you to match the colored wiring from the fan to your new motor. When removing an old fan, make note of the connections so you can be.
  4. Overheating can occur from undersizing the motor, insufficient cooling at low speed when using variable speed drives (VSD), changes to the load on the motor such as jammed equipment and hot.
  5. In a blower motor, the relay supplies the power that allows the fans to circulate warmed air. Essentially an on/off switch, the blower motor relay's reactions start and end the heating process in HVAC systems by controlling the flow of current between the power source and the motor
  6. g and hot, and the fan was not running. My question is, do I need to oil the.
  7. D Motor Body 1 E Wire Clip 6 F Coupling (Preassembled to the Motor Body (D)) 1 Any fan or parts returned improperly packaged is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. There is no further expressed warranty. The manufacturer disclaims any and all implied warranties

Stuck Relay - Relays in your air conditioner unit help open and close electrical circuits to turn components, like a fan, on and off. Over time, relays can fail or stick together from electrical currents, causing a circuit to stay closed and constantly supply power The motor being dissected here is a simple electric motor that you would typically find in a toy. You can see that this is a small motor, about as big around as a dime. From the outside you can see the steel can that forms the body of the motor, an axle, a nylon end cap and two battery leads. If you hook the battery leads of the motor up to a. Carrier 58CTA090 draft inducer motor, stuck blower wheel (heavy handed solution) I had a side job to replace a draft inducer motor on a Carrier furnace. The customer opted to replace just the motor (HC21ZE126A) and not the entire assembly so I removed the old one and then started pulling off the cooling fan blade then the blower wheel Furnace draft inducer motor with cooling fan. Be aware that the screw holes are not threaded—you will need to use self-tapping screws to install the motor. Carrier Furnace Draft Inducer Motor. Genuine OEM Part # 320725-756 | RC Item # 2347567. Watch Video. $372.72. 15% Off MSRP: $437.92

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Follett Ice Machine Troubleshooting Matthew G / Ice Machines, Troubleshooting / March 8. When it comes to making ice, Follett is one of the best manufacturers on the planet. Their line of commercial ice machines is used in a wide variety of hospitals, hotels, cafeterias and foodservice establishments. While they're durable and built to withstand daily use, an issue can pop up over time I'm replacing the motor in my dryer and the blower fan is stuck to the motor shaft. The fan flange is fairly stripped from me turning hard against it (I'm aware that it's a reverse thread). Most likely I'll have to break it up and install a new blower fan. The dryer is a Whirlpool LGC8858EQ0 that's 11 years old Yeah, one peanut - it got stuck in the Condenser Fan, literally preventing it from running. This in turn probably caused ice buildup, or in some other way increased the compressor load, which in turn finished off the start relay. which it probably did after the 8 years of repeated cold/hot cycling and the jammed condenser motor experience. Let's take the fan motor won't start at all first.Air conditioners sit for months without running and one of the things that often happens during that time is the motor shaft rusts and sticks in the bushing. Before ordering a new motor, try freeing the motor shaft by turning it by hand. In severe cases you may need pliers

With hydraulic cooling fans, pressurized fluid drives the fan motor by an accessory drive belt-driven pump. Some manufacturers use the power steering pump to drive the fan motor while others incorporate a stand-alone pump. Either way, it's hydraulics over mechanics. So a customer comes into your shop and says, My car is overheating Sometimes power is supplied to both the compressor and the condenser fan motor by the same contactor. When control power is applied to the contactor holding coil, the contacts should pull in, and the compressor should run. If it's stuck and doesn't move in and out, the next step depends on the size of the contactor and the circumstances I drive a 2014 Silverado 1500LT 5.3L V8 I noticed my radiator fans stayed on during my 20min drive to work, the ac was not on. temperature gauge did not move from 160*. After i parked and turned the truck of the fans still stayed on. So i started it back on for 20 sec. turned it off and the fans. Hunter offers a limited lifetime motor warranty on all ceiling fans; with a 1-year warranty on all parts (excluding bulbs) 5% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Subject to credit approval. Get 5% off your eligible purchase or order charged to your Lowe's Advantage Card. Valid for purchases in US stores and on Lowes.com. 5% discount. Reason 1 = The fan blades are bent upwards and or downwards which causes the fan to be out of balance and therefore wobbles creating a rubbing noise. Solution 1 = To fix this, check that each fan blade is angled the same, use a level and lay it on top of the fan blades, bend the fans blades so that they all are angled the same.. Reason 2 = The fan motor has lost its lubricating oil and makes a.

Motor / gearbox jammed: Check / replace motor assembly: Blown fuses: Check / replace fuses: Don't hear fan running: Safety Switch - Airflow: Charcoal filter clogged: Replace charcoal filter • The exhaust fan should run anytime the oil is hot and/or trying to heat. • The fan will continue to run until the oil cools below 192°F Yesterday I unbolted the fan from the unit to try and spin the blades by hand. To my surprise, it spun. It spun 3 to 5 rotations with a medium amount of force (the same force it would take to bounce a basketball 8 feet in the air). I expected the motor to be stuck and not spin at all, so now I'm second guessing myself Please keep in mind that the condenser fan motor is bad and you are not worried about saving the fan motor only the fan blade. We do not want to damage or bend the fan blade. 1. Sand the existing shaft with sand cloth to remove the rust if any of the shaft is sticking up out of the top of the hub. 2. Use WD40 on shaft and lock nut Kia Rio - Heater not working fan works but noise coming from fan. open glove box and make sure that none of the papers from that can get down to blower motor Jan 17, 2009 | 1998 GMC Sierr

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It sounds like you have a blower motor relay that is stuck if the system is manual and a blower motor speed control for the automatic system. Here are the locations for each and the blower motor wiring diagrams for both systems. the resistor, and the fan speed switch. The blower motor constantly blows on high and will not shut off even. 6.0 Motor problems. fan clutch stuck and constantly engaged? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. E. elite51203 · Registered. Joined Aug 8, 2009 · 86 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 6, 2015. Ok so here is my newest dilema--.

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Signs you need a new blower motor switch include the fan only working on certain settings, the switch getting stuck, or the fan failing to turn on when you flip the switch. O'Reilly Auto Parts offers blower motor switches for most domestic and import vehicles. Look through our options to find a compatible blower motor switch for your car or truck It might be difficult to remove rusty head nuts and studs,and the cylinder head might be stuck to the block but removal will show the state of the pistons and exposed portions of the cylinder bores and allow easy access to the piston tops.Aluminium alloy in contact with steel will corrode badly if it gets wet and can stick the pistons to the. My rear AC fan is always stuck on high - and even remains when I turn the AC off. I am wondering if anyone has any idea how to fix this. thanks - Oy . HVAC Heater Blower Motor Resistor Control Module 27761-4BA0A Fits For Nissan Pathfinder Rogue Sentra Maxima Infiniti G20 I30 Q45 QX4 QX60 https:. The blower motor resistor is the component directly responsible for controlling the blower motor fan speed. If the resistor shorts or fails, it may cause the blower motor to remain stuck on one. 2. Make sure your fan is set to AUTO and not ON. If your fan is set to ON, it will run continuously, regardless of whether your furnace is heating or not. Tip: Avoid setting your fan to ON, it wastes money because it forces the fan motor to run constantly. If your furnace fan is set to AUTO and is still running, then move on to the next section

Enter your model number, typically located on the top of your fan motor on a Hunter tag, and we'll find the right documentation for you. Ceiling Fan Parts and Accessories. Hunter fan parts like light kits, downrods, replacement shades, and even specialty bulbs can keep your fan running right If the fan clutch seizes, it remains engaged all the time, cooling off the engine too much. Excess fan noise at high speed is caused by the same problem, a seized fan clutch. This can cause bearing damage, radiator damage if the blades flex too far, or even shatter a plastic fan. Fan spins after engine shut-down might indicate a weak clutch.

A broken ceiling fan chain is a common problem. Even during normal use, the weak beaded metal pull chain can easily break with a moderate pull. The great news is that there is no need to replace the entire ceiling fan or even call in a technician for this repair. Fixing a broken ceiling fan pull is an inexpensive, simple, and quick repair that will save you much time and aggravation A bad fan motor running at a reduced speed because it will soon fail. In this case, the fan motor needs replacing. Conclusion - Furnace Blower Fan Wont Turn Off. As you can see, these problems are furnace control issues. Some involve safety controls as a furnace can be dangerous if not controlled properly 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Cooling Fan Stuck ON HIGH! - Hi everyone! I just joined today because I bought my first Truck. It's an 2013 F150 Screw Lariat Ecoboost. I live in Minnesota and when I started the truck 2 days ago (25 degrees), my coolant fan turned on high right after startup. The heater/defrost and the ac were..

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Next, check to be sure that the blades turn freely. If they do not, the problem may involve stuck bearings (see 'oiling' section), a broken flywheel (see 'flywheel' section), or simply something stuck in the path of the motor or blades that does not belong there. If the fan does not have a light, any of the above options are applicable Stuck on Condenser Fan! Jump to Latest ( a little louder and more ticking and vibrating then usual i think) but no condenser fan. Go up, looks like the old condenser fan burned up, chard on the inside, rain slinger(cap) all melted. DONE. So sense then i have replaced the Fan motor The run capacitor and the Dual run capacitor just to be on.

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If the fan motor doesn't start working, the problem is with the motor and you just need to get a replacement. 2. Check the fuse: If the motor does come on, the problem is somewhere else. At this point, we know the motor isn't getting any power. So check the fuse to make sure if it hasn't blown (it should be continuous) The fan switch may be at fault, but a more likely reason is that a blower motor resistor that controls the voltage going to the blower has packed it in, resulting in only one speed remaining. The fan motor shut off and starts again after several minutes. The motor is probably shutting off on thermal overload. The motor is overheating and restarts after it cools down and the thermal overload resets. This only happens with single phase motors that are thermally protected. The name plate will tell you if it has internal protection The fan motor hummed and the remote did not function properly. The 1st tech call told me to change out the dimmer switch on my wall to a single-pole switch. The humming stopped and the remote was. The fan is designed to run at a high speed under those circumstances. If computer fan is running at a high speed all the time, or if it runs up to a high speed right after the computer starts, follow these troubleshooting steps: IMPORTANT:.

What would cause the blower motor to be stuck on high? It does not matter if I turn the fan speed knob to 0,1,2,3, or 4, it will not change speeds or shut off. I replaced the blower motor resistor, but that did not resolve the issue. AC/Heat still seems to work fine, just the fan can never be changed 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Climate Control Fan stuck on High - I have a 2009 lariat with the automatic climate control. Noticed today that it is blowing full blast on auto mode. I used the fan control buttons to kick off the auto and manually control the fan speed all the way down to the lowest setting and it is still..

In my Caprice it has 2 fans and will run 1 fan below a certain temp and both fans if above a certain temp. The normal second fan always runs if the A/C is on. Having said all that if you are getting an engine hot message you need to check your coolant level. You likely have a bad water pump but do NOT go to the dealer unless you like seeing a. 2. How to Test the Cooling Fan Motor. If the fan fails to come on, you still can check the fan by connecting direct battery power to it (while working and making tests in the proximity of the fan, always stay clear and keep tools away from the fan). 1. Unplug the fan wiring connector. Closely examine the connector for corrosion or damage Blower stuck on high - I have a 2010 Mercury Mariner the blower is stuck on high. That's common when the blower motor resistor pack goes bad. The resistor pack typically sits on top of or adjacent to the blower motor. 2010 Escape with interior fan that only operates on 4 (high). ? 2 Answers. 2010 Escape with interior fan that only. Heater fan stuck on high speed - Can not change the blower speed from high ---- it will even blow when the key is in the acc prosition. Earlier the resistor was changed due to no fan at all worked for 4 months now fan motor blowing on high only. Could it be the switch or resistor or motor not sure can you help. 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS.

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After 22 years, the original Fan Relay went bad (condition: relay stuck in the closed position causing fan to run 24/7 as if in Fan ON mode). Five years ago, I replaced that relay with this updated solid state model (RLY02807) The radiator fan on a Saturn should give you years of trouble-free performance. However, over time, several things can go wrong with it. When the radiator fan does not work, this is a serious problem. The fan helps cool off the radiator, which acts as a heat sink drawing heat away from the engine. If the fan is not. You might hear fan noise when this happens, especially if you're in a quiet environment. This rushing-air sound is a normal part of the cooling process. Ambient temperature, the temperature outside the device, also plays a role in the fans' responsiveness. If the ambient temperature is high, the fans turn on sooner and run faster All fans now are required to be. What happens is that the motor can overheat (especially if left on for extended periods), and then ignite the gunk which has been referenced here, or the insulation. You would be amazed at the amount of gunk that collects up there, on the fan motor, the housing and in the ducts

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The typical electric cooling fan circuit includes a temperature sensor, a relay, a control module and the fan motor. The relay is the component that fails most often; so be sure to test the relay as well as its power supply and ground connections. Cooling Fan Relay That fan and motor are monolithic. One piece! Expand Signature. 2014 Harman P68 w/OAK self installed 10/18/14 w/ 7 tons of Sets stocked 2006 Harman PC45 New arrival 11/21/14 NC-30 EPA wood stove March 2016 Wood Master 5500 The pig installed Oct. 200

The motor is mounted to the underside of the cover. The cover is usually secured with 8 or 10 screws along its perimeter. Remove these with a nut driver or screwdriver. Some units have fans that are secured to the fan cage; in this case, you simply remove the screws holding the cage to the unit cover Cleaning Range Hood Fan/Motor Showing 1-8 of 8 messages. Cleaning Range Hood Fan/Motor: panabiker: 7/28/10 5:57 PM: I have a exhaust range hood that gathers a lot of grease. I have been cleaning the metal filters regularly but the fans and the motors have trapped quite a bit of grease. I can disconnect and remove the fan

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2013 F150 AC & Cooling fan issues - 2013 F150 5.0 XLT 153,000 miles This past summer the AC was blowing warm. I got it evacuated and refilled. It was full A/C fan blower is stuck on continuously. Fan is on no matter what position you place climate control position in. It stays on even when turning the switch in the OFF position. The only thing I notice is when moving the fan speed dial, blower operates in two speeds...medium and high, placing it in low blowers stays on medium. A/C blows cold air. Tape the capacitor to the blower motor control module wiring harness and cover it completely with electrical tape. If the customer concern was of a blower motor that continues to run after key off, then replace the blower motor control module and install the capacitor. Reconnect the blower motor control module connector Now, the question is why is that one stuck? It's rare for a Cruze fan to go high speed in the first place. I'll bet there's another problem causing the car to keep going to high speed until the relay contacts stuck. Possibly a bad fan motor that took out the thermal fuse in the resistor pack

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The fan motor is located at the top rear of the microwave and exhausts the air into the duct system or re-circulates into the room through the charcoal filter depending on the installation. If the fan motor does not turn on when selected, you will need to disconnect the power and remove the unit from the wall or cabinet to service How to repair an electric motor. Como reparar un motor electrico. Electric motors are somewhat fragile. bends or breaks the shaft, the wire breaks, you are off the magnets, are damaged or ball bearing, and end burned and must be repaired Ceiling fan lights are an attractive way to lower your cooling bill. Most of these fans are operated with pull switches to adjust the speed and light settings. Over time the chain attached to the switch can jam , keeping you from pulling it When the fan switch moves to any speed it energizes the coil in the relay which closes the contacts in the relay. So the power has to run from the fuse, thru contacts in the relay, thru the speed switch, to the resistor module. So if the contacts in the relay were stuck, turning the fan speed switch to off should cut power to the resistor module

I plan to pull the 4 pin connector from the resistor block and insert a 2 watt, 5 ohm resister between pins 2 and 3. Then, turn on the AC fan control to M2 (the speed just before high) to test the motor. I removed the motor last night to see what Toyota installed in my 2012 model. It is the newest fan from China, part Fan Spacer, Aluminum, Black Anodized, 0.500 in. Thick, 5/8 in. Pilot, Spacer, Bolts, Washers, AMC, GM, Mopar, Universal, Kit. Part Number: SUM-G4954B Not Yet Reviewe The blower motor is usually to blame when the climate control fan suddenly starts working intermittently or only at one speed. Thankfully, replacing the blower motor regulator is an easy fix, usually taking no more than an hour

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The reason being, on most vehicles, is that the cooling fan doubles as a condenser fan. When the A/C is turned on, the fan moves air across the A/C condenser, thereby removing heat from the vapor refrigerant inside. Possible Causes of a Bad Cooling Fan Relay. Cooling fan relays can stop working for any number of reasons

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