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Unfortunately, if you wanted to sue someone in small claims court you'd have to do it in the state where they live. You can sometimes serve papers by postal mail, but you'd have to follow the court rules of the state where the other person lives How To Sue Someone : Taking a settlement Since you will have found an objective lawyer for suing the defendant, you will aim to have an honest opinion on avoiding going to trial. If your chances of winning in court are low, you should working to secure a settlement that is appropriate for your needs In order to file a case in small claims court, you first need to figure out where the case will be heard. You don't necessarily sue in your own county. Instead, you sue in the county in which the errant party lives. Sometimes those counties are one and the same There are two widely recognized ways of representing yourself in civil court. You can use your judicial district's small claims court or you can file a lawsuit in superior court, known in legal terminology as in pro se or in propria persona, which is commonly referred to as in pro per Talk to the person or business you are thinking about suing. Try to work things out before going to court. You can also write a demand letter that asks the person or business in writing what you are asking for. Get help with a demand letter

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  1. If you have done everything you can to avoid a lawsuit, then your last step is to sue the company. You need to be within the statute of limitations for your state, and you will need the company's legal business name, the name of the owner, and their contact information before you file the lawsuit
  2. The emotional distress must be the result of physical injury caused by the person you are suing. For instance, you might be able to sue for emotional distress if you saw an accident that killed a loved one. You must have suffered emotional issues afterwards.
  3. How to Sue Someone Who Owes You Money. If someone owes you money and they refuse to pay, you can file a lawsuit with small claims court. But before you do that, you should try to work things out. If you are suing a company, make sure the right people are aware of the debt. Sometimes company communications are slow or disjointed
  4. Fill out a defamation complaint and file your lawsuit. Obtain a civil complaint form from your county civil court. You can often find forms on court websites. You will need to provide the name and address of the person who defamed you, as well as a summary of your case

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  1. The person or business you're suing is the defendant. The caption also includes the case's file number, but this won't be assigned until you file your complaint with the clerk. Leave space for it, and the clerk will fill it in. Below the case number, you should write the title of your document
  2. How To Sue Someone For Property Damage. By definition, the term property damage refers to damages or injury either to your personal property or to you and this damage is done either through act of nature, willful destruction and negligence. Property damage by law is categorized into three distinct ways
  3. While most employment lawsuits are against employers, an employer can sue an employee for such things as breach of contract or violation of a restrictive covenant. If the amount of money is small, you may be able to take your case to a small claims court. Each state has specific dollar limits for small claims court. Who Is It You Want to Sue
  4. You might find it necessary to sue someone to collect a debt or force another person to complete an action such as transferring the title of a car you've purchased. Disagreements may arise over the interpretation of contract language, whether an actual contract is in place, or how to enforce the terms contained in a contract

Watch more How to Understand Legal Issues videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/324733-How-to-Sue-SomeoneStuff happens — and sometimes you deserve to be comp.. How Do You Sue Someone? No one looks forward to filing a lawsuit with excitement, even if the potential payout is high. Still, having the right to sue is important; sometimes, it is the only way to stand up for your rights and seek compensation when someone harms you There Are Many Reasons to Sue Someone. There are a lot of popular reasons to sue someone and they can all win in court if you have enough evidence. To increase your chances of winning, hire a good lawyer, and have everything you need to make your case. For more interesting articles like this, take a look at our Living section

Once you decide to sue someone in court, there are several issues you need to consider to prepare yourself for the case. Read this section carefully to make sure you are starting your case properly. As the person who is filing the civil lawsuit, you are the plaintiff. There can be one or more plaintiffs If you're suing an individual or individuals, it should be obvious. If you're suing a business, you'll want to name the corporation or parent corporation. Step 5: File the complaint File your complaint that describes your claim against the defendant How to sue someone in Small Claims court, represent yourself,sue someone, win and collect your judgment. What to do if you are being sued in Small Claims. In Small Claims courts (SCC) ordinary people settle minor disputes concerning money or property with a neighbour, a merchant or a customer for amounts up to $25,000 (Alberta is now $50.000.00)

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Broadly speaking, if you sue because of a breach of a contract, the defendant will usually be the person or business you contracted with (for example, the landlord who breached your lease). In a case alleging some type of personal injury or damage to property, the defendant will usually be the person or business who actually caused the injury. Party - a person or group of people forming one side in a dispute. Parties - both sides in the dispute. Suing - If you sue someone you start a court process to bring a legal claim against them. This can also be known as taking legal action, bringing a claim, bringing a civil claim, going to court, starting legal proceedings or litigation If someone is suing you, decide if you should counter-sue. If you want to sue someone who is already suing you, find out how make a Defendant's Claim by clicking here: Replying to a Claim. 5. Prepare your claim. A Court Assistant can GUIDE YOU to complete the form now If you are under 18 and wish to sue someone, you will need a litigation guardian unless the court considers otherwise, and your litigation guardian will require a lawyer. A litigation guardian is an adult who will help you conduct the case and will usually be either your parents or legal guardian Sue definition is - to seek justice or right from (a person) by legal process; specifically : to bring an action against. How to use sue in a sentence

To sue someone, you will have to identify a person, persons, or entity whom you think is responsible. In a car accident, usually, the other driver is the obvious target. If they were drunk or distracted, you will have a strong claim against them. However, you can sue other entities besides people Making the decision to sue someone is a big step. Going to court can take time and getting both parties to come to an agreement is difficult at best. That's why it's always best to see what type of settlement the insurance companies offer first. Ultimately, deciding to sue the other driver is a matter of personal preference A Small Claims lawsuit is a claim against another party for damages of an amount less than $3,500.00. These lawsuits are designed to resolve civil disputes in front of a small claims hearing officer or a Justice of the Peace If someone owes you $10,000 or less, then you can sue in a California small claims court. If you are owed more than $10,000, you can still sue in small claims, but you have to waive any additional amount you are owed

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If you have mixed feelings about who is at fault, share them with your attorney but don't say anything to the person suing you—or his or her attorney. At least not right away. After all, you might feel at fault, but not feel like you need to pay an extra million for your employee, customer or supplier's emotional stress How to sue someone. Are you thinking of claiming something from someone? The basis for the claim has to be thought out. Is it a matter of your ownership or contractual entitlement or some other basis? The remedy also needs to be clearly identified. Is it money - and if so at what stage is the loss measured? Is it an order for delivery of.

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The person you sue can challenge you at any time. They can appeal and win. That's because the statute of limitations says if the Court can hear and decide the case at all. If you wait too long, you take away the Court's jurisdiction to hear your case. What are Summons and Complaint:. When someone says something that damages your reputation, it might be worthwhile to sue for defamation. It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation and only one bad one to lose it, according to Benjamin Franklin. Defamation law recognizes this The family members of someone who suffered due to another person's actions might be able to sue for emotional distress. Emotional distress damages have been awarded to family members in lawsuits where family members have been affected. This includes medical malpractice, false conviction, wrongful death, and many other cases Receive Additional Damages: In court, you can sue the tenant for the actual money you are owed, but also for additional damages. For example, if a tenant breaks their lease and moves out early, you can sue them for the rent that is due for the remainder of the lease and potentially the costs associated with finding a new tenant to fill the vacancy In general, under the Federal Tort Claims Act, it is possible to sue the federal government for negligent or wrongful acts of its agents. Federal Tort Claims Act - Overview. Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. 171) In many cases, some of which I have attached below, courts have allowed lawsuits for CIA abuse under MK-ULTRA

Someday you may need to sue someone. It rarely works when done wrong. And it's usually done wrong. There are some basic guidelines for doing it better: For small bucks, small claims court works. In either case, if you knew or should have known about a defect, and chose to buy the home anyway, a court will not allow you to sue the seller. And even if you were not told about certain defects that the seller did know about, such as a rusty doorknob in the hallway closet, or a cracked pane in a French door, such minor defects are not.

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  1. Expert: Eric Ching, President of Ching & AssociatesPhone: 619-663-8821Email: eching@chinglawgroup.comWebsite: http://www.chinglawgroup.comStay Savvy Prof..
  2. To sue someone, you'll need to pay filing fees, court costs, and attorney fees. The exact dollar values for these fees vary based on where you're filing and what your attorney charges. Average attorney fees range from $150 to $300 per hour, but those numbers might be higher or lower depending on your needs and location
  3. To sue in the Court of Claims, one must first prepare a claim, file it with the court clerk, and serve a copy on the NYS Attorney General personally or by certified mail return receipt requested. A $50 fee is required when filing a Claim. The Claim is deemed filed when it is actually received by the Chief Clerk in Albany
  4. If you think someone owes you money or has broken the rules of a contract, you can sue them in court. This includes some employment issues, such as wrongful dismissal and unpaid wages.. If you're asking for $35,000 or less, you can file a claim in Small Claims Court. But if you're asking for more, you must do that in Superior Court.If what you are owed is more than $35,000, but you are willing.
  5. First of all, you should hire a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction who knows the applicable rules of civil procedure, which include the rules about how to bring a lawsuit, and discuss with the lawyer whether you have a claim to bring against.
  6. A person or a business can sue for up to $5,000. (You can sue for more than $5,000, but you must sue in Magistrate Court. You cannot get around the $5,000 limit by filing 2 small claims.) The rules are simple. You don't need a lawyer. (You can talk to a lawyer before and after your trial , but you cannot have a lawye

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  1. Can you sue someone for hitting you without insurance? It might not be worth the hassle of filing a lawsuit when you have alternative coverage to lean on. If you've exhausted your other options and you're still struggling to pay the bills because of your injuries, filing a personal injury claim could be an option
  2. To sue someone in Minnesota, the person or business you are suing must have some connection to Minnesota. If the person or business you are suing is located in Minnesota, the Minnesota courts have jurisdiction. But if the person or business you are suing is not located in Minnesota, we must find some other connection
  3. A Colorado small claims court hears cases involving money, property or contracts where the disputed amount of money does not exceed $7,500. Common examples of cases that can be heard in a Colorado small claims court include landlord-tenant disputes, car accident cases where an insurance company is not involved and debt collection by a creditor
  4. You have to figure out where you have personal jurisdiction against the defendant and sue in that location. For example, if you are from Pennsylvania and you get in a car accident in Pennsylvania with someone in New Jersey, you would sue in the co..
  5. In order to sue someone for breach of an oral contract, you need to prove that a binding agreement was in place. There are four basic elements to a legally binding verbal or written contract: Offer: An offer must be made by one person. Acceptance: The terms of the offer must be accepted by the other party
  6. Once you receive a right-to-sue letter, you must file your lawsuit within 90 days. This deadline is set by law. If you don't file in time, you may be prevented from going forward with your lawsuit. Steps to Take Before You Sue Someone for Harassment. If you do decide to take your claim to trial, you should consider going over other options.
  7. Here's a quick guide to all the different things you'll have to pay for when you sue someone. Hiring an Attorney. This is the most expensive part of any lawsuit. Attorneys aren't cheap. They can charge multiple thousands of dollars per hour, so even if your case is simple, you can end up spending a small fortune on a lawyer..

You can sue someone from another country just as you can be sued in the United States by someone from another country. There are some laws in the US that pertain to libel and slander. If you were involved in a libel or slander case your best bet would be to sue the individual in the country in which they live Claims you can take to civil court. Cases are brought to the civil court by individuals or organisations and sometimes local or central government to help settle a dispute

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There are a multitude of reasons people want to sue others, such as money owed, damage to your property or your business reputation, or because of some sort of accident, among others. Before you decide to take someone to court, there are some basic facts about civil litigation you should know How to Sue Someone for Property Damage. Property is loosely defined as anything tangible that belongs to you. This includes your car, your house, your clothing — even your pets and the food in your refrigerator. But what happens if someone else intentionally or accidentally causes damage to that property, especially when it's considered.

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The Small Claims Section of the Special Civil Part Court is where you can sue a person or business (the defendant) to collect a small amount of money that you believe is owed to you. You can sue for up to $3,000 in small claims court, or up to $5,000 if the lawsuit is based upon the return of a tenant's security deposit If you sue a person, this means that you are taking them to court because you believe they have committed a wrong against you and therefore they have broken a civil law. However suing someone can be a stressful, complicated, time-consuming and expensive process so it is really important that you seek legal advice first Essentially, if you sue someone after a car accident, you're claiming that person isn't just at fault, but was also negligent. Theoretically, when the other driver is at fault, that's when their insurance pays the claim. However, if the insurance refuses to pay some or all of the claim, or if the driver wasn't carrying adequate. The Small Claims Division was established by the Ohio General Assembly in 1967 with the enactment of Chapter 1925 of the Ohio Revised Code. The division of the court was created to provide a more informal, expeditious and inexpensive means for individuals to pursue claims for smaller sums of money

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  1. How Much Does it Cost to Sue Somone? There are a couple of different ways that you can be charged for the legal process involved in suing someone by a lawyer. The first way is on an hourly basis. Typical costs for a civil suit lawyer range from $100 - $300+ per hour
  2. If you believe that the statement is threatening and dangerous, you can take legal action and sue someone for threat. There are different kinds of threats like threats to animals, damage property, threat of death, etc. There are various ways to communicate threats. If you are the one receiving a threat, you need to prove the allegation
  3. Due to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, an individual may not sue the state of Texas unless there is a constitutional or legislative waiver in place against the doctrine. There is also one other instance where a party may be able to sue the state and that is through a limited waiver procedure that was enacted by the Texas Tort Claims Act

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It would help rapists sue if their victims terminate a pregnancy Someone who provides funds for an abortion could also be sued, even if they didn't know that's what the money was being used for When you sue someone, you must do so under the proper venue. This means that the court where you bring the claim must have jurisdiction and the legal power to hear your case. For example, when filing a personal injury claim, you will usually file the lawsuit in the county where the accident happened, the county where the person who caused the. research whether the person you're trying to sue might be able to claim some kind of legal defense or even immunity; research similar cases to find out what kind of compensation you might reasonably expect; collect all necessary documentation and evidence to help prove your side of the cas

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How to Sue in Justice Court (Small Claims Court) Printer-friendly version. Click the link below for the full publication. What is the maximum amount of money you can be awarded in Justice Court? Texas Young Lawyers Association How do I sue someone who owes me $20,000? Contact a local litigation lawyer through AVVO. The amount you are owed is too big for small claims court, where you could represent yourself Can You Sue Someone for Punching You? Posted in Personal Injury on July 23, 2018. There are plenty of circumstances that can lead to fights. If you're involved in one, there's a chance you may be on the receiving end of a punch, which could lead to potential health complications depending on the severity of the attack

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They want someone to tell them they are right, the person that sued them is wrong, and provide sympathy. That is certainly the expected role of family, and friends. It is a whole other matter entirely to counter - sue the person and attempt to win money from them. The Benefits of Malicious Prosecution Suits A lawsuit asks the court to force someone to do something, like pay money or move out of an apartment. There are many different types of lawsuits that a person can bring. Usually, the person that starts the lawsuit is called the plaintiff, and the person they sue is called the defendant. A person can sue multiple people in one lawsuit The person you're suing may send you the money you are owed. If this is the case, notify the court that you wish to have your case dismissed. The person you're suing may not respond. If this is the case, you may file a notice of default requesting that the court grant you default judgment, which means you automatically win and can collect money. It's a legal document that allows a person, called the principal, to appoint someone to act on their behalf, called the agent. The agent is sometimes also called the power of attorney. The agent steps into the principal's shoes and can take almost any action the principal could take, such as withdrawing money from bank accounts, opening credit. If you need an order to make someone do or stop doing something, other courts are available. For example, if you want to file for divorce or increase child support, you'll need to go to a family law court. Who Can Sue in Virginia District Court, Small Claims Division

Lawsuits can provide resolutions in difficult business disputes, but they should be the last-ditch effort. Before going to that extent, a Notice of Intent to Sue letter can avoid costly time in court. Writing such a demand letter requires specific criteria and a professional tone It is always best to get professional help when you want to sue someone; so that the legal professional can explain and advice on the legal process needed to get your money back. It is always best if you have proof of the loan in writing either with an AOD or a PN; but even if the agreement was not in writing you must try and find some proof of.

The amount of money you seek to recover may not exceed $10,000 in cases brought by a natural person (a natural person is defined as a human being). The limit for all other cases brought by a business, corporation, or other business entity, remains at $5,000. The filing fee is $50 and must be made in cash, VISA or Mastercard The process of suing someone in Nigeria is to bring an action in court against a person for various reasons such as a breach of contract, tortuous act and among others. Before taking the decision to sue a person in Nigeria, it is good to consider whether there are other options available for reconciling differences or enforcing one's rights

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Also, you cannot sue someone for failing to shovel or put down rock salt on their sidewalk or stairs. However, if there is a gutter or a roof, or some kind of overhang that causes rain or snow to melt and deposit water or ice in a particular area, that might be the basis for suing someone One of the real opportunities that you, as the plaintiff's employment attorney, have is to discuss these questions with your client. After all, if your client is going to be suing someone for discrimination or harassment, they most likely know the person, and therefore can be a source of insight into how that person might react If Someone sues You Could You counter sue Them Back? | Yahoo Best Answer: If it is a frivolous lawsuit you can sue them.Keep in mind, the mere fact they didn't win isn't enough to make the lawsuit frivolous.There are certain specific laws that let people in certain kind of lawsuits recover legal fees if they win. These are exceptions, no How to Sue Spam Texters Unwanted text messages can be both annoying and expensive. If you have had it and want to stop unwanted text messages, help is available. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) provides consumers with a private right of action. This means that you can sue spam texters. A consumer attorney [

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How to Sue or File a Lawsuit Against Your Employer Under New York law, you can only collect damages for medical expenses, lost wages and some other expenses related to your accident. You cannot sue your employer for pain, suffering, or emotional damage stemming from the loss of a loved one Yes, you can sue him to have him indemnify you. If you are both sued and at some point in the litigation you come up with enough money to pay off the debt, you should consider buying the debt from the lender or having the loan assigned to you so that you can continue the litigation against the other borrower How Long Do I Have to Sue? One of the most frequent questions we are asked at Seikaly, Stewart, and Bennett is, How long do I have to sue?. Statutes of limitation can be very complex and the information given here should not be considered legal advice about how long a person has in any given situation to bring a lawsuit. However, here are some general guidelines that will help you. Litigation means suing or being sued in a court of law. Here's the lowdown on how to sue someone in court. I explain the process, procedures, considerations, timelines, and requirements, involved in court litigation On the other hand, if your case barely exceeds the maximum, you may wish to waive the excess amount in dispute. For example, you are owed $5,500, but the law only allows an award of $5,000 in small claims court. You can decide it is worth it to you to sue for only $5,000 rather than have to incur higher court costs or substantial attorney's fees

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