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FDA licensed. Extensive donor background checks & medical screenings. Financing available. No hidden fees. Nationwide shipping. Home insemination kits. Dedicated support. Since 198 Take the First Step in Your Fertility Journey. Schedule a Virtual Consultation With a Fertility Center Near You My follicle was 23mm and lots of EWCM. They wanted me to trigger that night and come back two days later. Seemed crazy to me because 23mm sounded like I was READY for my IUI now, not in 2 days. I went home and took a digital ovulation test and it was a solid smiley! I was ready! So I called the fertility.. Optimal follicle size Apart from the number of follicles, the diameter of follicles also affects IUI success. One study reported that patients with a follicle size of 19-20 mm had much higher clinical pregnancy (30.2%), ongoing pregnancy (24%) and live birth rate (24%). 5 IUI success with ovarian stimulation protocol For both CC and letrozole, higher pregnancy rates were achieved when the leading follicles were in the 23 to 28 mm range. The optimal size of the leading follicle was not statistically significantly different between cycles using CC or letrozole

The overall mean diameter of the leading follicle was 23 mm in the group treated with CC and 22 mm in the group treated with letrozole (see Table 1). There was a difference in pregnancy outcomes between the two groups. Higher pregnancy rates were achieved with letrozole in comparison with CC in the univariate analysis (P =.024) (see Table 1) Across all patients types, IUI cycles have live birth rates per cycle of between 5 - 15%. But reported success rates vary quite a bit from study to study. Some studies show just an 8% success rate (using fertility drugs and IUI), while other studies find success rates over 20%

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I am doing Follistim and IUI. This morning I learned from the doctor that I am ready to go on Wednesday with IUI but that my body responded very well to the meds this time and I have 4 follicles (18, 17, 16.5, & 16) that could drop. He wanted me to be aware that while unlikely, all 4 could take. He said my chance of multiples is VERY &#13;high Hello I'm 40 and trying ivf for the 1st x, on lupron n hmg went 2day n only 1 follicle waiting 4 dr 2 call me 2 c Wuts da nex step. I'm Si devastated cuz they say dr usually won't do ivf with only 1 follicle problems is I'm not getting any younger n I only hav 1 tube n ovary iui #2 1 mature follicle 21 mm (I had a few ~17mm on the right and one on the left which was 21) also had the hcg trigger and was on letrozole GL to you hope it's your time! #2 Bethi22, Oct 9, 2012. WANBMUM I am a mama. Joined: Jul 19, 2009 Messages: 1,037 Likes Received: 1. Hi The pregnancy group showed a higher number of follicles 16 mm in diameter (p=0.036), endometrial thickness (p<0.001), ampules of gonadotropin (p=0.009), and higher body mass index (p=0.022) than.

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significantly larger leading follicles, measuring between 18 and 30 mm (2- 5, 8). Because of this wide range, many investigators did not consider this parameter to be a prognostic indicator for IUI success (9-11). More recent studies examining the leading follicle have included cycles stimulated either with CC or with gonadotropins (7, 12. what's the ideal size for follicles before an iui treatment? my wife has 2 follicles at 22 and 23 mm. Answered by Dr. Jeff Livingston: Around 20 mm: 18-20 mm is ideal but it depends on the infertility spec.. I had IUI today they said I had 2 follicles mature on my rt. ovary. Doc says they were like 23 and 25mm so they were a good size. Hubbys sperm count was high, modility was excellent, and everything sounded good. I just don't know what they are comparing all this to Follicle number across the bottom of the graphs are 14 mm or larger in size. This tool can assist in counseling the patient, based on her age and number of follicles present, what her overall clinical pregnancy rate is, absolute multiple risk (multiples/IUI), and, if she became pregnant, what her risk for multiples would be (relative risk) Back from the IUI. Decided to use two vials to increase the sperm count. Ended up with 15 million with 34% motility. There were 5 follicles in my chart (25,24,20,18,16). Feeling optimistic but trying not to get my hopes up since plenty of people still get BFN with 5 follicles. Now the wait begins..

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i am ttc. my amh is 2.2. my first antral follicle count on day 4 was 17. i tried clomid with iui without success. my afc this month on day 3 was 10 although they had trouble viewing my left ovary. why such a big change if amh does not change In the latest 2019 report published on the Fertility Research and Practice, there were 312 pregnancies out of 2062 IUI cycles, resulting in a 15.1% pregnancy rate per cycle and 35.9% per couple. 1 For women under the age of 35, the pregnancy rate significantly reduced when the number of motile spermatozoa inseminated (post-wash) is under 5 million Generally speaking IUI leads to a live birth rate for these patients in 7 - 10% of cycles and requires at least 3 IUIs to equate to the success rates of one IVF cycle

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  1. I have 1 follicle at 26 mm, 2 x 17 mm, 2 16 mm and 12mm. So my iui was cancelled. soo disappointing. It doesn't seem to have a high success rate on first time and I don't really understand why my doc decided to cancel it, but I indeed feel really sa
  2. what is the iui success rate with 2 follicles and donor sperm? 2 iuis performed, one sat. right before eggs released and one sun. after eggs released Answered by Dr. Jeff Livingston: Lots of factors: There are a lot of factors that go into IUI success..
  3. I had success on my first round of IUI with 2 large follicles and 1 small. They never told me the exact sizes. I had taken letrozole (Femara) and a trigger shot. I had just turned 36 and had a good AMH score -- though not nearly as high as yours -- and suspected, though not confirmed, PCOS
  4. ute+ back to back IUI. BFN 3/12 150mg Clomid + B2B IUI =BFP!! TWINS! Vanishing twin at week 6 Tater-tot born January 3rd 2013 2 IUI's in 2016- BFN 3 IUI's in 2017- BFN 8/17 IUI BFP!!!!
  5. istration, although there was no relationship between the size of the leading follicle and cycle outcome
  6. 6 follicles IUI success rate..For a 41 year old ? 1 doctor answer • 3 doctors weighed in. Dr. Gerard Honore answered. Fertility Medicine 29 years experience. My follicle size is 23, 12,16 mm on 18th day nd 23mm was ruptured after taking injection 150mg. My IUI is completed past 8th day. Can i conceive
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23.4k Members IUI and 16mm follicle pvictoria (clomid etc)? If it is injectables they like to see it around 16-18 mm for maturity. Oral medicated cycle 20+ would be considered a mature follicle. Comment. feather2e. My RE usually triggered at 17mm. My first IUI, I had 2 follicles... one had stopped growing at 14, and the other was 23. I did have my IUI this morning at 9:45am and I am going to try and stay positive during this 2ww period. I asked the doctor about the size and again did not seem like it was anything unusual. The other 3 follicles were only 10mm so I am hoping this 34mm follicle was not too ripe and everything works out! It has been demonstrated that in Clomid and Letrozole IUI cycles, higher pregnancy rates were achieved when the lead follicles were in the 23 to 28 mm range. What happens if estradiol levels are not tested before trigger, and we end up with immature follicles? In case of IUI not much can be done to save the situation Objective: To evaluate prognostic factors for pregnancy after intrauterine insemination (IUI). Methods: A retrospective study was conducted among couples who underwent IUI at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, between January 31, 2008, and April 30, 2016. The main outcome was a positive β human chorionic gonadotropin (β-hCG) test result after IUI

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Hello, i got pregnant on my second Iui, after 2 failed IVF (we switched to donor sperm). First iui, on letrozole an ovidrel trigger, i had 2 lead follicles at 16 mm and 4 other potential at 13 mm (had to trigger the next day, so follicles would be 3 mm to 6 mm more in iui day) If you've opted for IUI due to infertility problems, then you should know that there are more pocket-friendly options like IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation). For instance, doctors suggest IVF more than IUI to women older than 40 years as IVF success rates are generally higher for older women. Visit an Exper One of those stages is the tertiary stage. During this time, the follicle gains a fluid-filled cavity known as the antrum. Follicles with an antrum are referred to as antral follicles and measure between 2 and 10 mm in diameter. For some perspective, an antrum follicle that is now 5 mm is 200 times bigger than it was as a primordial follicle

IUI success rate. On average, a woman under 35 will have a 10 to 20 percent chance of pregnancy with each IUI, while a woman over 40 will have a two to five percent chance. The peak IUI effect is around three to four cycles, says Baratz. If you're going to get pregnant [with IUI], you'll get pregnant within those attempts IUI Under 35. Your artificial insemination success rate will be at its best before you reach the age of 35. During this age range, your success rate with IUI will be roughly 20 percent. This rate will be dependent upon a number of other factors, as well, such as the sperm, your fallopian tube status and your cervical mucus condition. It is.

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Azargoon A et al (2013) 14 found in his study pregnancy rate 36% with size of follicle (16-19 mm) while 40% above 20 mm, shows diameter of follicle not significantly associated with IUI outcome. The overall successful pregnancy rate of IUI varies from as low as 5% to as high as 70% 5, 6. The pregnancy rate depends very much on the underlying aetiological factors 5, 6. Although many researchers have reported the success rate of IUI, not many have correlated specific variables with the success of IUI treatment

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Similarly, Shalom-Paz et al. demonstrated increased pregnancy rates in CC cycles with hCG are triggered when the leading follicle reached 20 mm. On the other hand, in a study by Palatnik et al. , higher pregnancy rates were achieved when the follicles were in the 23-28 mm range INTERVENTIONS: In treatment group A, one timed intrauterine insemination (IUI) was carried out with the bottom 0.5 ml of the separated semen on cycle days 12-14, when the follicle was 18-22 mm. Patients in this group were also administered clomiphene citrate and human chorionic gonadotropin. In treatment group B, one timed IUI was done with the. Whereas other gonadotropins — like follicle-stimulating hormone eggs go through an important division where its chromosomes go from 46 to 23, priming them for fertilization. IUI success. Hi Girls Well as you can see I am waiting for another iui on Monday 20th july, I have been today for my scan and I have one follicle 17mm one 13mm and one 11mm but I dont think the last 2 count as she only said I had one that was ready and that was the 17mm one. Also my cyst that I have has grew so im gutted about that, and not holding much hope for this go..I know that is really negative.

In contrast, a study by Palatnik et al. of 777 women undergoing CC-IUI cycles reported that higher CPRs were observed with a lead follicle size of 23-28 mm. Although that study included patients undergoing their first CC-IUI cycle, it also included a heterogeneous study cohort with a wide range of infertility diagnoses That would require more research but the recent studies show that in the first iui cycle usually the success rates are around 10 to 20 percent however that gradually increase over the cycles In that study, oocyte maturation rate rose from 75.3% from follicles < 16 mm, to 85.9% of follicles 16-23 mm, to 95.3% of follicle size > 23 mm (2) IUI, or intrauterine insemination, involves washing of a man's sperm and placing directly into the woman's uterus to increase the odds of conception. IUI can be accompanied by fertility drugs, monitoring (as a safety precaution) and costs $500 - $4,000. IUI typically works in 10% of treatments >5 follicles >15 mm 1942 US at 6 weeks 12% Khalil et al. (2001b) Retrospective cohort Donor semen 351 1118 Combination of CC and hMG 16 16 >4 follicles >16 mm 777 US at 6 weeks 22% Özcakir et al. (2002) Retrospective cohort Not stated, excluded male or unilateral tubal factor 180 180 FSH, hMG 18 18 n.s. 10

In HMG cycles, the number of follicles decreased with age, from 7.3 before age 28 to 3.5 for ages 42 to 43. In clomiphene + HMG cycles, the number of follicles decreased from 5.8 before age 28 to 3.3 for ages 42 to 43. The implantation rates per follicle were identical for all three stimulation regimens and decreased sharply after age 39 Hi ladies, Just got back from final scan, I was wondering if someone can shed some light on these sizes. I have 9 follicles: 24.5, 19.5, 16.5, 16, 13.5, 12.5, 11.5 and 2 at 10. After being worried they are too small, now I'm worried the 24.5 is too big? Am I likely to lose it? what's the maximum size they could be? It was only 18 two days ago and I stuffed myself with protein so the other ones. When a woman ovulates, the egg gets released from the follicle. Why Does the Number of Follicles Matter? While a high number of follicles does not guarantee pregnancy, having a good number of follicles can boost the chances of IVF success. During a woman's average cycle, around 10 to 12 follicles are produced and develop

just came from my 2nd ultrasound today cd13, 3 of my follicles have grown larger in size: 14mm,18mm and 18.5mm are the 3 larger ones- doctor thinks i should cancel iui till my next cycle because there is a high chance i can have triplets(i dont think this cycle or the next will make a difference-i'm already on the lowest dose of clomid50mg + next cycle i could have the same amount of follicles. follicle size fewer than 20 mm and higher than 20 mm was assumed. Results: 159 cases of IUI were performed and pregnancy happened in 22(14.1 %). In non-pregnant group (134 cases), 78 cases had under 20 mm follicles and 47 cases had higher than 20 mm follicles. In pregnant group (22 cases) 10 cases had fewer than 20 mm follicles and 12 cases had. Ovulation trigger was given when the largest follicle diameter was >18 mm, and IUI was planned 36 hours later. Luteal phase support was given for 15 days, urine pregnancy test was done on day 15, ultrasonography was done at 7 weeks, and pregnancy was followed up till delivery.<i> Results</i> Follicles go through various stages over their lifetimes. There are two stages of follicles which are important in the IVF process: Antral Follicles: Antral follicles are small, immature follicles at a stage where they are 2 to 9mm long: large enough to be seen with a transvaginal ultrasound at the beginning of a menstrual cycle. Also known as.

If you have a 26mm follicle (which is a true follicle containing an egg, not a cyst), then the 26mm follicle is the lead follicle; the others will not get substantially bigger, and 12 mm is definitely too small to have a mature egg performed in 11-cycle day based on size and number of follicles, and HMG continued until at least one 18 mm follicle was observed in vaginal sonography. Then 10000 units (Choriomon, IBSA, Switzerland) HCG were injected intramuscularly. IUI in each of the three groups was performed 36 hours after HCG injection. IUI was performed b My clinic is talking about cancelling my cycle. I had two follicles stop growing and my LH is chronically high. This is my first IUI with clomid and I was going to trigger. Anyone have any stats on my success rate I would be looking at. We are using a donor and the sperm is about $900 shipped, but if it could work, I would try it Based on a retrospective study of over 47,500 IUI cycles, Shady Grove Fertility has developed a model to predict IUI success based on total motile sperm count in the sample used for IUI. Before an IUI cycle, most patients will have a sperm wash to prepare the sample for insemination. At this time, the total motile sperm collected are counted Ovarian stimulation can bring about modest results in IUI therapy. The drawbacks are low success rate and high risk of multiple births. The treatments of small follicles (12-14 mm) on trigger day have significant impact on multiple pregnancy rates in IUI cycles . Our goal is to gain a satisfactory pregnancy rate and an acceptable multiple.

My first iui I triggered on day 13 with one follicle measuring 20mm. IUI took place on day 15. This time around I had a scan on CD8 and my follicle was already 19mm. Triggered that night and had IUI on day 10. I was so worried also that this was extremely early but after speaking with the Doc he was excited about how I reacted to the meds and. Last cycle we tried Gonal-F with double IUI for the first time. - On cycle days 3-8; the FS started me off on 50 units - On cycle day 9; I had follicles on each side but they were too small to measure, I was increased to 75 units. - On cycle day 13; I had a 12, 11, 10 & 10 mm follicles, my dose was increased to 100 units Methods: Total number of IUI of 227, success rate of 49, Factors are used including age of the couple, duration of infertility, endometrial thickness, size of the follicles, sperm count and sperm motility. Result: The success rate in our study is 21.58% One with an average number of antral follicles, a second with low antrals, and a third with a high count. We are slowly scanning through the ovary of a young woman. As we go through we can count the small 2-9 mm follicles. We see that this ovary has about 13 antral follicles. This is a pretty normal antral count for a woman in her 20s or early 30s

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This is my 2nd cycle, with Follisim (Puregon). Now another thing that boggles me is that the first time I did this, have my trigger shot, my Dr. did 2 IUI and 2 spermwashes. Well my Dr. is out of town for a while and another Dr. is taking his place. He seemed really helpful today when I say him, just that he said we might not do 2 IUI in a row As a result, the brain produces more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates the growth of multiple follicles. What are the success rates with Clomid with and without intrauterine insemination (IUI)? Success rates with Clomid and intrauterine insemination (IUI) vary depending on a woman's age and the cause for infertility Inconsistent with previous reports, a longer infertility period [5, 11, 25] did not decrease the likelihood of conception in our dataset, and the success of COH-IUI was not influenced by endometrial thickness above 9 mm , a poorer sperm motility [11, 25], or a lower content of inseminated sperm [11, 25] in our patients with endometriosis. a mid-size follicle (14 to 16 mm), hCG was administered and the IUI performed 24 hours later. Cycles where the endogenous LH surge occurred where follicle size was <14 mm were excluded. Semen was processed by the swim-up method,8 concentrated with HTF medium (Irvine Scienti fi c, USA) and supplemented with human serum albumin (Baxter, USA) Women under 35 who choose to do IUI because they aren't getting periods regularly can see success rates as high as 50 percent across three to six cycles, Dr. Brady said

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Timing of hCG administration : With CC Cycle : Follicle size 20 -24 mm With HMG Cycle : Follicle size 18 mm . ET at least 8 mm. 21e- mail: drshashwatjani@gmail.com 22. Ideally 36 -38 after HCG administration OR After Confirmation of Ovulation. 22e- mail: drshashwatjani@gmail.com 23 To determine whether age modifies the effect of the number of motile spermatozoa inseminated (NMSI) as a predictor of success in Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). This retrospective cohort study included all patients who underwent IUI at an academic infertility center between October 2004 and June 2018. The primary outcome was clinical pregnancy (CP; a gestational sac and fetal heartbeat on. It will then grow 2 to 3 mm in size each day. By day 10, the follicle should be anywhere between 16 and 25 mm in size. Just prior to ovulation process, the follicle should be between 17 and 27 mm in size. When ovulation begins, the follicle takes on a rapid growth spurt and begins protruding from within the ovarian cortex The success rate of donor insemination in women younger than 40 is around 20-22%, while it drops to 13% in women aged 40. In the case of artificial insemination with husband's sperm, the percentage is 12-14% before age 40, and 9% in women aged 40 or more. Can I get pregnant through IUI with endometriosis

Duration of follicles growth, number of follicles, and size of dominant follicle were comparable in both groups. Ghosh et al . reported that women with follicular diameters ≥20 mm were more likely to become pregnant than women with diameters between 15.00 and 19.99 mm. [ 14 ] In this study, we evaluated endometrial thickness in two divided. Table 2: Sonographic evaluation in couples with unexplained infertility selected for the COH and IUI. The mean size of follicles in a positive pregnany group was 20.73±2.28, while in a negative pregnancy group was 19.3±1.22. The mean number of follicles was 3.2 ± 1.16 in a positive pregnany group and was 2.13 ± 0.71 in a negative pregnancy. In general, IUI will be performed the day after a positive urine ovulation predictor kit (OPK), two days after a serum LH rise, or 24-42 hours after hCG trigger (administered when at least one lead follicle is greater than 16-17 mm in size)

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Once the follicle size crosses 17 mm and above the trigger injection (Inj hCG 5000 IU IM ) at night is advised IUI procedure is planned 36 to 40 hours after this injection Semen sample is collected on the day of IUI 2 to 3 hours before procedure with 3 days of abstinenc When follicles reach a certain size, it's more likely for an egg to be fully matured and ideal for the IVF process. Generally speaking, a follicle size of around 15mm-22mm (micrometers) is likely to produce an ideal egg for the IVF process. Assessing a Patient's Follicle Growth and Developmen A typical IUI cycle - artificial insemination - involves the use of fertility medications to stimulate the growth of multiple egg follicles (Clomid) and induce ovulation (hCG). Medication (progesterone) is also administered to prepare the woman's uterine lining for implantation of the fertilized egg Optimum Ovarian Stimulation for IUI 2 - 3 follicles with 18 - 19 mm size. Endometrium 9 mm thick & trilaminar. IUI between Cycle D13 and D16, 36-40 hrs. from HCG inj. 24-Apr-17 Dr Shashwat Jani. 9909944160 3 4 My tubes are fine, so she said iui would be best. I had 4 follicles with 7 MM. lining. Took clomiphene citrate 100mg, 2 HMG 75 iu injections and HCG trigger. The iui was easy but no success. The 4 follicles were of 17-18 mm size. And this cycle I have 6 follicles of 11-12mm size only. My doc has canceled the iui this time. Please suggest.. I am.

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Through my experience, I'd expect the follicle to be bigger than that on day 13. I took clomid and on day 11 it was 18mm and my specialist was very pleased. I've also been on day 13 and had a 10mm follicle, when I went back 4 days later, it was still 10mm and I didn't ovulate that cycle IUI, or intrauterine insemination, is when partner or donor sperm are placed directly in a woman's uterus with a thin tube. This can help women or couples achieve pregnancy even when certain. This includes monitoring the number and size of the follicles on each ovary. When your follicles have reached around 18-20mm in diameter they are deemed ready for egg collection. You'll be given a hormone trigger injection to stimulate your follicles to release the mature eggs that have been prepared in your follicles What is the success rate for an IUI cycle? The European IVF Monitoring Consortium collects data on every assisted reproduction procedure done in Europe. A recent report analyzed data gathered from 1.5 million IUI cycles from 1997 - 2011 and shows that 11.8% of those IUIs resulted in a pregnancy. Thus it often takes more than one IUI cycle to.

Hi ladies,I'm in the process of getting my second IUI - day 5 of provera.. #1 IUI on Dec 12/14 on CD15 - 50mg clomid CD 5-9, Gonal F @ 75iu cd 7-12, beautiful 25 mm follicle,Trigger cd 13, 12 mil swimmers post wash2ww Dec 12 - 24/14 -->>> 10-16 dpiui - HPT all negative; 15 dpiui - went for beta - waiting for results - - > Beta less than 2 #2 IUI - Jan 17/15 on cd 17 - same protocol, 2 follicles at 21mm each Progesterone Supplements after IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Progesterone supplements after an intrauterine insemination (IUI) at a glance. Progesterone supplements are a form of natural progesterone used after an intrauterine insemination (IUI) to help promote pregnancy.; Progesterone is a natural hormone made by the ovaries necessary for the uterus to prepare for and maintain a pregnancy 75% to discriminate an IUI success difference of 20%; as well as differences between successful and unsuccessful groups of 5000/ cu mm (10-15) in sperm counts, of 0.25 (1.75-2) in mean mature follicles, of 2 mm (8-10) in ET, assuming standard deviations of 8, 0.5 and 3 respectively. Our study included 130 women with unexplaine This retrospective analysis assessed predictors of IUI success in 1038 cycles in 353 patients. and the mean body mass index was 23. estradiol levels and with > 1 follicle over 16 mm were.

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Once the dominant follicle reaches a size of 18 to 20 mm, HCG injection is administered. 36 to 48 hours after HCG injection Ovulation is expected and IUI is timed accordingly. One needs to sign a detailed consent form prior to the procedure Follicles usually grow 2 mm/day and an intramuscular injection of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is given to trigger ovulation when the largest follicle reaches 18 mm in diameter. Since several follicles may reach maturity, and more than one egg may be released at different times, inseminations are performed twice, once on the day after HCG. To determine whether administration of vitamin D affects the success rates of intra uterine insemination (IUI) in infertile polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) women and their endometrial thickness. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted in an infertility clinic of Women's Hospital, and 110 infertile PCOS patients undergoing IUI were randomly divided to receive.

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