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Vinyl pool liners don't fare well in the face of improper management, harsh weather conditions and chemical imbalances in the pool, the temperature can also play a factor in this. Fiberglass solves all these troubles. How Much Does it Cost to Convert Vinyl Pool to Fiberglass. A lot goes into replacing vinyl pools with fiberglass Convert your vinyl liner pool to a fiberglass pool and have a worry-free pool that will last and last! The strength and durability of an Advanced-Glass fiberglass shell will convert your existing vinyl liner pool into a permanent structure, at a much lower cost than other permanent alternatives! Imagine the convenience of having the Advanced. Fibreliner is the world's strongest liner for commercial or residential swimming pools which allows East Coast Pools Inc. to convert your vinyl liner pool into a one piece fiberglass swimming pool that will actually be ten times as strong as a one piece fiberglass pool insert and seventeen times more flexural strength than a concrete. The cost of replacing a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool. On average, it costs $50,000-$65,000 to replace a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass unit. For reference: that's $3,000-$7,000 more than installing a fiberglass pool normally Notwithstanding the cost, most homeowners are transforming from vinyl pool to permanent fiberglass unit. Cost to Convert Pool The whole process can cost more than installing a fiberglass pool initially, this is because the Vinyl liner pools are bigger the fiberglass pool. An additional stone backfill is required to cover the extra space

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Our professionals from B & L Pool Resurfacing are skilled in converting vinyl liner pools to fiberglass, or exposed aggregate pool type with concrete floor, and walls. We're a licensed, bonded, and insured business providing pool or spa repair, tile replacement, pool cleaning and many more services across Polk, Hillsborough, Highland, Hardee. Are you wondering how much concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools cost? In this video we compare the initial and long term cost of Fiberglass, Vinyl Line.. The last liner guy put in a French drain but apparently didn't advise on it's use. Lots of people in this area are having vinyl problems, this company doing the work has a 2 month backlog. I know the floor drain, skimmers, and jets would all need to be extended to match the new size, but I was thinking the Gunite was only 4 or so and the. Convert Vinyl Liner Pool To Fibergl Cost. Vinyl liner pools vs fibergl frequently asked fibergl pool custom inground pool steps made of 2020 pool liner costs inground frequently asked fibergl pool fibergl and vinyl liner pools cost. How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Vinyl Liner Pool With Fibergl

Among the most dramatic pool remodels that we do are vinyl liner conversions - the process of converting an existing vinyl liner pool to fiberglass. If your pool liner is faded, brittle, torn or ripped, you have a few options: 1) replace the liner, if you can find someone to do it, with another li Fiberglass pools have been in use for more than 50 years and provide a strong, durable finish. In-ground vinyl-lined pools can be converted into fiberglass pools by using fiberglass gel coating to re-cover them. A multipurpose spray gun is used to apply the fiberglass When your Vinyl liner starts to leak, crack, discolour or generally fall apart, before you repair or replace it - speak to us and find out how we can convert your pool to Fibreglass. Not only will you save money on chemicals and repairs, you will also save money in the long term on continually having to replace or patch the Vinyl liner which at. Convert your inground plaster, fiberglass, or concrete swimming pool into a vinyl liner swimming pool. Finding or repairing leaks in swimming pools can be expensive. Replastering cracks instructions are hard to find. Retrofitting your old plaster, concrete, or fiberglass pool with a vinyl pool liner can save time, money, and headaches Lights, covers, and equipment may add additional costs. A vinyl liner pool costs less initially at $37,000. The vinyl liner itself costs $4,500 - $6,000, while labor takes up, another $10,000 for excavating and installing, and additional parts cost around $11,000. The sidewalks and fencing cost the same as for the fiberglass pool at $10,000.

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  1. This pool and labor will equate to the cost of four to seven vinyl-liner replacements, based on local market pricing. Any time you change the size of a pool, regardless of the construction method.
  2. Last fall I called a large pool installer in Charlotte and posed this same question. Our liner is living on borrowed time, the shallow end getting the worse of the wear. Blame it on that basketball goal. I was thinking maybe get rid of the liner replace it with a hard surface. They did not want to talk to me about whether or not this could be done
  3. Pool Resurfacing Pro is the premier pool resurfacing company on the east coast. Providing commercial and residential pool resurfacing, repair, and conversions as well as deck, patio, and plumbing work. Serving the east coast (Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC), West Virginia (WV), Virginia (VA), and Maryland.
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The cost of replacing a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass pool On average, it costs $50,000-$65,000 to replace a vinyl liner pool with a fiberglass unit. For reference: that's $3,000-$7,000 more than installing a fiberglass pool normally. Why so much? you ask, weeping Fiberglass Vs. Vinyl Pool. When comparing inground pool costs, an inground fiberglass pool costs about $46,000. Compare this to a vinyl liner pool which costs $36,000 on average. The liner is around $4,500 to $6,000 and labor costs an additional $10,000. Labor, excavating, and additional parts can add another $11,000 Cost of a Vinyl Pool The price of a vinyl pool depends on the many factors - the size of the pool, its features and accessories, the material used to build the pool walls, the time of year and your geographic location, among other things. Mid-sized vinyl pools start at about $20,000 to $25,000, installed. At this price, you might get a 16x36. The elements that can affect your pool liner cost are: Size of Pool: Larger liners cost more to produce and store. Thickness of Liner: Just like size, thicker liners are more expensive. Beware, thicker liners are not always ideal. Pattern of Liner: Any pattern will add complexity to the project. Likewise, darker liners are more expensive to repair

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  1. The problem usually comes when pool owners find out that adding in-wall steps to a vinyl pool costs more than the new liner is going to cost. From the perspective of the pool owner it can be confusing as to why adding stairs to the pool needs to cost so much, but once you start to break down the process it becomes clearer
  2. Vinyl Pool Liners VS. Fiberglass Pools. Are you trying to decide between a fiberglass pool or a vinyl pool liner for your home? There really is no right or wrong when it comes to installing a vinyl pool liner or choosing a fiberglass pool, as it's a matter of your personal taste, budget and desired pool design
  3. Vinyl pools are almost completely customizable and fairly easy to modify, whether that's a cosmetic replacement of the liner or making the pool shallower by 2'. Polymer and Steel wall pools are going to have similar costs. When tackling a fiberglass pool, modifications can become limited to add on features like a tanning ledge or a spill.
  4. One of the major drawbacks of a vinyl liner pool is how easily the surface can be damaged. Tree branches, patio furniture blown by the wind, or even a dog's paw can puncture a vinyl liner, which can cost as much as $5,000 to replace. There are no such worries with a fiberglass pool, because there's no liner. You'll never need to worry.

New Vinyl Liner. If your pool came with a basic blue liner, or if your vinyl pool liner is showing its age, replacing with a fresh, updated look is one of the most basic inground pool kit renovation ideas. Installing an inground vinyl liner can be completed in a day. While the liner is out is a good time to inspect the walls closely for rust or. Get your Concrete-Fibreglass Pool Conversion Done by Reef Pools Today! Reef Pools are the best pool conversion contractors Brisbane has to offer. Along with a hassle-free conversion process, we provide you flexible payment options starting from $70 per week for 18 months (require a deposit and eligibility requirements) The other disadvantage is the initial cost of a fibreglass pool compared to a vinyl liner pool. While a fibreglass pool is approximately $3-$5K more upon initial purchase, you can see from the fibreglass vs. vinyl pool 10-year comparison chart, the overall cost of the fibreglass pool is much less over that time. It is significantly less over a. Tahiti Vinyl Liner Pool Shape Vinyl Liner Pools vs Fiberglass Pools. Let's talk a little about the benefits of vinyl Liner pools vs fiberglass pools. One of the key things on a vinyl pool is the customization that you can do. You can build a vinyl liner pool make it any shape, size, or depth that you want

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We specialize in changing your old vinyl liner pool to a fiberglass pool. Chances are you will save on excavation costs with a direct or downsized replacement If your liner or fiberglass is 18 years old they will look 18 years old. If you have a vinyl pool you can put a new liner in for an average price of $3000 and your pool will look brand new. Your fiberglass pool is still going to look 18 years old. As a comparison let's say your home needs the interior painted The larger your concrete pool, the more it will cost, but they have a comparable life to the vinyl liner pool of around ten years. An added benefit to fiberglass is that it will last about 25 years, but there are some restrictions on size and shape since it is manufactured in a single piece in a factory and shipped to the installation site How Can Vinyl Lining Help Your Pool? Conversion to Liner. Replacement Liner. Interior for New Pools. Interest Free . Options Available. Equipment. Our Award Winning Team. Commercial Pools. Your Pool Can Have an . Award-Winning Look Too. LET'S CONNECT. 0403 504 459 •.

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  1. The easiest, most cost efficient solution to your concrete problems is to resurface with our 100% SOLID - 100% GREEN coating system. Super Epoxy Conversion is the absolute best solution. Vinyl Liners requires liner replacement every few years, which can be very costly. Liner beads can pop out, but don't typically pop out without cause
  2. The vinyl liner itself costs $4,500 - $6,000, while labor takes up, another $10,000 for excavating and installing, and additional parts cost around $11,000. The sidewalks and fencing cost the same as for the fiberglass pool at $10,000
  3. I have been wondering if it's possible/feesible to convert an inground vinyl liner pool to gunite? We currently live in an 89 year old home with a 37 year old vinyl liner pool, and really aren't looking into remodeling it, but, we are moving, and the house we like also has an inground vinyl pool, only this one happens to be around 25 years old
  4. According to KompareIt.com, the average nationwide cost to replace a standard vinyl liner in an inground pool is $3,000 to $5,000, and it will need to be replaced every 8-12 years. However, freeform and other custom shapes can add up to $10,000 to the liner replacement cost
  5. g pools you can choose from: vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools and gunite (concrete) pools. For basic inground and installed packages, a vinyl pool will run between $25,000 to $40,000; a fiberglass pool package will run $40,000-$60,000, and concrete pools will run $50,000 and up

Often times, pool owners will convert their F/G pool to a liner pool. Our fibreglass pool conversions offer a cost-effective solution that will restore your F/G pool with vinyl liner to its former glory. If you are looking for a stunning finish that will stay that way for many years to come, you are looking for our top-quality fibreglass pool. Buying custom inground vinyl liners is something anyone can do, with measurements sent to your In The Swim liner expert. Tools and supplies needed are minimal for installing an inground pool liner as well. However, if you want to have a service company replace an inground pool liner, turnkey prices are around $4000 Fiberglass Pool Costs. On average, a fiberglass pool costs around $45,000.That includes about $15,000 in labor and $30,000 in materials. Most homeowners report spending an average between $20,451 and $37,710 but costs can get as high as $75,000 depending on size, shape and house location.Fiberglass pool installation is only slightly more expensive than vinyl lined pools at $20,000 to $40,000. Vinyl Liner. Most vinyl liner pools are at least $10,000 less than comparable fiberglass or concrete pools. If DIY is your passion, a vinyl liner pool may offer the best option. A complete DIY vinyl liner pool costs below $20,000. Base vinyl liner packages from most builder's range between $25,000-$35,000 The installation costs for a vinyl pool are about $11,000 to $25,000, while installing a plaster pool could cost you anywhere from $35,000 to a staggering $150,000 and fiberglass pools ranging from $20,000 to $40,000. The costs of installing a plaster pool could be even higher depending on how intricate your design plan is

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  1. Vinyl liners were invented to line low cost above and in-ground modular pools. They have been installed into problem pools i.e pools that are cracked and alive (constantly shifting) If you install a Vinyl liner you need to be aware that any sharp objects can easily tear the liner and also be careful not to expose the liner to direct sunlight for any period of time as it will discolor and be.
  2. Consider lifetime cost: The average life of a vinyl liner is between 5 and 7 years at a replacement expense of $4,000-$6,000 including labor and materials. Have to use care with the pool liner: While liners are made of durable material, sharp objects, pets, and patio furniture falling in the pool are all concerns. May not work on challenging.
  3. Vinyl liner pools may not fetch as much money if you go to sell your home in the future as, say, a fiberglass or gunite pool would. Bottom line: vinyl liner pools are an affordable option at the start, but can cost you money down the road. Fiberglass Pools This type of pool is crafted from fiberglass, and is pre-formed before it even gets to.
  4. I know just replacing a liner for a smaller pool can be $3000 so your added size and extra work for conversion would definitely add up. There are others here from chicagoland so maybe they can chime in with a reputable pool builder's name for you to check out
  5. g pools; More susceptible to algae growth than fiberglass, though algae can be removed or prevented with proper pool care ; Learn More About Vinyl Pool Advantages. Think a vinyl-liner pool might be the right option for you
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Fiberglass Pool Disadvantages: You may be constrained in terms of pool depth and shape customization. Typically, the maximum depth is 8' and a typical width is no more than 16'. A fiberglass pool's initial cost may deter some prospective pool owners, as it is considerably higher than a vinyl liner pool's initial cost 1. Remove and replace the lining, with another vinyl liner. There are many companies out there that still do this; however, you will likely only get a warranty on the liner not coming away from the tracking, not on the surface itself. One dog (or possum) in the pool and it may be the end of a not so good thing. 2. The other option - let me. Aug 8, 2020 - Inground vinyl liner swimming pools are great for homes in Texas because they are very forgiving of the shifting soil. Unlike plaster and fiberglass pools, damage from ground movement can easily be repaired at minimal cost to the customer. See more ideas about vinyl liners, fiberglass pools, swimming pools

Converting Chlorine Pool To Saltwater Costs. The cost to convert a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool ranges from $600 to $2,200. A 10,000-gallon above ground pool costs $872 to convert, while a 50,000-gallon inground pool can be converted for $1,650. This price covers the salt water chlorination system, ample bags of salt, and installation A small vinyl liner pool might cost about $38,000 while midsize vinyl liner pools might be in the $39-42,000 range. These packages include a full installation, 3' of regular concrete, a $2,000 electric allowance and an $400 permit allowance, an upgrade sanitation system, a premium grade pool kit and a number of other items Vinyl Liner pools lose water, cost money, time, and a lot of energy. Do not replace that pool liner over and over again - $ Save Thousands $ Robinson Restorations, Inc. specializes in converting vinyl liner pools into permanent low-maintenance fiberglass pools you can enjoy for years to come. First we remove your existing liner, and haul awa Vinyl Liner Pool. Pros: The vinyl liner pool lies in between the concrete pool and the fiberglass pool in almost all aspects. However, this pool type remains the cheapest and is quite competitive in the smoothness of the finish too. It has midrange maintenance cost at about $11,500 over 10 years. Con The other disadvantage is the initial cost of a fiberglass pool compared to a vinyl liner pool. While a fiberglass pool is approximately $3-$5K more upon initial purchase, you can see from the fiberglass vs. vinyl pool 10-year comparison chart, the overall cost of the fiberglass pool is much less over that time. It is significantly less over a.

A basic Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool will cost around the low $20,000.00 with basic installation. Th Th is usually includes the following: a very small amount of concrete decking or no decking, small white inexpensive entry step or no ent ry step, 20 mil standard vinyl liner, white aluminum coping (concrete deck edging), one Skimmer, Two wall. If you choose a vinyl liner pool the homeowner has the ability to customize any type of pool that you would like to have in your backyard ( Shape & Size ). Long-term maintenance cost of a vinyl liner pool Vinyl liner pools cost about $11,500 in maintenance over 10 years. What affects the long-term cost: Chemicals; Electrical energy; Liner. Fiberglass Pools Benefits. The fiberglass pool shell inhibits algae growth, which means that these pools have a low maintenance cost. For instance, you'll use fewer chemicals in maintaining the pool. In 99% of cases, you don't need to invest in the fiberglass pool shell. You also don't require vinyl liner replacement or replacing Fiberglass pools do take longer to fade than liners, but keep in mind that when you do go to re-coat it, the cost is typically much higher when compared to a liner and comparable or slightly less than resurfacing a gunite pool. Resurfacing with plastic costs roughly $5-$7 per square foot

Turn to Central Jersey Pool to install and service both vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. Give us a call at 732-462-5005 or visit our showroom at Route 9 North in Freehold, NJ Most vinyl liner pools will be rectangular, however we can make a different shape, size and even change the depth of the pool. Keep in mind that custom shapes will cost you a bit more. Disadvantage 1: The biggest disadvantage of owning a vinyl liner pool is going to be the cost and frequency of replacing your liner. A typical liner will last. Of all three pool types, vinyl swimming pools come with the lowest initial cost, but they also come with some long-term expenses Long-Term Cost: An average of $11,500.00 over a 10 year period Vinyl pools require a liner replacement every 7 - 14 years depending on the quality of the material, and pool care habits

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A vinyl-liner pool is typically less expensive than a fiberglass pool, but because the liner may need to be changed several times, it may cost more in the long run. The table below shows the comparative prices of various pool types Base vinyl liner packages from most pool builders typically cost $25,000-$35,000 while turn-key vinyl liner packages will typically cost $35,000-$55,000. Now let's take a look at how much it costs to own each type of pool over time. Lifetime Cost of Ownership Associated with Each Type of Pool A premade fiberglass shell, which typically runs from $20,000 to $40,000, is the cheapest in-ground pool. A small vinyl pool that measures 12 feet wide and 24 feet long can cost between $25,000. At Penguin Pools, we offer pricing on 17 unique vinyl liner pool designs, from simple Rectangle to a free-form Lagoon. And, if you have a custom design, we can produce a design and quote quickly. While other Southeastern WI companies might charge you extra for a custom dig or vinyl liner pool layout, we welcome the challenge The cost to install an average vinyl liner pool depends upon material and finish grade, finished surface area and material volume, preparation and special needs, and the labor rate. In the following table the Labor Cost figure is what the able and prepared DIY persons should expect to save by performing the corresponding tasks

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The cost to replace a vinyl liner largely depends on the size of the pool. However, you can expect the cost to be anywhere from $3,000-$5,000. Download Vinyl Liner Pattern Selection Catalo Vinyl needs more care to last as long as concrete or fiberglass, and a vinyl pool liner may not stand up to heavy use as well as other types of pools. Additional costs over time. Yes, vinyl pools are the least expensive to purchase up-front - but you generally need to replace the liner every 6 to 10 years Vinyl-liner pool: Fibreglass pool: Concrete pool: Cost to install: $70,000 to $90,000: $85,000 to $100,000: $95,000 to $130,000: Cost to maintain seasonally : $1,200. Can I put a hard finish like pebble or fibreglass into a vinyl lined panel pool? The short answer is no. Pre-fab pools (such as Poolfab, Tracy Wickham, Pioneer, Gibraltar, Image, Albatross, Black Swan, Champion, Orchid, Plunge, New England, Modular, Marvi, Bel-Aire, Surecast and Cascade - just to name a few!) are specifically engineered to hold a vinyl liner

Price: One of the biggest decision-making factors for many pool owners is the cost of the swimming pool renovation. If you want to change the depth of your pool, alterations to vinyl or steel and polymer pools can cost between $10,000 to $50,000. Depending on the market, Changes to Concrete Pools can be twice that price for adjustments Liners Guides. Sizing Your Vinyl Pool Liner . If you have a vinyl pool, the vinyl liner may need to be replaced every six to eight years. When it comes time to replace the existing pool liner, Doheny's is dedicated to working with you to customize and design the correct size and shape liner for your pool The cost of a fiberglass inground pool # Several factors determine a fiberglass inground pool cost. Some include pool equipment, labor costs, among others. Nonetheless, a fiberglass inground pool costs approximately $45,000. See, it's not as expensive as concrete pools A lower initial cost and a customizable shape for less money than concrete are the biggest benefits of vinyl liner pools. The cons: vinyl liners need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Fiberglass pool. Fiberglass is typically the next most expensive pool material. A fiberglass pool is pre-molded and fits into your yard in a single piece. They.

Fiberglass Disadvantages: Initial Cost Higher than Vinyl Liners. As you can see from the chart to yhe left, even though the initial cost of fiberglass is a bit more than a vinyl liner, you spend far less in the long run when factoring in the cost of liner replacements every 10 to 12 years Well Fiberglass offers that too, with one of the quickest installation timeframes when compared to Vinyl Liner and Gunite swimming pools. Add that to the fact Seasonal World has over 100 models in stock at our Jackson, NJ warehousing facility ready for immediate delivery - Seasonal World is truly the area leader when it comes to Fiberglas pools This free-standing fiberglass carries the strength to bear the pool water load. Advantages: It adds to your pool's aesthetic appeal. It carries a good resale value compared to the vinyl pool liner. In terms of repairs performed and chemicals used, it has a low maintenance cost in the long-term. Disadvantages: It comes with a high initial. Retrofitting vinyl liners over concrete or fiberglass pools is done for various reasons but mainly to avoid the high cost of extensive pool renovation. Though estimates vary, costs range from $12,000 to $25,000, as of July 2011, to properly renovate a concrete pool's surfaces A fiberglass pool is easier to maintain. The reason is that a vinyl liner pool and concrete is porous, creating more algae to clean and require more chemicals. Also, it's more difficult to maintain pH levels in a concrete pool because concrete increases the pH of the water

Fiberglass pools upfront come in slightly higher than that of a vinyl liner pool but slightly cheaper than that of a gunite/concrete pool. Fiberglass Pool Costs Per Size Small fiberglass pools - sized from 10′ x 20′ up to about 13′ x 27′ = $45,000.00 - $55,000.0 It should also be noted that the average cost to replace a vinyl swimming pool liner is about $5,000 including pool water and chemicals. Over a twenty year period, the vinyl liner swimming pool owner can expect to spend about $15,000 replacing liners, a cost never encountered with a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Most pools are lined with either vinyl, fiberglass, gunite, or concrete. A concrete or gunite pool demolition is more time-consuming work and is tougher on the machinery compared to removing a vinyl or fiberglass liner, so you can expect to pay a bit more for a concrete or gunite pool removal than you would for a vinyl or fiberglass pool removal Vinyl pools, on the other hand, are a little bit cheaper than fiberglass on the onset, and if you do need to repair a vinyl liner, it's generally much less expensive than concrete or fiberglass. You will need to replace your vinyl liner at some point, but, compared to the cost of resurfacing a gunite pool, that's not terribly expensive either

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Fiberglass pools are more expensive to install, with an initial cost ranging between $20,000 and $40,000 compared to $10,000-$20,000 for vinyl pools. That said, the lifetime cost of a fiberglass pool may be worth the initial price Vinyl Liner Pools Vinyl Liner Patterns. Pool liner patterns allow you to add a custom look and feel or signature style to your pool. Choosing the right liner can define your pool style and add a splash of color, pop of brightness, or make a bold statement to compliment your personal style.

Often the cost of repairing the leaks is so high that owners consider lining the pool with a vinyl liner to seal the leaks. Concrete pools are often painted with water proof paint and this is a job that needs renewing every 3 to 5 years and the desire to do away with the job of painting is another reason why owners consider converting to a liner Premier Pools & Spas - the leading Inground Swimming Pool Builders for 30 years specializing in gunite, vinyl and fiberglass inground pools Pool Liner Patterns & Designs. A liner does more than just hold water — it also completes your pool's appearance. Simply by changing the liner, you can give your pool a complete makeover, getting the experience of a brand-new swimming pool at just a fraction of the cost

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Vinyl Liner Pool Option: Steps Vinyl-Over Steel Pool Steps. Latham steel pool stairs are covered in vinyl, merging the strength of steel with the comfort of a vinyl liner. We use top-of-the-line materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, such as 14-gauge steel coated with zinc galvanization, to provide outstanding performance Vinyl Liner Pools. Vinyl liner pools are one of the more popular choices for inground pool design because of their exquisite look combined with their lower upfront cost. At Green Acres, we carry the Latham brand of vinyl liners because we are confident they will bring long-lasting quality and character to your backyard Fiberglass pools use two thirds less chemicals than concrete and vinyl liner pools (e.g., chlorine, algaecides, or other sanitizers). Concrete and vinyl liner pools require 3.0 ppm to sanitize their pools. Fiberglass pools require only 1.0 ppm. This eliminates the need for expensive sanitation systems to reduce the amount of chlorine in the pool Vinyl is popular around the Chicago area, too, partly because vinyl liners have been around longer than fiberglass, and partly because they're less expensive to install than fiberglass. The benefits of a vinyl liner pool include the ability to totally customize your pool. Whether you want a luxurious lagoon-style pool or need flexibility in.

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how much does it cost to replace an in ground vinyl liner in ground pools with all of these items in good order will have a vinyl liner replacement cost of approximately $3 000 $5 000 00 depending on the size and plexity of the liner a pool inspection is a must to give an accurate cost to replace the pool liner in your particular pool your pool professional should be looking for these items to. Although vinyl offers a variety of benefits, it typically requires more frequent replacement than other pool liners. Other cons of vinyl pool liner include: Higher costs over the lifetime of the pool because the liner will need to be replaced roughly every 5-9 years at the cost of $2,500-$3,500 just for the liner. Pool must be used more.

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The truth is we feel our clients get a superior product when they install a fiberglass pool compared to the cost and maintenance of other types of pools. If we felt a vinyl liner was the best choice for our customer considering their unique budget and conditions, we would install a vinyl liner or concrete pool Depending on where a fiberglass pool is manufactured, shipping and delivery charges often can be more than the cost of the pool kit itself. Also remember you will need a crane to unload the fiberglass pool kit. Because of the component nature of vinyl liner pools, shipping and delivery costs are minimal by comparison The biggest expense for a pool conversion from gunite to a vinyl liner pool is going to be the labor. Changing out the skimmers and returns are part of the labor expense we just spoke of. Hire contractors that have experience making liners for pool conversions and contractors that can give you references for prior pool conversion jobs

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Vinyl Liner Pools have a Nonabrasive, Soft Interior Finish : Concrete Decking is Extremely Strong and Durable: Typically have a Lower Building Cost than Fiberglass or Gunite : More Information from Pacific Pools: A Vinyl Liner Pool by Pacific Pools combines innovative design with years of maintenance free quality. Our Pools feature the latest. Vinyl Liners Pools. Carolina Family Pool & Patio provides our customers with Loop Loc vinyl liner pools because we believe they are the best on the market today. They are available in rectangle, Grecian and freeform shapes, and have a variety of special features to make them more custom to your backyard Choice Pool & Spa also offers Vinyl Liner Pools in Raleigh. Vinyl Liner pools can be more economical, have medium maintenance costs, while offering good design flexibility. Vinyl Liner Pools are nonabrasive and smooth the touch and do not foster algae growth, which is convenient in the humidity of Raleigh If you're wondering how much a pool liner replacement costs, find answers to your questions here at Royal Pools and More or call 877-644-794 Cost: The most affordable type of inground pool, vinyl liner pools feature the lowest cost of installation, material and labor. The total cost is between $20,000 and $40,000, on average. Feel: The liners are soft and smooth, making it impossible to scratch your toes, legs, knees or arms when grazing the bottom and sides

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