Aging deer on the hoof

How to Age Whitetail Deer on the Hoof - Deer Hunting

  1. How to Age a Deer on the Hoof | Cabela's Deer Nation
  2. Ep. 4 - Aging And Judging Deer In The Field | QDMA's Deer Hunting 101
  3. Aging Deer on The Hoof
  4. 12 Tips for Aging Bucks When Deer Hunting: It's Not Just Antler Size!

Age This Live! QDMA's Interactive Buck Aging

Aging a Whitetail Deer on the hoof

  1. How Aging Deer by Antlers Can Hurt the Herd
  2. White-tailed Deer Jawbone Aging: Part 1 -- Tooth Replacement
  3. Learn How to Age a Whitetail Deer with Keith Warren
  4. Drop Zone's Tips on Aging Deer On The Hoof
  5. Age Determination in White-Tailed Deer FNR-508-WV
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